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Need Clarification on the new Lumix 12-35 II & 35-100 II Lenses
  • I'm looking for clarification on the new Panasonic Lumix 12-35 II & 35-100 II lenses. I already have a 12-35 & 35-100, what are the benefits of these news lenses if you're getting a GH5 compared to the version 1?

    Is it worth the upgrade?


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  • Dual IS 2 vs Dual IS 1, a little less than a stop more image stabilization. A new lens coating. Iris with blades set up for better bokeh. Elimination of micro jitters as you zoom in video mode.

    Basically, things to make video better.

  • Sounds nice, but seems to dash my hopes for Panasonic releasing lens series with a video orientated focus mechanism. Only reason im using the Olympus 12-40 for the focus clutch mechanism which lacks OIS.

    On a side note, the focus travel needs to be longer on the Olympus 12-40, only 90 degrees

  • Another option would be the new 12-60mm f/2.8 lens.

  • No Lumix/Leica mft lens has features friendly to video: fly-by-wire focus, non-parfocal zooms, focus breathing. Panasonic turned their still cameras into video cameras without the appropriate lenses.


  • The 35-100 mk 1 IS is so bad for video :( mine has 1.3 on it and I think it's unusable.

    Irony is it's so light that with my g7 on slider I can't get smooth footage zoomed in, and the IS doesn't do anything to help either.

    Hopefully the new one is better but too expensive for me.

  • @scotchtape - Is the micro jitter issue still present after latest firmware upgrade? Or is something else making it unusable?