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  • @TrackZillas this version is experimental and extreme. I finished new better versions, see below.

  • these versions are completely unstable, I abandoned them:
  • 24 and HBR Pal tested. Autofocus, Stabilizer, AutoExp on. Landscape. Cloudy day: Datarate 104 - Wkh Flm 3 tries, 1 freeze with data loss; Bos Nb 2 tries, 2 times freezing with data loss Datarate 112 - Wkh Flm 3 tries, no problems except a little jump while spanning in 24h Datarate 120 - Gsp Nb and Fl; Wkh Flm. 12 tries with no freezing. The best look, fine noise, and by far the best Hbr pal.

    Tested with Lexar 600x. Wkh Flm datarate120 was also succesfully tested with a Lexar 400x. I will try later with sunny weather.

  • Gsp (are you sure about this name?) Fm 112. Very good 24H; FSH ok; I tried SH but it stopped freezing with data loss (sigh).

  • Gsp Nb 104. Very fine 24H and Hbr. SH stopped freezing. The last two settings shot with a Lexar 400x.

  • @frullaccia

    maybe the name must be changed to "gspot720p60", see:

    the gspot nebula was tweaked carefuly, the perfect balance happens in versions setg in 96Mbps using ntsc 720p. gspot nebula makes perfect sense in the setg 96mbps for improve 720p60 ntsc. also in seth 104 and seti 112 and setj 120 it can be great for 720p60 ntsc.

    the gspot behavior just makes sense for 720p60 ntsc, all other recording modes are the same from boson.

    the gspot versions does not make sense for Pal it just make sense for 720p ntsc. it does not change settings in hbr ntsc, hbr pal, 24p and 720p50, it is a tweaking for improve 720p60 ntsc only.

    setg 96Mbps is the highest datarate stable in my tests.

    104, 112 needs tests with fast cards, but i just have the 45Mbps card, your reports shows that 104 and 112 are in the need of tweaking. it is difficult for me to improve this versions because I do not have a fast card.

    120Mbps versions are completely unstable in my tests, but tests was with 45mbps card which is slow for this version. surprise for me that it workd in your tests, useful reports, so i can use similar settings in the 104 and 112 to improve them.

    versions from 48 to 88 mbps are for low speed cards, so just use if needed.

    for cards 45Mbps and above setg 96mbps is recomended in all versions

    your reports shows that the high frame size limit and high buffer size in 120 version can work good, maybe an increase in buffer in 104 and 112 versions will make them more stable. i will take another look into this.

  • Wkh Fl 120, 90Mb card, FSH and H: it freezes.

  • @frullaccia please test the gspot nebula setg 96Mbps in all recording modes. it is a base for me to understand the settings.

  • Yes, I know that gspot has the same version of boson, except for 720 ntsc. I just wanna be sure about what I'm seeing in camera, repeating the test. In any case the 720p50 freezes with my cards (60 and 90; I also could test it with a Sony so called 95Mb card, but I know from my experience that Lexar 90 is better than Sony 95). I can try now the 720p60. For sure, a datarate of 120 doesn't affect at all my cards. At least in a cloudy day. Let's wait for a killer sun.

  • ok, I'm gonna try gspot nebula 96 pal and ntsc

  • I perceived that when changing the camera from pal to ntsc and vice-versa, there is the need of formating the card after the switch, to improve stability.

  • Gspot Nebula 96 - Pal test. Now it is sunny. 90Mb card. 24 and HBR are good. FSH and H don't work on my camera, although I'm using manual focus and AE locked. If I keep on the stabilizer the AFSingle and the AutoExposure the camera stops.

  • Everything is fine with NTSC, included FSH and H. AFS, OIS, AE on; I and IR off.

  • @frullaccia I decided to abandon these versions. they are completely unstable, and I consider them a fail... sometimes it is better to recognize that an attempt failed. best thing to do is to use previous versions.

  • for PAL and NTSC shooters who want to use boson and workhorse: compare previous boson and workhorse versions to perceive stability(versions 09 september and before), there are different gop tables in the versions and some are more stable than others.

  • Well, Apefos, the 120 datarate setting is the best ever, in my opinion. I wouldn't consider it a failure. Not exactly!

  • @frullaccia I am checking the gop tables since the beginning of all development, it seems there is something wrong in the 720p gop tables in the 11 september versions. my memory card just allow me to test versions up to 96Mbps, all that I can do in 104, 112 and 120 are math guess... I can test the best gop tables in the 96Mbps and repeat them in the 104, 112 and 120, but the frame buffer will be math guess...

  • @apefos @frullaccia Tested lastest patch yesterday on my shoot stop everytime and froze sometimes. I myself really like the image quality the i-frames are high the highest I've seen. A little more tweaking this patch will be the best there is.. I'm ready to keep testing until we get it right @apefos failure is a good thing we learn from it but we not quitting on this patch..

  • @apefos @TrackZillas I tried to push the bitrate limit of Workh Flow. My card worked at 128 with some problem, and it made only a little beautiful clip at 144 (obviously I also changed every high top setting). But a very high quality is also provided at 112, 104.

  • @apefos @frullaccia Here are some samples from my video shoot yesterday Love this patch guys :) No color correction done just WB's. Image edges are round and smooth very filmic & organic.

    1280 x 720 - 1M
    1280 x 720 - 1M
    1280 x 720 - 2M
    1280 x 720 - 2M
  • @apefos @frullaccia Right, I tested this patch with cloudy and sunny weather, and now at dawn. I found the noise absolutely exceptional for this camera.

  • @TrackZillas @Frullaccia

    excellent images!!! which patch did you use?

    when raise datarate, the frame limit and frame buffer must be tweaked accordingly, not just the top settings, if not camera will freeze.

    It seems I found some settings which works. I got one minute recording in all modes PAL and all modes NTSC in the 96Mbps boson flowmotion and in the 96Mbps gspot nebula.

    I will do similar tweaking in all other patches and upload new versions today.

    keep the tests, without your fast card tests I cannot finish it.

  • @apefos Appreciate it.. I used the September 10th WorkHorse Nebula 120mbs Patch. I Love it even if it crashes mind you I only tested it with my 80mbs card will test with 95mbs card later today. I think I'll get even better results using that card and it will be more reliable. 30sec - 60sec of recording time is all I really need from this Patch and I'm all set :)

  • Forgot to mention that it was shot in PAL. One last observation is the first couple seconds are very low quality than it ramps-up in quality.