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Aputure VS 2 and VS 2 fine monitors
  • I can't get this to work. The Aputure VS 2 has the latest firmware - V 1.2 - but the Aputure says "No signal" when the two devices are connected/turned on. I have tried different settings in the GH4 with no luck. Any tricks to make this work?

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  • I do really like they keep firmware update

    Version: V3.1

    Update: (2017.8.17)

    1. Optimize UI
    2. Recalibrate three modes of color temperature
  • here comes a firmware update, now VS-2 FineHD can take direct 4k signal input.

    Version: V2.5 Update for: VS-1 FineHD, VS-2 FineHD

    Update: (2017.1.20)

    1. Support 3840x2160@30Hz/25Hz/24Hz signal format inputs.

    2. Optimize Volume bar display accuracy.

    3. Resolve Panasonic GH4 noise when 4K signal input.

  • FEELWORLD FW759 is good, 1280*800 resolution, ips panel, hdmi input support 1080p 60hz.

  • I did an unscientific comparison about latency between SEETEC ST-699 and VS-2 FineHD,

    GH4 have native latency around 100ms,

    GH4's LCD to SETTEC ST-699 around 30ms
    GH4's LCD to VS-2 FineHD around 60ms

    VS-2 FineHD is 30ms slower than SETTEC ST-699,

    here is one of the picture I taken from the rough comparison

  • One thing you learn hard - cheap things save on panels, as it is most expensive part.

    Also cheap companies do not make extensive tests on IPS panels, so they can have image remains from icons and such if you have image for prolonged time.

  • Welp, just to add my 2c to the issue.

    Yes, it's lightweight. Yes it's 1080.

    The downsides that no one has seemed to mention are the color, brightness, and contrast issues. Yes you can adjust those - but to what end? The monitor has troubles with highlights and shadows, losing detail in both. No amount of adjusting contrast or brightness helps this at all. In fact adjust contrast doesn't seem to adjust contrast! Adjusting contrast up seems to brighten the image and blows the highlights, while simultaneously somehow raising the shadows a smidge.

    What works "best" for me is to raise the RGB to about 170 (R 170, G160, B170) - this seems to bring back some details in the shadows. I'm not very good with adjusting RGB sliders and can't really get it to match the back of my D750s screen perfectly. Contrast around 20, and Brightness around 50 or 60. Colors still seem a bit off, especially in the midtones.

    The D750 screen is crisper, and with the flat profile I can see detail in both highlights and shadows, unlike the VS-2. Color also seems to be truer on the D750.

    In use, it definitely helps with focusing, however, focusing on small objects far away remains a challenge even with said 1080 resolution. The screen still seems just a tad bit mushy for my taste, although maybe it's just the small pixels.

    With fast motion, there is some screen lag / refresh weirdness, but it's not terrible (it is just for monitoring after all, and not recording)

    The case and included accessories are very nice with the exception of the sunhood which is attached with stretchy velcro. This definitely seems like it will fail shortly, but time will tell. Really wish they redesigned that part.

    If you want a 1080p monitor at a decent price, this seems to be the only option (apart from the slightly more expensive NEWAY one on PV).

    THAT being said, out of the cheapo crap monitors, this one is the "best" of the lot. To be fair I haven't handled any of the more expensive monitors at all, and I know quite a few of those are pretty crap too, so who knows, this may be the greatest steal of the century. I am curious as to how this compares to the new Shogun and SmallHD monitors, although those cost 3x - 6x the price.

    If I sound a bit negative, it's only because I really really wanted this to be better. I like a lot of Aputure's other gear (especially those lights and at those price points!), and this one was a bit of a letdown after all the marketing and reviews. Considering all the other options at this price point, I'll be keeping it but wishing I could afford something better.

  • @AndCycle

    Well, after NY must be available more wide.

    May be we will get one for review, we will see.

  • I can see VS-2 FineHD already available in China, several store sell them on taobao rate as 1,699 CNY

  • Has the VS-2 Fine been released? I can ever find a place that's actually selling it.

  • I can just conform. Its that cable. Had to try three different to get it work.

  • @Alexauwa: Can i add a usb battery via micro usb cable to power the vs-2?

    No, but you can connect a DC 12V poweradapter

  • Can i add a usb battery via micro usb cable to power the vs-2?

  • It's almost always the cable. Canon cables for some reason are pretty good, if you can find one for cheap on eBay. Always try a few new cables before trying anything else.

