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GH4 Firmware 2.3, V-log for $99, Epic Panasonic marketing fail
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  • I would like to say that vimeo has introduced noise in the skies (particularly over Hilton), but I'm afraid that's only GH4 V-Log at it's best!

  • @matthere artifacting caused by bad macroblocking was present when the camera was released. It was one of the first things I noticed.

  • I predict and hopefully so that Panasonic will come out with a firmware upgrade that improves V-LOG when recording internally at 8 bit. By doing this, they will likely recover all the lost income and then some resulting from the free loop hole version of V-LOG. Otherwise, other small insignificant improvements with future firmware upgrades that cancel out unlicensed V-LOG will not even be worth it for those who already have the "free" version of V-LOG.

  • I did some testing this morning with 10 bit and it definitely helps alot with noise, and reduces macroblocking (it's still present but subdued). Unfortunately banding still occurs. Here is a shot that's absolutely crushed with contrast.

    1920 x 1080 - 1M
  • @aaronchicago i would be interested to see more examples when you get a chance. I actually couldn't see banding in the image you shared, but a huge macroblock on the right side.

    If you could film a lightbulb against a midrange wall that would be awesome!

  • @discomandavis yeah i see that. I thought it was banding since it's in a uniform pattern like banding, but it's more like blocking. Hmmm.

  • I used an extreme curve. One that I would probably never use in the real world so this is a worst case scenario.

  • @aaronchicago Use the Prores HQ quality setting and the macroblock should be reduced. Record uncompressed and it should be completely gone/

  • @jspatz. I used ProRes HQ. I believe the 10 bit 4:2:2 output is uncompressed from the GH4 isn't it?

  • Yes, but Prores is compressed and has some artifacts although much less than internal. The output from the camera can be recorded to a desktop using something like an intensity pro in an uncompressed format.

  • @jspatz you are recording ProRes422HQ 4k into the computer using an IntensityPro? The decrease in artifacts is likely do to the increased resolution and not the ProRes...

  • No. I am recording proreshq on a pix-e5. Macro blocks go down with increased data rate. I am suggesting they go away completely on uncompressed. Recording through an intensity pro is one way to see.

  • Uncompressed to a desktop does make the banding go away,or minimizes it greatly, HOWEVER, its not practical though for ; 1. its rather bulky to carry around. 2. the file sizes at around 2GIG per 15 sec is just too huge.

  • Anybody tried Pro Res 4444 with a recorder?

  • Even if v-log works great with a recorder doesn't that take away one of the best benefits of the camera which is great internal recording?

  • Does anyone know, where to get V-Log in Europe?

  • @tedbrah True. It is a bit of a bummer. For me, it's so close to being perfect that I'd put up with an external recorder if no artifacts or blocking were present. It's a tough call right now on whether or not to use it for anything paid.

    Last year I said the dream camera would be the Blackmagic Cinema image in a GH4 body. V-Log could be that solution if they fix the noise problem.

  • Even though this isn't as much of a problem using 10-bit, it points to a serious bug in the vlog firmware that needs a patch before I'll pay money for it. I was thinking of using GH4/vlog for director's reel shot coming up soon, but it involves lots of sky and sand so it would be prime territory for banding.

  • @aaronchicago Yes, yea, and yes. I wish Panasonic would just realize that V-log could change the whole game if they just designed it correctly.

  • Guys, even the sonys are poor in camera. I have both A7S and the A7R2 and both suffer macroblocking artefacts. Measuring the codec across against the GH4 with V Log for similar scenes the PSNR and quantisation is some 5% better on the Gh4. 10-bit thru a Convergent 7Q+ or the Shogun is a big improvement over 8 bit filming skies etc. I certainly haven't seen the kind of banding some are reporting using an external.

  • We really appreciate your comments @driftwood, as every other beta tester has been quiet as a church mouse. Do you know if Panasonic is looking into the issue, or at least investigating a new LUT to reduce the artifacts.

    I would love a tutorial from Panasonic on the use of this. They need to do some evangelizing to quell us natives.