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GoPro Hero 6 - from rumours to delivery
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  • GoPros christmas offer in USA was first 50 USD off. Then additional 25 per cent off on top of that for a total discount of more than 160 USD.

    A sign of bad christmas sales? An additional 300 person lay off this january is not good news.

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  • I think I read that the layoff was primarily from their drone division - which makes some sense since Karma was/is pretty lame.

  • Well, the Hero6 is a working prototype. And is probably not selling well enough either. Sales numbers for Q4-2017 should be a revelation.

  • Two features missing on the Hero6 which was on the Hero5:

    "SAVING A VIDEO FRAME AS A STILL PHOTO" in the playback menu."

    "VIDEO + PHOTO -Video + Photo captures photos at set intervals while you record video. "

    These options can only be found on the Hero5 which uses the great Ambarella SOC...

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  • Not possible on Hero6 thanks to shitty GP1 SOC.

  • Today there is a mayor price dump on the Hero6 at

    From NOK 5600,- to NOK 4400,-. A whopping saving of 1200 NOK (approx 125 euro).

    Saving is probably the same in euros etc.


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  • I found out why the VIDEO+PHOTO mode is missing for the Hero6 with the GP1 chip.

    Ambarella, Inc has US patent 9,179,046 called "Camera with high-quality still capture during continuous video capture" which covers this feature.

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  • Official GoPro price cut press release:

    This is not nice for GoPro.

  • Almost excactly 100 days after the last firmware update GoPro has finally released the 2.01 firmware for the Hero6. It again tries to adress a lot of shortcommings found in the original firmware as well as the 1.60 version from last november. After trying out the v2.01 firmware I can say that things finally seems to be on the right track. But this is like 6 months after the camera was released for sale. In the mean time buyers have been beta testers...

    HERO6 Black v02.01 | February 27, 2018


    Enhanced low light performance

    Fixed frame corruption bug in 1080p120 videos

    Reduced purple/blue fringing in videos

    Video Stabilization improvements:

    Enhanced performance to look more natural

    Upgraded auto exposure to reduce blur in medium and lowlight shots

    High Dynamic Range (HDR) improvements:

    Reduced color distortion

    Automatically turns off HDR in lowlight conditions to prevent noise

    Automatically turns off HDR to prevent blur if there’s too much movement in the shot


    General bug fixes

  • Does someone have experience what memory card works perfectly with hero 6?

  • In general Gopro seems to recommend the SanDisk Extreme V10 cards (100 read/60 Mbps write).There is just a new version out called Extreme Pro /(100/100 Mbps speed).

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Nice price for new, thanks.