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KineFinity Terra 5K & 6K cameras or 5K for under $5K
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  • With current CMOS technology dynamic range is always less for GS (if all other parameters are equal). An engineer told me it's the extra circuitry occupying some of the light sensitive area.

  • Why does the global shutter option have reduced dynamic range?

  • @Xenocide38 close.... it is volume not weight.

    @sammy it is better unless you want a global sensor, plus the 5K version is cheaper (it ships a month later however)

  • Should we assume the 6k is overall better than the 5k version? from specs seems like the 6k has better DR (1-2 stops?)? but no word on new sensor for the 5k yet I take it.

  • What is the chart with all of the various cameras showing? (the last picture)

  • @jazzroy, May shipping for the Terra 6K

    June shipping for the Terra 5K which has the new sensor in it.

  • They has a German reseller

  • Any estimation on release date? (IF they will release in western market)

  • My view on the top three low budget cameras with higher than 4K raw options (RED Raven vs URSA Mini 4.6K vs Kinefinity Terra 6K):

    If you don’t factor in the price / support / brand name cred, then I’d go for a Kinefinity Terra 6K over URSA Mini 4.6K or RED Raven any day of the week.

    (.....and then I go into much more detail.... read the article!)

  • This company keeps putting out well-spec'd cameras that never seem to become available..

    It seems that their main target is internal market. For small firm it is enough.

  • This company keeps putting out well-spec'd cameras that never seem to become available..

  • A person's view of its pricing can depend a lot on if you're looking at the perspective from BMD's cameras.... then KineFinity looks expensive! Or comparing it against the viewpoint coming from RED's cameras then KineFinity looks dirt cheap!

    As Scarlet-W base package with a few MINI-MAGS plus a PL mount and side handle, would cost roughly three times as much as the equivalent from KineFinity.

  • These specifications are tremendous. Light weight, good DR and cheap cameras, BUT if you includes shipping and import cost, final price is not so attractive. I guess that in Europe, final price will be over 7000 euro (5k) and 8500/9000 euro (6k)