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Driftwood Cluster X Series 4:│Moon T8│Spizz T7
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  • @Gardner

    Is that GH2 footage you're grading? If so, what patch? Nice work, mate.

  • @hexagonal @driftwood This is (not) happening (yet):

    "Some terrific shots of late (as above) Im actually working on a Moon T9 atm. :-)" (Dec.2014)

    "Merry Christmas to all personal-view members. moon T9 this weekend :-)" (Dec.2014)

    "moon t9 is nearing completion... apologies for delay - still fine tuning HBR." (Feb.13th, 2015)

    Today is May 5th 2015 - did I miss something?

  • @frame ... it just means its time to donate some resources. or money.

  • Uhmm... which sum justifies a delay from a few days to almost 6 months?

  • Wow, really Frame? Come on, you are going to complain because the guy who gives us these lovely free gifts doesn't give them to us "on time"?

  • Free gifts? Did you never donate? And yes, Driftwood did actually deliver on time, many great patches as we all know. But now it seems nothing but hot air.

  • @Frame: Since he does this all voluntary and does not benefit of the donations i dont see a real right of yours to demand anything. I am personally also a bit puzzled why it takes so long, then on the other hand what do you expect from a new setting? I think there will hardly be a visible improvment, the intravenus and moonsettings have maxed out the gh2, hacking the picture profiles, would be the last interesting step.

  • Frame, sure, but that doesn't change the fact that it's still a free gift. Not to mention that Moon T8 is simply amazing (IMHO), I'm sure that each patch gets harder and harder to improve from the last one.

    And then there is the inevitable march of technology that is probably giving Driftwood new cameras to shoot with, and maybe from which he can glean some ideas to apply to Moon T9 or whatever.

    I just think it is in extremely poor taste to complain about this delay, that's all -- Be appreciative, and happy! :)

  • Yes, two years ago I suggested about GH2 profiles modifying and that time I wrote that if this doesn't happen, the hacking of the codec/bitrate only will face its dead end very soon. More than two years spent on one and the same thing with a lot of similar patches... Was I wrong?!?

  • @Frame....that's just an amazing attitude and before you ask, yes I've donated a number of times and will so again. But if you don't like the service your getting, shop elsewhere.

  • This has nothing to do with poor taste. I donated as well. No need to complain about the delay if this was work from scratch. But it is not anymore. Again, what puzzles me is the fact, that T9 was announced "the next weekend" - let´s say three days- and delayed for half a year by now. We do also sometimes jobs for free, to help friends, don´t we? Especially editing is a tough favour, because it is prone to extensions. But even with an unpaid job I would never let someone wait for such a long time because he still counts on me. I think patching has become dead end. But instead of admitting this, - we had a good time and we have great patches- we still get some bones thrown at...

  • (Deleted)

  • Excellent points all around. Now, let's get back to our beloved GH2 and shoot something today. Anything.

  • Guys which patch is best for grading 720p modes?

  • Moon T8 :)

  • @electria0814 way over-sharpened, halos gonna eat your babies :P

  • I thought that was mostly some very nice looking footage, with some nice shot progressions/editing. Since you mentioned the halos and over-sharpening I was looking for it, and still only spotted a couple of brief instances.

  • @masr,@tjabo, I agree, I used too much light of video and too sharpened , is a bad try.  sorry. Thanks . very good  advice . :)

  • No conversation for a month?!? Awkward silence, and I feel really awkward to be posting anything. But anyway just wanna show a little video(Moon T8 of course!) It is just a few clips from many months ago(last August when T8 was new) All black and white. Also graded and edited in Davinci Resolve.

  • @ilia310101 I like your video! As if I have once again visited Paris! :)

  • I'm kind of new to this, but I'm looking to shoot anamorphic. Would Spizz t7 give me the 4:3 mjpeg ability?

  • @icenine9 I'm not sure which of the various hacks are for AVCHD only, or have both tweaked AVCHD and MJPEG. But for anamorphic basically you will tweaking the MJPEG 480p mode resolution (along with any other factors you wish.) These threads might help-

    With a 2x anamorphic adapter attached, I can get 2.66:1 (1920 x 720) MJPEG video right out of the camera with correct aspect ratio (meaning picture is automatically 'de-squeezed' in camera.) If you have a 1.33x or 1.5x adapter, I think you can adjust the 480p resolution accordingly. With lower ratio anamorphic adapter though, it probably makes more sense to shoot in AVCHD and de-squeeze in post, as AVCHD generally gives better image quality.

  • @electria0814, I don't think I expressed my meaning very well, and I missed your response until just now. I thought your video looked very good!

    Are you still preferring Moon T8? I am for sure. If Moon T9 is better, I am excited to see how.

  • @driftwood How do you access the 59.9p mode in moon t8 on the gh2. Sorry for the beginner question a little new to this. Thanks in advance for any help.