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It's official: The US is the world's leading terrorist state, and proud of it
  • "It's official: The U.S. is the world's leading terrorist state, and proud of it."

    That should have been the headline for the lead story in The New York Times on Oct. 15, which was more politely titled "CIA Study of Covert Aid Fueled Skepticism About Helping Syrian Rebels."

    The first paragraph of the Times article cites three major examples of "covert aid": Angola, Nicaragua and Cuba. In fact, each case was a major terrorist operation conducted by the U.S.

    American terrorist attacks against Cuba continued for more than 30 years. The cost to Cubans was of course harsh. The accounts of the victims, hardly ever heard in the U.S., were reported in detail for the first time in a study by Canadian scholar Keith Bolender, "Voices From the Other Side: an Oral History of Terrorism Against Cuba," in 2010.

    Jihadism's most fearsome current manifestation is the Islamic State, or ISIS, which has established its murderous caliphate in large areas of Iraq and Syria.

    "I think the United States is one of the key creators of this organization," reports former CIA analyst Graham Fuller, a prominent commentator on the region. "The United States did not plan the formation of ISIS," he adds, "but its destructive interventions in the Middle East and the War in Iraq were the basic causes of the birth of ISIS."

    To this we may add the world's greatest terrorist campaign: Obama's global project of assassination of "terrorists." The "resentment-generating impact" of those drone and special-forces strikes should be too well known to require further comment.

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  • Its amazing what power, small mindedness (of politicians and media), and relative isolation from other countries has done to the USA. I wonder how different things would be if our geographical layout was more like Europe.

  • Noam Chomsky? L O Fucking L .

  • Of course we created Isis. Without Al Queda in Iraq there is no ISIS. Without USA invasion of Iraq there is no Al Queda in Iraq.

  • @thorn

    Really? Would you care to cite factual inaccuracies in Chomsky's understanding of U.S. foreign policy which invalidate his arguments? Or is it simply that his views are so far removed from accepted opinion in the U.S. that he comes off sounding ludicrous?

    I trust you're not going to cite Chomsky's opposition to French laws which make defending Nazis a crime, as evidence that he's a Holocaust-denier and a terrible person. As he himself has repeatedly pointed out, "free speech" isn't just for popular views, if it's to mean anything at all.

  • US is also the worst violator of human rights, examples including genocide of the natives aka the Indians; enslavement of Africans, shipping them across the continents as perishable goods and treating them as subhuman; the use of weapons of mass destruction aka the nukes against the Japanese civilians. At any given moment it is engaged in a war somewhere in the world killing hundreds of thousands of people including women and children.

  • I'm one of those people who thinks it's impossible for a state to be terrorist. Terrorism is a tactic used by non state entities. The problem with sloppy usage we all just start reacting reflexively, like the famed "Kiselevian" mice and no meaningful discussion or analysis occurs.

  • @brianl

    !! que ?? ..the problem isn't sloppy usage, is ignorance of history !

  • Kurth, I don't watch 2.5 hour videos unless there's a paycheck at the end. I can email you my paypal.

  • ..then don't be admittedly uninformed...and then make ludicrous statements. States...all states down thru history...every last one of them...including the and has been a terrorist entity !

  • @kurth

    May be this will be better beginning : "It all began with dinosaurs forming terrorist state..."

  • My education far predates wikipedia, michael moore, and I've had several excellent history teachers in life - one in particular almost inspired me to be a history major. I'm in no way uninformed.

  • @thorn Curious to know what Chomsky statements/ideas you consider false. (No disrespect intended - I'm actually interested to hear your perspective.). Thanks.

  • Kurth, lots of analysts and scholars agree that states by definition cannot be terrorist. You need to read more and perhaps lay off the bad french video marathons. Not an efficient way to learn sadly.

  • At the risk of just being attacked (not by you @Matt_gh2 , I genuinely accept your comment as non-aggressive)...

    Let me put it this way, just to generalize: I've been aware of Chomsky's base ideals, and opinions for years upon years. I was first made aware of his writings by a friend that I used to do tradeshows with. My friend was/is truly a dyed-in-the-wool, full blown leftist who would love to attend every meeting of the G8 and carry a puppet. My political complete opposite. However, we were very good friends and had very long, fruitful discussions on where we differed. To the rest of the world, my friend Carey is an idiot socialist, and I am a crazy gun nut capitalist. We were a great pair to invite to dinner, though... the Chomsky Acolyte, and his friend the Ayn Rand Disciple. ;) So there's a small bit of background.