  • Problem solved. Got a new cable to day and now the Aputure/GH4 combo works. Very easy setup, - connected the two, switched both on and bingo. Thanks to everyone for your comments and inputs.

  • quote @Tscheckoff: Btw.: I hope you ordered a completely different cable (not the exactly same one or another type from the same manufacturer). Because if it´s not working with certain setups, there´s a high risk that also the other cable / other type of the same manufacturer will not be compatible ^^ quote end

    Yes, I have ordered from a different manufacturer :-)

  • @bluefonia:

    Yep. You need the downconverted 1080P output. The standard selection is "AUTO" according the HDMI Rec output (as far as I remember) - But better choose 1080P as fixed output format. Otherwise there´s maybe a problem recognizing a few screens right (and the GH4 isn´t switching to the right format in AUTO mode). You can also use interlaced signals with the VS-2. BUT: I don´t recommend it in general - The scaler isn´t working well with interlaced signals (it´s adding alot of aliasing patterns and thereby also partly moiré patterns). But with progressive signals everything is ok ^^.

    Btw.: I hope you ordered a completely different cable (not the exactly same one or another type from the same manufacturer). Because if it´s not working with certain setups, there´s a high risk that also the other cable / other type of the same manufacturer will not be compatible ^^. Well - If it´s not working, just try another one (or send the VS-2 back). If you send the VS-2 back, then maybe check out the MustHD M601H or M701H screens (not cheap - But good colours and features - Though also not compatible to interlaced signals). Or you can also check out the Lilliput 663/O/P2 (not the older P1 model - The new one got a few bugfixes!). Though: The 663 is quite bulky and heavy. And I like the MustHD remote feature (as you can control the screen features over the three buttons on the remote). Also nice: You can mount the remote your tripod handle, on the grip of a shoulder rig or everywhere else - And it´s even extendable through a standard 3.5mm audio cable ^^). Btw.: Tested already the M501H on the GH4 (same C4K 24P with 1080P down-convertion-mode like with the VS-2). Worked nice and flawlessly.


  • Thanks for your input.


    Before buying the VS2 I contacted Aputure support (they respond very fast). Here is what they said:

    qoute: Thanks for your email.

    Yes, the VS-2 monitor will work with GH4 in 4 K mode. The VS series is suport the hightest 1920*1080 input. If you want the 4K camera work on the monitor, please select the GH4: Motion Piture->HDMI Rec Output->4K Down Convert into Auto or 1080P. Anything we can do for you, please kindly contact us.

    Thanks for your email. About this item, it will work for frame rates: 23.98fps, 24fps, 25fps, 29.97fps and 30fps .

    end quote

    I forgot to ask them about progressive vs interlaced, but I read somewhere else that both would work in the frame rates mentioned above.

    I have ordered a second HDMI cable. If this does not solve the problem I will return the VS2. I don't doubt HDMI cables can be faulty for different reasons, but the possibility of running through 5 - or more - different ones before i MIGHT get the VS"/GH4 combo to work simply does not cut it for me.


    Which monitor(s) have worked well for you with the GH4?

  • @aaronchicago: Checked my pictures of the test. It was exactly the C4K 24P mode with downscaled 1080 output on the HDMI - And it worked flawlessly ^^. The problem is only the real 24P output and the 23.976, 25, 29.97 and 30P native output of the newer cameras. Many screens are not compatible to that modes (only to interlaced and maybe 50P / 60P progressive signals - The older Lilliput screens for example).

  • I can guarantee you that it's not the cable. I've had multiple issues with the GH4 and monitors. Some work, and some don't. Most of the problems are with C4K in 24Hz.

  • @bluefonia:

    You can have: Contact problems (at the plugs), bad isolation inbetween the pins / cables, broken connections aka cables (also kind of a contact problem) - But also wrong characteristic impedance and / or wave resistance is a possibility (the last two points mean, that the cable is not produced within the HDMI spec)!

    For example: I get "snowy" images with one special HDMI cable (maybe slightly wrong cable characteristics) - Another one is not even working in special setups (both are china cables which were included for free or which I bought for a few bucks). So you see - Everything is possible ^^. All my other cables are btw. working as they should. But they are also of a higher quality (and way more flexible - Which is quite important most of the time). Sounds weird first - I know (as it´s only a 1:1 digital connection) - But just get another cable and it will be working for sure. I even used a VS-2 already together with a GH4 without any problems. ^^


  • @Vitaliy: You are quite right, - I don't hear you, as I´m no mindreader :-). As I´m no technical wizard I would appreciate if you would elaborate what issues HDMI cables suffers from?