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GH5 Panasonic camera, from anticipation to love or hate
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  • @EspenB

    It seems that GH5 is an AMAZING CAMERA as long as you - don't use it! AF is Fantastic as long as as you don't use the acctual camera monitor and or camera internal recording?! Image Artifacts are nonexistant if you-use external recorder?!?! Picture is stunning if you record it -Externaly?!?! Quality that you can get out of this camera is-well will be Unprecedent, one day in future, in a year or so, when they come up with a new firmware...or acctualy maybe not, realy...


    I mean, truly, seems like Panasonic made a camera that nobody ever did: Best CAMERA IN THE WORLD - as long as its not turn on. Then all the problems become obvious...

    Quite what I expected:(

    Let me ask all the FANBOYS of this camera:

    Who is this camera made for realy? For what kind of application?! Please Tell me... (and I will prove you that out there there are a way way way better price/perfomance pieces of gear, superior options that the acctualy users can choose...and the only reason why GH5 became a big deal is thanks to Panasonic marketing and naivite of the dreamfull masses...)

  • @MorganD

    Barcelona's fine. It's no worse than any other big city.

    • I suppose that is sorta good news for users of external recorders, but I can see its mainly gimbal users who really want the auto focus to work well.
  • Regrading GH5 auto focus issues:

    The most positive test for auto focus speed was with an external recorder only. And thus totally flawed.

    When you use internal recording almost all procesing power seems to be taken from the auto focus calculations and used to encode the bitstream instead.

    This should not come as a big surprise as auto focus is worse in 4K mode vs HD mode also on the GH4.

    Apparently the auto focus works even better if you don't record at all on the GH5.

    Please see page 166 in the "Operating Instructions for Advanced Features" for the GH5:

    "To ensure highly accurate focus, 4K motion pictures are recorded at reduced auto focus speeds. It might be difficult to focus on the subject with Auto Focus, but this is not an malfunction."

    Sine auto focus seems to be substantially better as long as you don't record anything, this suggest that the CPU runs out of steam during actuall recording. Even more so in 4K mode.

    They shoud have added an extra auto focus processor! ;-)

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  • @timqqq

    It depends on your intended delivery broadcast or Internet etc

    If you are editing on a 25p timeline shoot 25p for most subjects unless the subject is fast moving like sports etc.....then shooting 50p and edit on a 50p timeline for 50p delivery would be better.

    The advantage to shooting@ 50p for a 25p edit is you will get a perfect 50% slo-mo with no interpolated frames​ if you need it...

    Whereas 25p 4k 10 bit 422 obviously gives more accurate color...if you are delivering to internet this color depth advantage is somewhat lost when MP4 encoding is done on upload (that etc)

    There is no one size fits all... You need to take into account many considerations before choosing a recording format.

  • @driftwood Barcelona still a mugger's paradise? Shame.

  • What's the correct luminance level for both 8 and 10 bit?

  • would anyone advice that... 4K 10-bit 422 25p or 4K 8-bit 420 50p be the common usage of the video mode?

    I am not sure which should i use regularily

  • can see that magenta hue that seems to come from the rec709 lut

  • Something going on on youtube about the gh5 AF:

  • @driftwood

    Will keep an eye out. You ok?

  • If any of you Spanish readers get offered a Lumix GH5 with the serial no. of WG-PP001244 and a SLR Magic 35mm T2.4 Anamorphic lens then you know where it came from as I was mugged today in Barcelona.

  • @theconformist

    Thanks, that sounds like reasonable request even though maybe a bit too much to ask for IMO. Boundaries are blurred today between categories, we want all of them to do everything, in random price range. I'm having hard time to really find justifications for all those requests from single device.

    What camera provides that kind of continuous AF tracking performance that you can absolutely rely on?