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Official Final Cut X topic, moving to ARM and vlogging
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  • And I have the opposite experience, with the latest update to FCPX making a good thing even quicker and more stable. I suggest that anyone having issues with the update should do a full uninstall and then a fresh reinstall. And pay for the unhacked MAS app instead of using one of the pirated versions floating around.

  • @Shaveblog

    Are you insuniuating that I have a hacked version of Final Cut Pro X? Please give me a break stop being so fucking condescending with your posts. I am sharing my experience to in an effort to help people so that they don't run into problems. I have full paid versions of Final Cut Pro X and Creative Cloud.

    So you are the only one that paid for "their" version of Final Cut Pro X because "you" are not having problems with Final Cut Pro X. So in turn I must have a hacked version of Final Cut Pro X because I am having problems??? WTF

  • Not sure I follow. You experience issues with the FCPX update so you feel the need to warn everyone on the forum about not updating. I experience nothing but performance improvements but I shouldn't comment because, why again?

    I wasn't directing my comment about pirated apps at you necessarily, just anyone who might be experiencing issues because of the iffy quality of pirated apps. It's my experience that most of the time when users complain about an app not working when most other users report nothing but smiles as seems to be the case with FCPX 10.1.2, it's because they installed a pirated app that differs slightly from the MAS version. if that doesn't apply to you, you shouldn't take offense.

  • @Shaveblog

    First off I never stated in my post that you should not comment! So once again stop being condescending!!! Secondly if someone is using pirated apps and they experience problems they deserve it good for them for ripping off someones software... I am experienced enough to know my way around computers, you are not talking to some imbecile.

    I have built all my of my own PC's starting from 1997 and ending in 2006 when I purchased my first Mac Pro that I did not rip off buy the way. Ever since then I have enjoyed not toying around in the bios, installing all these different drivers etc etc. I am a 100 percent Apple guy all the way.

    This does not mean that Apple gets a free ride, I call a spade a spade and for quite some time Final Cut Pro X has been kinda iffy in terms of reliability. And yes OF COURSE I have reinstalled Final Cut Pro X clean the cache files etc etc etc. I even went to the extreme of reinstalling the whole operating system from scratch and only installing software that I need to prevent any problems... Guess what @Shaveblog Final Cut Pro X still fucken crashed. So please get off your high horse like like you know everything just because YOU are not having problems with your computer.

    Do a search on Google and you will find a lot of people that had problems with Final Cut Pro X. So with your reasoning everybody that had problems with Final Cut Pro X either A ripped off the software or B they are complete idiots and don't know the common sense approach of process of elimination right?

    So while I agree with you on having problems with computers in general, this does not change the fact that you are coming across as arrogant/sarcastic with a slight hint of asshole in their as well.

    If this does not apply to you, you shouldn't take offense ;-)

  • So ive been messing around with luts ect with fcp 7 and adobe premiere pro, Only thing is some of them work some of them dont, I know they work with fcp x , but I guess my main question is is fcp x alot better to edit with gh4 footage than fcp7? because I have to update to osx 10.9, because i have 10.8.5.


  • I experience an ongoing problem in FCPX...all versions do this. More frequent than not when I import a single selected clip from an SD card FCP suddenly imports everything on the card....stills and clips....anyone else experience this?

  • Apart from the initial learning curve, FCPX is fine for editing. It is great for modern long-GOP formats like AVCHD and H264 as it will work with the native files; no transcoding required. If needed FCPX will create transcoded files in the background. You will need a plugin to read LUT's in FCPX.

  • After a successful trial period BBC news cameramen/editors will be upgrading to Final Cut Pro X from FCP 7 for their news gathering field operations. A full roll-out throughout all the English regions is expected next year.

  • I just made a feature request about the Library model. Before libraries, I kept all my events and projects on the second internal drive in my Mac Mini server. FCPX managed everything with no intervention. Now, under the Library model, the default startup folder is /~/Documents, and backups default to /~/Movies, both on the boot drive. If it doesn't find an event to open, it will create one. Under the current scheme, the user can go in and specify every detail, but it won't remember them after a reboot. I have actually created a dummy library and event in /~/Documents so that it won't create one itself. This has turned in to a management nightmare. I have requested three changes: 1 - Allow the user to specify in advance where FCPX will keep libraries. 2 - Allow FCPX to start with no library or event open. 3 - Put in a check box to let FCPX manage media as in 10.0. I know they made these changes to accommodate squawking broadcast professionals working in a shared environment. But they have forced independents such as me to constantly worry about where something will end up.

  • While travelling, I was editing my 1 hour documentary with a Macbook Air 11 2.0GHz 8GB from 2012, works smooth like butter. Now that I am back home, I continued the same film with the same hard drives (USB 3.0) on an IMac I5 3.4 16GB from 2013 and it cannot deal with it. Any change I do it takes the computer 6-10secs to start to play and never works smoothly at all. I did restart, cleaning everything. Anybody has some ideas why this is happening?

  • @gameb check if AppNapp is activated. cmd I at the program icon. Should be de-activated.

  • @peaceonearth Thanks, but I don´t even have AppNapp, must be something else, really wierd... sucks

  • LUTs in FCPX

  • Understanding the FCP X paradigm

  • Update PR

    Apple releases significant update to Final Cut Pro X

    New Magnetic Timeline, Redesigned Interface and Integration with the Touch Bar on the All-New MacBook Pro A redesigned interface supports wide color workflows and incredible new editing features.