    So having said that, here's my basic opinion on Chomsky: I don't bother debating anything the man writes, as I believe he begins from the baseline of "America/Capitalism/Whatever Else is completely evil. I will now employ my pseudo-degrees in linguistics and amaze you with sentences that sound true, but are in fact completely pulled out of context are framed in a way to make my argument irrefutable to those that haven't the time nor inclination to look at actual facts." Chomsky would argue the sun was green, if he thought it would prove a point on America's intended destruction of the world.

    Chomsky is an intellectual bully; in the same way that the Kim family has beaten their chests and talked of their Divine Right of Whatever; it's like listening to a very ignorant bigot give a well-worded speech on why blacks/jews/homosexuals should be eradicated. The excellent prose and the academic standing is a prop, hiding an delusional, irrational agenda. Of course, many people confuse the 2 and think he's an outstanding addition to policy debate.

    I will no more debate the words of Chomsky on foreign policy and economics, than I would debate Louis Farrakhan on matters of race nor Fred Phelps on religious tolerance. Is everything the man has ever said false? No, but even a blind squirrel will find a nut once in awhile.

  • @thorn

    I will no more debate the words of Chomsky on foreign policy and economics, than I would debate Louis Farrakhan on matters of race nor Fred Phelps on religious tolerance.

    Exactly; you believe Chomsky is axiomatically wrong -- if you've actually read him, which isn't clear from your response -- but have no factual basis for your claims, and disdain to even look for one. That answers the question.

  • @jrd

    Then let me be more clear: yes, I've actually read quite a bit of his writing over many years - which is how my opinion was formed.

    One may choose to argue religion with an atheist, but usually both are wasting their time. That doesn't mean both are not intimately familiar with the beliefs of the other.

  • @thorn

    It's one thing to decline to argue, for whatever reason; however, you openly ridiculed those who don't see the matter as you do ("L O Fucking L"), as if only an idiot would take Chomsky seriously, and when asked to substantiate your view that the man doesn't know what he's talking about, answered that you won't condescend to offer any proof because, in your view, none is needed.

    That's one way to argue, but I think you can see that it won't go over very well in public or inspire much admiration....

  • Some highlights of Chomps.

  • Issue here, as I told many times, is that people have models and other things in their heads. Mind is made such a way that it requires good time and big energy consumption to change things. And it does not want to.

    It is fully ok. Actually someone can change his view only by himself after some reading, talking, thinking and good time passing.

  • I have little motivation to debate any more of Chomsky's (or Kurth's) points on terrorism.

  • @thorn

    Keep any discussion on moderation or such to PMs.

    I have little motivation to debate any more of Chomsky's (or Kurth's) points on terrorism.

    Well, I did not see actual discussion yet. You told that article points do not deserve to be discussed due to author.

  • The USA has a long history of using terror and false terror. It was recently proven the uss maine exploded from the inside out. And the gulf of tonkin incident is proven as well. Operation Phoenix in vietnam assassinated 25,000 mostly civilians. Like Gladio in europe, Operation Northwoods was planning attacks on US soil. Iran/Contra not only used terrorism in central america but funded it by illegally smuggling drugs into the USA to sell to it's own citizens. And this is only about 1/1000th of the terror acts committed by the Land of the Free. I'd define a terror act as a drone striking a funeral , killing 40 some-odd people , many women and children , then when rescue workers arrive , strike them with another drone. This is proven fact.

    Americanism is a cult and like any cult, it's based on myth and ignorance.

  • A state may not be 'terrorist' by definition, but it can certainly be 'fascist'. The real point is that we should observe real events and not be distracted by linguistic gymnastics. Bad behaviour is what it is despite the language used to describe it. The USA has a history of interfering in other countries who do not support the prevailing USA world view. Call it what you like.

  • caveport, It's just when leaders throw around the word "Terrorism" and misapply it haphazardly any place they want, these reflexes are what green light Iraq invasions and other such misadventures. The word "communism" used to be the same, most americans didn't even know what it meant but if they heard it, they'd be ready to support an invasion or missile strike.

  • I didn't come close to talking about mythology. Every event I listed is historical fact. Of course @brianl , if you can't be bothered to learn about operation gladio, even from a source like bbc, then I can't expect you to read wikipedia either .....

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