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  • BN setg...on 720p stopped within seconds, with a card error message....needed a battery pull/

  • Try BN setf, it is a little lower datarate in 720p than setg. if it stop, the way will be to avoid the superfast versions and use the 09 september versions only. because the difference from the 09/sept. seta to this superfast setf is small, so tweak it does not make much sense.

  • remember that the 720p pal is higher datarate than 720p ntsc, so maybe in ntsc it can work.

    these BN super fast versions below is same datarate in all slots, setj is 100, seth is 104, seti is 112. if they does not work, so the way will be to avoid the super fast versions and keep using the 09 september versions, because the 09/09 versions already have 96Mbps and are reliable, so less than 100 will not improve significantly.

  • these versions are completely unstable, I abandoned them:
  • for PAL and NTSC shooters who want to use boson and workhorse: compare previous boson and workhorse versions to perceive stability (versions 09 september and before), there are different gop tables in the versions and some are more stable than others.

  • I uploaded new versions in the workhorse topic, it will be better to keep all discussion in one topic:

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