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Driftwood Cluster X Series 4:│Moon T8│Spizz T7
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  • Sorry to ask the same question again.

    Would you be able to assist @driftwood.

    Is there a way to 'mix' the settings into one hack/setting? What I'm thinking is Moon T8 for 24p and Spizz T7 for HBR/FSH....and something for 720p50/60 (your shout on the 720!!)

  • *** NEW *** Driftwood Cluster X Series: NEBULA T8 (6 GOP all round).

    features the Intravenus v4 Matrix

    1080p24 = 90Mbps avg to 132Mbps Death Charts

    1080i50/60 / HBR25p/30p = 62+Mbps avg to 70Mbps Death Charts

    720p50/60 70Mbps avg to 78Mbps Death Charts

    Including: Thee BEST HBR and 720p modes around. Try it against others. Look at the size of the i frames.

    Nebula T8 features a very fine frequency matrix - namely 'Intravenus v4' on 1080p24 and HBR modes. 720p modes are slightly adapted but not that much away from the afor.

    What you get is the best looking HBR setting Ive seen and one that seriously rivals the brilliant 24p recording mode inside Nebula. Could well be that this new Nebula 6 GOPsetting Ive designed is the best IQ around - it certainly looks that way when measured inside Elecard Streameye Studio, buffers, timers, matrices, Quantization, PSNR and HVS. But YOU decide!

    Cluster X Nebula T8 - Best HBR
  • @JayUKB No. Its impossible to mix All Intra moon settings with a longer GOP like Spizz as Encoder Settings 1 = 1 (All I or Intra) sets the encoder for 25p/FSH1080i too. In ptools, with Spizz notice Encoder 1080 Setting 1 = 3 (for IPB). If you set GOP to 1 and then Encoder Setting 1 1080 = 3 you'll get erratic playback of frame order within recordings so its a no go)

    Mixing the two would give All-i moon style for 24p and 25pHBR/1080i50 but a 3 GOP 1080i60/HBR30p whilst the encoder setting = 1 forces it to ipp (not ibb). Try it you'll see.

    Its much easier to mix 3 GOP or greater settings (e.g. mix Spizz with Nebula) but you still have to check buffers and allocated bitrate accordingly. This takes time and trial. I have released some GOP mixups (like ClassiX recently) and may well do Spizz/Nebula mashup (3 GOP PAL/6 GOP NTSC) shortly.

  • Thanks Nick, charging the battery as well as loading You guys are as close to Panasonic as one can get, can you please ask if multi aspect is goining to come back? How you guys live w/o fast 12mm being fast 12mm? Thank you. Off to PP!

  • @driftwood

    Ok Nick, I thought I was done with testing any other patches, but your pitch for Nebula T8 is irresistible ;-) Specifically, Thee BEST HBR modes around ;-) Thank you sir for this patch I will test it this weekend when I have some time. I am surprised that you where able to get the HBR 30p mode stable at those bit rates (62-70 mbps), I will test it extensively and report back.

  • Right, nebula t8 is now the best hbr set.

  • DRIFTWOOD 'moon T8' Nice Patch @driftwood. but, A humble request to the creator. Most clips failed to play in camera. this is really a worst thing. please sir do something to resolve it. i hope MOON T9 will have all the improvements with a in camera playback working :)

  • @driftwood

    Nebula T-8 very unstable card write error in both 24p and 30p modes. Took less then 1 minute on death chart. Panasonic lens, ISO 3200, shutter speed 50, smooth picture profile. Camera locked up on both occasions had to pull battery...

  • @Maya
    My take on moon T8 is that it is the best yet. Spans & plays back in camera. Not experienced this level of stability before. T5-7 all unpredictable & I began to suspect the camera. AVCHD 1280x720P 50P (PAL) SH Card 64Gb 95Mb/s Sandisk.. No luck with Nebula T8 though.

    @driftwood additional donation sent Thanks for your devotion to the GH2.

  • Nebula is okey with my camera by now...

  • I ran some basic tests with Moon T8. It spanned fine in the Sandisk Extreme 128 GB card, which is no surprise. T7 always did as well, even at higher bitrates.

    It is curious that T8 seems to use lower bitrates than T7. My impression with this first round of rudimentary testing is that T7 produced the overall superior image. I did notice some slight artifacting in T8 that I don't recall every seeing from T7, no matter how complex the scene I threw at it.

    While I did test FSH and SH to see if they spanned, all the image quality tests were done at 24H, as that is the mode I use almost exclusively. As 30p is a non-standard, I never use and didn't check HBR mode so I'm thinking if the only improvements in T8 are for HBR mode, I may stick with T7.

  • I ran a second round of tests, shooting the same scenes first with T8 and then with T7. It was largely quite difficult to tell them apart. Doing some pixel-peeping at 400% magnification, I thought I noticed less 'noise' from T8 in some shadowy areas of one scene, with the T7 shot seeming more...'ugly', I guess. But, looking at those same clips on a 50" calibrated plasma, as they would normally be seen, I'm not sure I could tell them apart in a blind comparison.

    On two other scenes I did notice a somewhat 'smoother' look to the T8 clips compared to the T7, as others have mentioned, but that 'smoothness' actually looked like 'less detail' to my eye. (This might also account for the 'lower noise' of the other T8 scene.) Flipping back and forth between the shots in my NLE, the T7 clip just looked more detailed by comparison. This one I DID notice on the plasma under normal viewing conditions, with the edge going to the T7 version of those shots.

  • @Jim_Simon Would you mind posting your Moon T7/T8 comparison footage?

  • Last day of production and I decided to use the Moon 8 hack for the feature film!

    1920 x 1080 - 1005K
  • Please How can I set my camera to 25p hwen i have patch??? thank you

  • HBR mode offers 25p for PAL and 30P for NTSC.

  • in editing software show me upper field... not progressive???

  • when i shoot in hbr it´s automatic 25p??? thx

  • @Gardner nice still! :)

  • @AlbertZ Yea the actor's clothes were ruined that day! :)

  • can u help me???

  • @martinnzII Then hack does not effect the way the camera is set up. The mode you are looking for is set from the camera setup menu. If you need 25P make sure you set the camera to PAL. If you unchecked any ticked boxes under 'movie related restriction' whilst preparing the 'bin' file then menu options may not be available. Reading the manual 25P seems to appear under 'variable movie mode' and audio is not recorded. It's not a mode I have used.

  • I'm seeing that HBR files are interlaced for NTSC as well. Perhaps I was wrong.

    I shoot 99.9% in 24H, and have NEVER used HBR for a paying gig.

  • @gardner nice frame, looks great. That will colour just lovely.