    Cupertino, California — Apple today introduced a significant update to its professional video editing app, Final Cut Pro X, featuring incredible new editing features for the Magnetic Timeline, support for the revolutionary Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro and a redesigned interface with full support for wide color workflows. The Touch Bar replaces the keyboard’s traditional function row with a brilliant, Retina-quality Multi-Touch display that dynamically adapts to Final Cut Pro X by putting intuitive, context-sensitive controls right at the user’s fingertips. Apple also released updates to Motion and Compressor.

    Touch Bar allows users to instantly switch between editing tools, audio levels and useful commands for trimming and playback.

    “This is our biggest update to Final Cut Pro X since we completely redesigned it five years ago,” said Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of Apps Product Marketing. “The new version features a sleek interface and adds powerful new editing features that go far beyond what’s possible with traditional, track-based video editing apps; and integration with the revolutionary Touch Bar gives professional video editors a whole new way to interact with Final Cut Pro X.”

    New editing features allow users to rearrange your film’s vertical layout — a first for pro video software.

    With the new Magnetic Timeline in Final Cut Pro X, users can understand their film at a glance with customizable arrangement and color coding of audio clips based on type or “role” — such as dialogue, music and effects. It’s simple to create and assign roles, and give each one a unique color. And in a first for pro video software, users can simply drag to instantly rearrange the vertical layout of their timeline or highlight specific audio roles while editing.

    Integration with the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro boosts creativity and productivity by dynamically adapting to each task and presenting intuitive controls exactly when and where users need them. While using Final Cut Pro X the Touch Bar lets users instantly switch between editing tools, adjust audio levels and tap into useful commands for trimming and playback. It will even display a color-coded, interactive overview of the entire timeline so users can navigate their project with the touch of a finger.

    Wide color workflows make it easier to import, edit and deliver video across varying monitor sizes.

    A redesigned interface streamlines the layout of Final Cut Pro X to optimize screen space for MacBook Pro users, while a darker, flat look puts the focus on the content. Customizable workspaces let users adjust window arrangements for different tasks such as organizing, editing and color grading — even across multiple monitors. Full support for wide color workflows allows users to import, edit and deliver video in standard Rec. 601 and Rec. 709 color spaces or in wide gamut Rec. 2020 color space.

    Additional features in Final Cut Pro 10.3:

    • Flow transition creates invisibly smooth jump cuts;
    • Remove Attributes allows users to easily delete or reuse select effects across multiple clips;
    • Timecode overlay effect and generator allow users to edit with a large view of source timecode;
    • Support for ProRes MXF, Panasonic V-Log and export of AVC-Intra;
    • Direct video output via Thunderbolt 3 enables high-quality video monitoring on an external display with a single cable.

    Compressor 4.3 has a new dark look to match Final Cut Pro X and Motion. Enhancements to iTunes Store Package creation let users easily browse, verify and compress packages so they can be delivered to the iTunes Store faster and fully compliant. Wide color support ensures end-to-end color fidelity when delivering files in standard and wide color spaces, and Touch Bar support simplifies common tasks like setting up batches and adding markers on the new MacBook Pro.

    Pricing and Availability

    Final Cut Pro X 10.3 Free update today for existing users; $299.99 for new users. Available on the Mac App Store.

  • Top 10.3 features in the new Final Cut Pro X

  • anyone point me to a good tutorial for learning the new features? I also want to start using roles more often if theres an in depth tutorial for this as well thanks

  • excellent, thank you

  • Final Cut Pro 10.3 Performance Improvements

  • It is really major in terms of UI and audio and feels snappier, too. I know there isn't much love around here (or from me) for Apple's hardware policies, but I feel strongly the FCPX is a transformative filmmaking tool that has made a huge difference in our speed and agility. The other day I gave a talk to a media lab that is really about students going out into the jungle and telling small stories on a regular basis, and I was crushed to see them using Premier. I would like to be brand agnostic and learning more than one NLE is a great idea, but if you need to turnaround content quickly and in an organized fashion, FCPX makes your life so much easier.

  • @kellar42 - +1. The old pros in my area are still stuck on Avid and Premiere. Five years ago, when I started, I auditioned every NLE with no preconceptions. The others were simply outclassed. At the time, there was a lot of pro stuff missing in FCPX. No more. But all those old pros are still stuck. Sometimes you just can't unlearn 'em.

  • @4CardsMan +1 It's really difficult to convince people of the power of FCPX. Most editors are impatient and want to be fast immediately. FCPX really needs some time to understand. Once I understood the concepts behind the toolset, I really liked it. Now it's hard when I go back to Avid & Premiere because they feel old and clunky in their workflow. FCPX is fast and allows great effects customising through using Motion as an effect plugin creator. BTW I came from large online edit suites with dedicated DVE effects hardware and FCPX is the best editor the effects area if you ignore Autodesk Smoke.

  • Can you guys explain how FCPX is quicker? Most people think "how can FCPX be quicker, when all NLEs basically are the same as they all are putting video and audio clips in a timeline, moving them around, etc." In what ways is the editing, media management, rendering,and export quicker? Thanks.