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GH5 Panasonic camera, from anticipation to love or hate
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  • Still @driftwood proclaimed a 1,86x crop in Cinema 4K mode. :p

  • EspenB No, he said 1,89x and it was a trivia sent by his friend to say that with focal reducer it would have the same crop as some RED camera and later he said that he didn't really have such info from Panasonic, that it wasn't MAR.

    And again, why would Panasonic hide such feat? It would make all sorts of people happy about less crop, it would be good marketing actually. It doesn't make any sense to have it and keep lying about not being multi-aspect. You are trying to build a very unlikely and complicated plot to justify a MAR when the reality is much simpler.

  • @theSUBVERSIVE No plot. Sensor just seems bigger in pictures. :-p

    Why the heck should Panasonic use marketing material where the sensor size is grossly excaggerated? Rendered or not.


    @EspenB Look at this picture, it's the exact same DJI Zenmuse, the difference is that on the left it's a render DJI used to illustrate and it actually looks either like a MAR or a 3:2 sensor, on the right you have the picture of the real camera. So that's why people already told you that pictures don't mean much and far from being an evidence as opposed to official Panasonic people saying it's not.

  • @Vitaliy It's universal but isn't each code tied to the serial number of the camera? So we have to buy one code for each of gh4-gh5-fz2500 ,right?

  • I dont understand how 180fps can be better when used with 50/60P mode. Does the 50/60P has "longer GOP" than 24P? It would then need less bitrate for same quality.

  • Maybe it's just 60 p in 24p timline and that's the reason it looks better.

  • GH5 example videos in VIDEOAKTIV review starting at 14:00

    Not good dynamic range in these concerts clips. Maybe they used standard profile and overexposed.

  • In the above video:

    • 16:17 ISO 100, Aperture 3.1, 1/50 sec
    • 16:26, ISO 200, Aperture 3.1, 1/100 sec
    • 16:35, ISO 400, Aperture 4.0, 1/100 sec
    • 16:44, ISO 800, Aperture 5.6, 1/100 sec
    • 16:53, ISO 1.600, Aperture 8, 1/100 sec
    • 17:02, ISO 3.200, Aperture 11, 1/100 sec
    • 17:11, ISO 6.400, Aperture 14, 1/100 sec
    • 17:20, ISO 12.800, Aperture 20, 1/100 sec

    Sound in the concert was the built in mike except for 13:53 to 14:14 which was recorded with the XLR1 adapter. He explained it, that also the mikes must be weathersealed, this is why the original sound form the GH5 mikes might sound a little dull.

  • @soulkeeper You are correct. Each camera has to have its own V-log and once you attach to one camera, you need another one for a different camera. You can't use the same for several cameras since as you pointed out, it's attached to the serial number.

  • @theSUBVERSIVE - I did successfully add v-log to two GH4's using one v-log key - both with fw2.3, then after up'd fw to 2.4, then 2.5. Haven't tried my code again since, though did do the two within a few seconds of eachother - perhaps it was too short of time to register on Pany's end that the code has already been used.

  • @sam_rides_a_mtb Panasonic already said that it's one V-log per camera.

  • @theSUBMERSIVE - not denying what they did or didn't say - just stating what worked for me and curious if anyone else had the same luck. might have been a fluke, so not telling anyone to count on it.

    And I think you have your words mixed up - maybe you mean one camera per v-log? :) dont think we need multiple v-logs per camera :)

  • From what we can see on the web, this camera seems to show some bad aliasing effect and not fully convincing low light performances, as we could expect from a 20Mp CMOS sensor. On the other side, slow motion and stabilization give very good impressions.

    Now, Panasonic friends, why should we buy a GH5, when Sony A7R II costs a little more, and Panasonic G85 or Samsung NX1, new and used, cost much less?

    Have I legitimate doubts?

  • There seems to be a good amount of click bait / fake GH5 videos being uploaded on youtube, as a result I've seen people form strong opinions on cameras they haven't seen beyond a few pre-production units, or held the actual camera in their own hands.

  • @frullaccia None of the Sony cameras have Cinema 4k or real 24fps. Nor do they have 10 bit 4:2:2, unlimited recording length, long battery life, or inspire confidence during long shoots in warm environments.

  • @Mckinise Sure. I am not at all a fanatic of Sony! Still, from what we can see here, the low light performance of this camera need attention, and aliasing could be another critical issue. I am also waiting for photographic samples, because we are talking about a photocamera which has to be compared with others.

    @J_Cooks Forming opinions before any official camera availability is part of the game between buyer and seller.

  • @frullaccia I understand fully about forming opinions before official availability, but I was speaking on forming an opinion based on a videos that seem fake. Panasonic doesn't hand out cameras to just anybody who claims to be a photographer, so unless the videos are uploaded by Nick Driftwood, Luke Neumann, Griffin Hammond, or Panasonic I hesitate to judge, and even then these are pre production units.

    This GH5 release reminds me of when people were jumping for an opportunity to preorder the iphone 7 because they were tricked into thinking it was going to be clear by a few sketchy tech blogs, and videos with nothing more than unrealistic, and hopeful speculation. They have wanted a clear iphone since the iphone 4... lol

  • Panasonic's Matt Frazer said in Youtube conversation that GH5 AF is not ready in those few prototypes some users has tested. It will be much better in final FW. He also said that GH5 low light is one stop better than GH4 because it uses so much larger sensor area for 4k video and maybe even one additional stop with better processing. He said if someone is comfortable with GH4 iso800 he will be comfortable with GH5 iso2000-3200.