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Memories of Italy - shot on BMPCC and Sony A7sII
  • Italy - I have to come back again and again. It has this unique combination of friendly people, ancient cities, fantastic landscapes and the mediteranean sea. Here is a collection of my recent visits to Venice, Ventimiglia and Florence.

    Have a look yourself and let me know how you like it in the comments! From feedback we can learn, so keep it coming!

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    Music licenced from RoyaltyFreeHeaven, W. Mozart "Duettino sull Aria"

    Shot on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, and the Sony A7sII

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  • Hi Gunther. Interesting choice of heavily saturated tritone process. Great framing as always. Lacks script, subject and focused action, turning into a slide show. Not enough close-ups. I almost always love your work, going back even to your earliest. This one only gets a technical achievement award :)

  • @radikalfilm Thanks for your feedback - you are right, it is like a slide show - a collection as I write ;-). Good point about the close ups. On the colors, by "Interesting", what do you mean? I was trying to get a blue / green / sand colored mood across the shots.

    Thanks for your little write up!