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Panasonic GH5S GH5 S, 4K Video Edition
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  • All the people are really believing in this sensor, and with all features enabled... fingers crossed...

  • @apefos Dual native iso is not possible on this Sony sensors.

  • Seems like someone leaked the new camera.

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  • @EspenB

    Sounds like words storm :-)

  • Rumors are starting to get surreal and supernatural!!!...

    God sending a dream camera from the sky!!!...

  • In Lok's most recent vlog, he visits Kai's apartment and while Kai is showing off his gear, at some point he mentions that he has a camera on the table that he can't show off due to NDA - probably the same as Casey has in the photo. The timing all seems about right for a Dec 15 announcement - the big question is how disappointed people will be when it only has about 1/4 of the features that they've dreamt up

    (Also, here's hoping that it IS a low light GH5 with lots of great video features so that it can push Sony to finally release an A7s3)

  • Also, here's hoping that it IS a low light GH5

    Unfortunately due to such moron thing as science it not much you can do to make "low light" GH5.
    And Sony A7s fame was most pronounced due to horrible sensor readout in video in first generations of A7 cameras.

    Customer and Panasonic Marketing telling about GH5 VE


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  • 1 or 1,5 fstop better in low light is possible, and it makes difference. (half pixels compared to GH5 and back iluminated).

    This small improvement in low light + HDR merging two exposures in 4k = will make people buy it.

  • @apefos

    I think it can be done. DP wise with iso of 6400 clean image, we can use it almost on any applications. Yes a quick lens is needed, but nowadays who can't get a t2.0 or 1.5

    More than that Iso, personally it is already cool for me. I've shoot on red dragon and weapon on iso 3200 and lots of noise in those sensors. If Alexa can barely pull 6400, and panafriend is able to pull 6400 clean I'm all in.

    But with such small pixels with this new Bayer pattern I don't see HDR as a feature on low light.

    You can't beat physics on silicon these days. You must use black silicon, or graphene and those techs need to be implemented yet.

  • If there is something new, it is already done now. So better thing to do is wait to see. And consider a cold water bucket dropped on us all.

  • 1 or 1,5 fstop better in low light is possible, and it makes difference. (half pixels compared to GH5 and back iluminated).

    So 10Mpix sensor. Yet, it'll be very small decrease in noise due to full sensor readout already.

    For dual native marketing I already wrote

    HDR merging is possible only for some landscape shots and such.

  • If the sensor rumors are true, the new camera would have bigger pixels than the existing gh5 as well as moving to a BSI sensor.

    If that all gives another 1-2 stops of light, I'd be glad to call it a low-light GH5. Will it perform the same as the a7s series at the exact same f-stop? Still no, but that's a silly comparison anyway. I get 1 1/3 stop boost on my full frame lenses using a speed booster xl. Even if it's still off a stop compared to the a7s, I'd still probably be inclined to choose it for all of the other advantages.

    It would be a bummer to lose ex-tele mode in 4k, though, but that'd be a trade-off I'd take (just like APS-C mode doesn't work in 4k on the a7s mark ii (and it's available, but not really 4k on the original)).

  • If that all gives another 1-2 stops of light, I'd be glad to call it a low-light GH5.

    Anti scientific capitalist media can do strange things with brains.

    Sensors and imaging are science things. So drop marketing bullshit, start understanding how things work.

  • The HDR in that sensor can work good for moving objects, the two exposures are in time sync.

  • Yeah, you're right VK. Moving to a BSI sensor with larger photosites would probably have minimal or no impact whatsoever on the camera's ability to capture an image with less light. I'm obviously a complete dupe of marketing people for thinking that either of those things would make any difference at all.

  • Fear of scientific knowledge is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”


  • Casey with the unknown GH5 variation. Seems like there is a similar red ring on the drive mode wheel as found on the G9.

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  • We need to see the difference before conclusions, how it would be in iso 1600: 20 megapixels sensor full sensor readout versus 10 megapixels sensor back illuminated full sensor readout.

  • It will probably use a dual ISO configuration like the EVA1 if it is based on the same sensor platform. Expect the camera to cost nearly 3k if they want to separate it as a premium product from the plain GH5. It should have the new IBIS from the G9 6.5 stops and the high res shot mode to cope with the lower resolution if 10MP for higher res stills. Both the supposed leaked shots in my view are fake and altered, not from a new camera.

  • @jamesb EVA1 has a S35 sensor built in. GH5 -and I guess GH5s- it's M43 sensor based

  • There is a GH5X whatever with a red ring on the drive mode in this behind the scenes. Look at 4:40 into the video.

  • I predict with rumors of this and pending release of G9 Panasonic will end up selling no GH5s in December look for discounts. Maybe they will offer a red ring decal kit for GH5 to encourage sales : )

  • I want the red ring!

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  • Seems to be changes in Panasonic US marketing team.

    G9 marketing was a flop, so this time they want to make some hype and controlled leaks.