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Sony A7s, FHD camera, with 12Mp sensor, big DR
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  • it was my daily business for some time and you can believe me it's 90% photoshop. You can see the make up clearly at the eyelids but not at the cheeks. Bright white eyes = 100% photoshop. And they forgot to retouch the hands.. ha ha ha

  • Hey guys. I don't have this camera, but can see a use for it in ultra low light on a feature film. All that aside, I was curious to know if you could access all the ISOs ~200-409,600 in any colour profile, or if the 3200+ ISOs were limited to SLOG2, seeing as any tests I've seen only used SLOG2, and I personally don't like flat profiles at all. Thanks :)

  • Hi @Adinan, you can access all ISO's in any picture profile, with the exception of SLOG2, which cannot go below 3200, but there are no high ISO restrictions on any PP.

  • Also Bt.709 gamma only goes down to ISO 200.

  • Awesome :D Also forgot to ask: APS-C lenses ought to cover the APS-C mode of the A7s, though I wonder if the focal length remains without the crop factor, given that this is full frame camera. Meaning the 11-16mm Tokina would be a 11-16mm full frame equivalent when used in APS-C mode, since the mode only crops the vignetting. Or am I wrong?

  • You are wrong... Better go read about crop factors and what cropping does to the angle of view. It's not a good flame topic to have here. In APS-C mode the effective sensor area is the same as any APS-C camera's. APS-C lenses do cover the a7S's APS-C crop mode.

  • Without makeup, I would look like an old potato; with makeup, I look like a Yukon gold.

  • What ND's are you guys using for SLOG2 I am interested in getting an A7S someday and want to know what the best ND's ARE and how many stops as well?

  • Please, one question: in your opinion, would be possible to use micro 4/3 lens (with adapter) on this camera, in aps-c mode, without vignetting (precisely 25mm Leica and slr magic 12mm)?

    Thank you a lot

  • Micro Four Thirds lenses will fully cover the a7S active sensor area for 1080p video when APS-C mode is used along with a 1.3x zoom setting.

    But you can only adapt all-manual Micro Four Thirds lenses to E-mount. There is no Micro Four Thirds to E-mount adapter for electronic lenses.

  • We did some hiking in Lapland a couple of weeks ago and this is what we saw. Shot entirely with Sony A7s and small tripod/+monopod. 90% with FE 35mm f2.8 and few shots with Contax Zeiss 28mm. Edit in Premiere CC, colors in Davinci Resolve 10. Slog-2 with "Kholi's PicPro"-settings. Any ideas how I could improve?


    Looks like there's a problem with slog over HDMI with this camera. Check out the link from the atomos forum - apologies if someone has posted this already..

  • @vstardust Lovely footage! Goes to show that you only need a 35mm :-) The grading looks great!

  • @osciallian Thanks! I have been learning grading a lot lately, but I'm not sure how I could improve. It still isn't very professional looking and I'm not sure how to reach next level. FE 35mm f2.8 is a great lens, but there seems to be some kind of software problem with A7s body and the lens. If autofocus doensn't nail the focus it starts to wiggle and saw around the focus point at very high speed and it continues even if the camera is set to manual focus. Strange. I have been in contact with Sony with no luck. Anyone else has the same problem?

  • We need a fix for the highlight problems in blue channel. Had footage ruined because of this........

  • @filmingart are you talking about when the blue turns to purpleish color when you are over exposed?

  • @last_SHIFT thanks for the info!

  • Review at Complete and well done as usual.

  • this is why a7s is not a pr0 stills camera... i went out shooting in FF with silent shutter and cont. shooting mode. m42 lenses.

    this is the garbage i got back. FFS! 0.o

    640 x 360 - 111K
    640 x 360 - 86K
    640 x 360 - 74K
    640 x 360 - 103K
    640 x 360 - 51K
    640 x 360 - 72K
    640 x 360 - 41K
    640 x 360 - 37K
    640 x 360 - 41K
    640 x 360 - 36K
    640 x 360 - 38K
    640 x 360 - 43K
  • @jurand

    Something tells me that you do not understand that silent shutter means :-) And how to use and not use it.

    But some pictures still look weird.