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35-100mm F2.8 X lens topic
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  • Ive had this lense for four months. I haven't used it much. I used it today a lot and it is unusable for handheld video with the micro jitter. You have got to be kidding me!!! My 14 to 140 is fine what is the deal with this? I have the latest 1.1 firmware on the lense I cant believe at 100mm it jitters like this. I have never been so misled in my life Im sending this piece of crap back

  • I of course have this micro jitter, it would be a waste of time sending it back wouldnt it? Their not gonna fix it will they? Guess Im stuck with it.

  • I hope that soon coming new Mercalli can help us. The jitter with your tele is still worse than my jitter with 14-140 v2 at wide end. I am not sure if post stab will clean it perfectly.

  • I was going to purchase a GH4 today with the 14-140 II.

    I'm curious about some things as guys are saying that the jitters are worse on the 35-100 than the 14-140. Some of you are saying that on the 14-140 it is manageable.

    I am curious is this on the newer or older lens for the 14-140?

    My other question is that people say this can be fixed in post production. Can someone please post a pre fixed and fixed version using post production so we can see how "fixed" it is using post production tools.

    Thank you

  • I just tried out ProDad Mercalli SAL v4.0 which not only stabilize video for motion, but can also analyze jitter/wobble caused by cmos-sensor-readout and high-frequency-motion. Until now i was not able to correct that kind of video with after fx/deshaker or anything, but Mercalli SAL v4.0 seems to do a tremendous job. It takes half an hour for just a short video, but at least it works quite good. Checkout the stabilized version of my video:

    If you stabilize this video with after-fx you get a stable video with constant skew's across the frame, truly unwatchable

  • Firmware Update :

    2015/1/21 Improved the stability of O.I.S.[Optical Image Stabilizer] in Motion Picture recording (When using DMC-GH3/GH4)

  • Öooooooooooooooooo how exciting :-D

  • Hope it also includes 'when using gx7, gm1, etc.' :)

  • Ive done some very simple tests handheld and the results are excellent. Very much improved, no micro jitters and stays stable from start to finish

  • Wow. Thank you Panasonic. The real test will be very detailed scenes like the bare trees in a forest, but, just 'playing' in the house (it is dark here) this is an amazing improvement. Hooray! First impression is that it is a big improvement on my GH3. :-)

    Here's a not very good test, but...I'm really happy with the update. Need to get outside and try in a detailed scene. I have very shaky hands, but I like what I see so far! I sure would not go back to the previous lens firmware!

  • The update also seems to be a HUGE improvement for me, making the lens realistically usable for handheld video. Excellent!

  • it'd be great if someone did before and after video of the same subject:)

  • This footage is straight from the GH3, shot on MLK day (2015-01-19). This clip shows the micro jitters from the Lumix 35-100 with the OLD firmware.

    I did not pay attention to the focal length used, my guess is around 70 mm?

    This weekend, I will try to frame a similar shot using the Lumix 35-100 with the NEW v1.2 firmware. I can't do this until the weekend, since it is dark by the time I get home from work. I am quite sure the difference will be huge.

  • It seems to be a huge improvement for me, as well.

  • Handheld shot at 100mm with version 1.2

  • Before and After on Vimeo

  • FINALLY! I am so glad this has been addressed.

    Last year, I tried two copies of this lens, and returned them both due to the horrid micro jitters. I wrote to Panasonic, asking if they could improve this, but they insisted that the lens was performing "within spec". I exchanged emails with a local Panasonic rep, who seemed interested at first, but then went silent. I realize that everything can't happen at once, but its a pity that such an expensive lens languished for so long before getting the attention it deserved.

    BTW, I ordered my third copy of the lens, which is due to arrive this week. Third time is the charm, as they say.

  • Am I correct in assuming the firmware update does not work with the GH2? Please tell me I'm wrong. I'd love to get this otherwise great lens off the tripod if need be.

  • @theteddy: No you are not; everything happens in the lens. The stabilization is in the lens only, stating that IS works better on one body than the other has no logic support.