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GoPro Hero 6 - from rumours to delivery
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  • This was quickly deleted from the GoPro Community forum. ;)

    1920 x 1040 - 189K
  • I guess the YI 4K+ does not use the Ambarella H22 SOC which seems to offer similiar 3D image stabilization as the GoPro Hero6.

  • @EspenB As mentioned on the specifications page, the Yi 4K+ uses the Ambarella H2 chipset (introduced in 2016), not the newer Ambarella H22 (introduced in January 2017):

    I'm not sure that there are any cameras available that use the H22 chipset yet.

  • @davedv

    BTW: I recently heard that the minimum order quantity of an Ambarella SOC is 1 million pcs per month. I guess they need to clear old stock before introducing a new model. :-)

  • @MikeLinn

    Would the Hero6 been more expensive in retail with the Ambarella H22 SOC? Probably not.

    Would GoPro made less money using the Ambarella H22 SOC or sold the Hero6 at 399? Of course.

  • Here is my review (part 1) of the Hero 6

    In a nutshell, 4k is great, also the H265 encoder works a treat. The 2.7k and 1080p240 modes are rather disappointing unfortunately.

  • @gmc LINEAR mode disappoints even more? I guess it does for both the Hero4s and Hero5 as well.

    No wonder all of GoPros own edits are shoot mostly in 4K and dewarped in the editing software.

    Maybe they should drop the fisheye lens.

  • If it is of interest, I have created a plugin for Adobe AE and Premiere with a former colleague, which removes lens distortion on GoPro 3 through 5 (and 6 if optics remain the same).

    It is free for testing and personal use:

    It is based on a proper lens calibration rather than ad hoc fisheye-removal. Autoscale is included in order to avoid loosing valid information or getting unnecessary black borders.

  • @EspenB - the 2.7k linear mode on the Hero 5 was quite good and detailed, also in the shadows. The Hero 6 2.7k linear mode for some reason is awful, no details, mushy. Not shure why - I made side by side comparisons and it is very obvious. I will show that in part 2 of my review, which I am currently preparing. @brumbazz thank you for the link to your plugin, I will have a look. Just out of interest, which advantages does it have over the usual lens correction features in PPro CC?


  • @gmc It's the difference between the Ambarella SOC and the Socionext GP1 clone... ;-)

    I'm also currious if the different SOCs has cause the VIDEO + PHOTO mode to disappear in the Hero6.

  • Any suggestions for de-warping / defishing in Vegas PRO?

    There is a lens correction tool but its too generic to do the job fully.

  • @gmc: For one our plugin actually corrects the distortion, which the Premiere presets do not. Normal lens correction in Premiere only somewhat removes the barrel distortion but the result is nowhere near rectified. It also pushes valid pixels off the edges of the frame, which is an undesired loss of data.

    Our plugin is based on the academic defacto standard for image rectfication and based on an actual camera calibration of each mode. It also autoscales so the result has less "zoom", the scaling (which can also work manually) is part of the rectification pipeline, so there is no double interpolation, which would be the result of correction and then scaling.

    @EspenB I do not know about Vegas. We created the plugin because we needed it, and it annoyed us that a problem well described in academia was not solved for timeline video editing.

  • @Brumbazz wow, I just tested your plugin, this is really good - and it preserves more of the active field of view! the only little issue I have is, that I cannot select the GoPro setting from the list - the list appears, but it always reverts to "manual" automatically. I just entered your values manual (from the preset file). Thanks!

  • Here is my review of the Hero 6:

    Let me know what your experiences are with the Hero6!

  • A nice collage of the Hero6 firmware issues.

    And now there is also swollen lithium batteries?

    No firmware glitches for you @GMC ?

  • @EspenB no I did not have any issues with the cam itself, but the Karma Grip did not work well with the Hero6 despite the latest Grip firmware ...

  • HERO6 Black v01.60 | November 20, 2017

    HERO6 Black v01.60 HIGHLIGHTS:


    • Improves camera performance when recording in high frame rates of high resolution modes
    • Fixes split screen defect in 2.7k60 Linear FOV and 4k30 Superview FOV
    • Reduces image noise in high frame rate and high resolution modes
    • Improves image quality in low light environments
    • Adjusts color saturation to prevent over-saturation in certain conditions
    • Fixes visual defects in 1080p240 during playback on iOS® and macOS® devices in certain conditions


    • Reduces the time required for media to load on the camera and GoPro app
    • Auto Low Light now works with Quikcapture