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Official Final Cut X topic, moving to ARM and vlogging
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  • My feeling is to temper high expectations. Expect one major new feature, a couple of minor features, and lots of bug fixes.

  • Well that would be pretty awesome since it's already so fucking good.

  • When conforming a 50p video in Final cut pro X (10.0.8) to 23,976 in a 23,976 sequence for nice slow motion, FCPX doubles a frame every second!

  • Really? What camera and what shutter speed did you shoot at?

  • I came across a post from Alex4D suggesting imovie2013 & FCPX10.1 share the same software/code which gives some insight in what we can expect in the new release:

  • @kellar42 I use a gH3 50p framerate at 1/100. It seems that final cut re renders the imported clip (even before conforming the clip to 23,976 ) and then makes mistakes. I am not sure, but I think it does not matter if the sequence is set at 50p or 23,976. Really strange

  • @Gerondo, if you want slow-mo, drop that 50p footage on a 23.976 timeline and then go over to the timing controls on the left and hit the 'conform speed' button from the dropdown will go to 50% speed and give you buttery smooth footage when least in my experience.

    Apologies if that is what you are sounds kind of like you saying you are conforming simply by dropping it in the timeline.

  • @kellar42 Thanks for your answer. Well, what you suggest is indeed exactly what I am doing. Well when you conform the speed slows down at 48%. Which is correct when you conform 50 fps to 23,976 fps. By closer inspection I noticed - when looking at the video frame by frame- FCPX doubles a frame every second randomly. It was obvious because I made a pan with high res motorized equipment, so every frame differs exactly the same amount of distance from the one before. Checking the video in original framerate (50fps) shows perfect movement every frame a different frame > no dropped frames/doubled frames. So for me I cannot use Final Cut Pro X for slow motion. It looks like a bug.

  • CG Pro LUTs can now be imported into FCP X, and used in layers via a 3rd party utility. Unfortunately it's not free, but it is on sale for $18 until tomorrow with this promo code. -- biggestsale2013

  • Final Cut Pro 10.1 appeared in the AppStore. As a free update!

    Motion 5.1 as well

  • Supports native .mts files now, great news!

  • Exciting update. Been using Prem Pro CC more and more but the 'Libraries' feature in FCPX.1 is luring me back.

  • Copied from

    Hey, I work professionally and predominantly on FCPX so I'll try and talk through what I think some these updates mean. I haven't downloaded it yet so I can give more info after that.

    Anyone thinking of updating - please back-up to Time Machine or whatever beforehand. Updating Events with new versions of FCPX is getting better and better each time but its not worth the bother if you can avoid it. Backup - update - test an old event that you're working on - keep on going OR reload. PLEASE BACKUP.

    For those who are unfamiliar with terminology:

    FCPX Event = FCP7 or Premier or Avid - Project (bins etc where you keep everything)

    FCPX Project = FCP7 or Premier or Avid - Sequence

    Compound Clip - say you've made an edit in a project (sequence), you can highlight it all and make it into a single consolidated clip with all your edits nested inside. This compound clip is saved into the Event (confusing until you have a go a few times). Say this is a scene from a film and you add it into a longer edit, or you add it to multiple. Any changes you make to the consolidated clip in one sequence will be reflected in ALL the other ones its added to aswell. Can be handy, can be unhelpful. You can also unnest the clips when its in a sequence.... Damnit, go read a tutorial dudes! Its a long thing.

    Things which look really really great in this update -

    LIBRARY is good Before this if you wanted to use FCPX in a serious way you had to download Event Manager X. Otherwise every time you opened the program every Event you'd ever worked on, opened. This would be like opening FCP7 and having every single project you'd ever done open. Really laggy, useless and annoying. Its weird that it took this long to get in there but great that its happened. Means you can do everything within FCPX, useful. Also might make searching for metadata easier.... maybe. We'll find out.

    Be interested to see how sharing projects works with this, will take some trial and error to see. Was a big gripe with a lot of editors, any one had a go at this yet?

    Also - FCPX stores your Events (Projects) and Projects (Sequences) in separate root folders on your drive (I don't know why). It would be great if this library system makes moving them around together a bit easier than just manually moving things.

    NATIVE SUPPORT FOR MTS AND M2T FILES! YES! This has been the bane of my working life on so many occasions. I've had to learn Premier solely because of this problem. Nice.

    USED MEDIA INDICATORS - YES. These features are only being mentioned at the bottom of the page but they're so essential.

