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Panasonic GH5S GH5 S, 4K Video Edition
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  • In Lok's most recent vlog, he visits Kai's apartment and while Kai is showing off his gear, at some point he mentions that he has a camera on the table that he can't show off due to NDA - probably the same as Casey has in the photo. The timing all seems about right for a Dec 15 announcement - the big question is how disappointed people will be when it only has about 1/4 of the features that they've dreamt up

    (Also, here's hoping that it IS a low light GH5 with lots of great video features so that it can push Sony to finally release an A7s3)

  • Rumors are starting to get surreal and supernatural!!!...

    God sending a dream camera from the sky!!!...

  • @EspenB

    Sounds like words storm :-)

  • Seems like someone leaked the new camera.

    969 x 1200 - 649K
  • @apefos Dual native iso is not possible on this Sony sensors.

  • All the people are really believing in this sensor, and with all features enabled... fingers crossed...

  • dual native iso in GH5 would solve the low light problem, and also two exposure hdr via firmware.

  • Lol @ that picture. Tards.

  • From what Luke Nuemann has alluded to in other threads, it may not be a new camera, but perhaps some sort of mod or add-on for the GH5.

  • There is a newly leaked photo of the GH5S at Facebook:

    1475 x 540 - 149K
  • It is. @paglez. But in time some rumors become a reality. I think this camera will happen. I heard from it before, but at this point why would not be?

  • @endotoxic It's only a mere speculation.

  • @apefos It will (if true) be, a grate choice for all.

    One thing though, I don't see this camera for 8k since that is 32mpx and it should be too much for m4/3 to handle size wise. Not even on a BSI sensor.

  • @paglez Look on

  • @alcomposer, you have summed it up.

  • Honestly- I'm just happy that Panasonic see the need for a professional video camera in a DSLR style package.

  • It is sure that GH5s will have this 4/3 Starvis sensor? What are the source about this specific point? I cannot find any trousted news about it.

  • The GH5s with less megapixels (if it exists) will be for better low light. For better detailed image you can use the GH5 or G9 with 20 megapixels.

  • @Vesku

    10.7mpx is enough to downscale to 4k. About quality, The sensor has different pattern, improving noise, I can't talk about color, since this pattern I'm not familiar with. also, is better for low light, since it's covering more space with less pixels, noise floor is minimised at sensor level. The sensor is BSI (back illuminated) this should reduce noise significantly. Even gh5 sensor kind off falls onto the old tech category.

    Sony has 1 inch BSI sensor with really grate performance on Sony rxmk II, also a7 series uses BSI tech. M4/3 is bigger than 1 inch, but about 4 times smaller than full frame. This should give an idea of the sensor performance.

    @sammy About DR, if gh5 has 12 stops, I Spect this to be about 14 to 15 stops on HDR mode, that I'm being optimistic.

  • It would be good habit to mention source with link in the starting post.

  • If this GH5 VE has about 1:1 4k pixels it wont has as detailed video in good light than GH5 which down samples the sensor from 20Mpixel.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    One fun thing you can do when the GH5s is released: compare the features of new GH5s to PV community requests to work out how much "influence" PV has had on Panasonic!

    If the rumours are real- then I think this percentage could be very high.

  • This hdr function ,how useful will it be if final output is not hdr source ,will we still gain DR by filming with it

  • That sensor can do HDR in 4k. Each pixel can be divided into four subpixels, so there will be two different 4k exposures that can be merged into a more dynamic range image.