    CUSTOM RESOLUTIONS!!!!!!!! Seriously for those of you who aren't FCPX users this will shock you. You couldn't tell FCPX to make a new Project (Sequence) with a weird aspect ratio. There were workarounds but it was fiddly. now you can open a project and say 234x380 if you like and it should happen. Will need to be verified but the page says custom resolutions are there. Great.

    OTHER IMPROVEMENTS Generally its this section right at the bottom that shows the most promise, really excited to see what else is in there and also - Kudos to the FCPX developers for listening to feedback from us. Many thanks to them for that.

    VIDEO MONITORING - FINALLY. Again, simple and necessary feature. Will be interested to see how much control you get over the window layout with this.

    PROJECT SNAPSHOTS - sounds like a way of saving a project (sequence) so you can carry on working and reload later. A bit like you might have done with an autosave on FCP7. Very handy feature. Beats pressing undo undo undo undo, not quite as easy as letting the computer do an autosave.

    EXPORT 3RD PARTY - I'm a big fan of FCPX direct export features - exporting your timeline directly to YouTube, Vimeo etc. Looks like they're letting 3rd party's add themselves to your export list. Could be a good move forward, the more integrated options, the better. I would really love it if there's something for exporting for audio editing - its my major FCPX gripe.

    4K FEATURES - meh, I've done some 4k work in the previous version, further support is nice but nothing major. I reckon this is marketing - a lot of indie directors ask for 4k these days cause they hear its good, even though I personally don't think its at all necessary most of the time (online videos... who watches that in 4k). It'll be easier for editors to recommend FCPX now, cool, but its not a major thing though in my mind.

    As I said, haven't had a chance to test in a probably won't until after Christmas now. What I'd still like to see: Easy export to Logic / ProTools for audio mixes.

    Generally Audio. Tracks are still a really useful option there mostly for my audio editors on live music projects. OMF exports, handy.

    Colour coding footage in project.

    I've had loads of problems with Compressor 4. Not a huge fan. Crashes etc. Would be great if they updated that as regularly as they did FCPX.

    No way of doing this but I wish I wish I wish it worked better with Adobe After Effects. Motion is fine but its not up there. This is pure pipe dream.

  • And here's a description of features from a blogger. Looking good, especially media management.

  • The best/most authoritative article I've found so far is by Philip Hodgetts. Apple gave him access to FXPX 10.1 and he's been using it for several months:

    His twitter feed:

  • Oh dear oh dear, whoa is me ... 10.1 keeps crashing and will not 'Update Projects and Events' Done the whole uninstall thing, cleared out all sorts and still it won't play ball.... arrrrgh...

  • Bummer for you. I just updated today. I already had a back-up boot drive and data drive, just in case. Never needed them. The process went well, even with the "unfinished projects" that the bloggers cautioned against updating. Having the back-up I just used FCPX to do the updating. I did not follow all the procedures found elsewhere (PCP.Co, FCP X Apple, etc).

    Of course, the usual stupid questions... do you have a back up of your events & projects? I assume 10.1 installed correctly and only crashed when you updated the Library structure (projects)? Have you moved media around? Have you tried a manual update, using "locate'? Would that work, I wonder?

    Sorry I have no eureka moments to share. Hope you get it sorted...

  • LAFCPUG: Before You Update to Final Cut Pro X 10.1

  • @JanH and @jleo I used the update of Event Manager X to move out just about everything other than my current projects. The most recent stuff 'Updates Projects and Events' OK. The older stuff is from the 10.0.8 and 10.0.9 days and some could be much older.

    I had to build/trash quite a few libraries to get it up and running. I'm hoping that there's an update shortly. I moved the 345MB library aside in the hopes of recovering it later!

  • Complex software now is very similar to terminally ill people.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Oooh ... great quote. And too true!


  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev "Complex software now is very similar to terminally ill people." According to that logic, Avid should be dead and buried by now! ;-)

  • Oooh ... great quote. And too true!

    Not a quote. Just my thoughts :-)

    According to that logic, Avid should be dead and buried by now! ;-)

    I am sure if you'll look inside source code is full of bugs and living worms already.

  • FCPX 10.1 has a new XML format that is not supported by Resolve 10. I'm getting tired of things being changed in software that take away functionality. I think all current editing software programs are pretty lame. I never thought I would have to go back to Avid MC and put up with it's outdated and clunky interface, but all the companies I work for are dumping Apple and going back to Avid. I wish Apple had realised that editing is not a stand-alone process but involves a lot of interactivity with others. I need OMF export to Pro Tools, XML to Resolve and round trip to Motion or After Effects. Without these FCPX is not an option in a collaborative workflow.