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Driftwood Cluster X Series 4:│Moon T8│Spizz T7
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  • @gittzy You have a problem with your card. My 45GB card does 38mbs and my 64gb/95 does about 70mbs.

    I have a 15" Retina MacBook Pro and use the built in SD reader along with Blackmagic software to benchmark the cards.

  • I can't be sure the 95mb/s card is not defective until it can be properly benched. However I can say the MicroSD 64GB 45mb/s card proves quite stable on ClassiX and Moon T8. It only stopped once in FSH ClassiX at 34min, and playback worked in camera on all but the one failed FSH file.
    Does anyone else have one of these little Micro SD cards to see if they have playback too? Other than that, there was one instance of Exceeding File Limit reached at 24H after 8minutes not shown in the chart after I stopped recording to change batteries and could not resume afterwards.

    Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 12.54.08 AM.png
    744 x 620 - 155K
    3677 x 3029 - 357K
    2931 x 2658 - 233K
  • Thank you @AZO for helping me catch this right away. I'm returning it right away. In the mean time, I'm glad this silly little underdog actually works stably so I can use these beautiful hacks while I'm waiting!!

  • Just an update - my FCPX importing issues seem to have been due to a faulty internal Rosewill USB 3.0 card reader, which was intermittently switching between USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 speeds. Switching to a Transcend external USB 3.0 card reader cleared up the problem and importing Moon T8 into FCPX works fine now.

  • Tried Spizz T7 @ 1280x720P PAL sandisk 64Gb 95mbs

    Records OK but no playback in camera. Retested after unchecking audio mods. This time in camera playback was possible. Looks like I need to re-visit other hacks that failed to playback in camera. Could simply be down to variations between cameras. ie some are a tad quicker than others.

    Edit: Scan failed. File written to card then cam simply shut off.

  • I just scored myself a brand new GH2 (from a guy that bought this jewel for his wifey and she didn't like it - used her phone instead) which I bet is very hard to find around and installed straight away Moon T8 on it, sweet as. Runs between 59 to 140mbps, Not bad, its such a card saver this patch. (on both my GH2 I got playback in cam without removing the sound patch. Sandisc Extreme Pro 32GB 95MB

  • @driftwoon Please take note that DREWnet T9, T8, and V6 do not work with Sandisk 45mbs cards, while Moon T8 and T9 & Nebula work fine, including spanning in 24L mode (a few people have noticed this behavior)! (DREWnet wont work in 24L, so currently using sanity).

    Really hope that the Next DREWNET would work, waiting to test it. Thanks alot!

  • I thought that any Sandisk Extreme Pro 95 MB/s card would work regardless of capacity. Everyone seems to have their 64gb card working with most patches. Is the issue not just write speed? My 16gb card is having issues with these patches, especially in 720p 60fps

  • I discovered that the gh2 ties the card capacity to the cluster size. I tried a 32gb 45mb/s sandisk card that I formatted on the pc to the same cluster size as a 64g card and the camera rejected the card ststing it was improperly formatted. It would be great if a firmware hsck could be done to overcome this limitation

  • Shot on hacked GH2 with Driftwood's ClassiX. Lenses: Panasonic 12-35mm, 25mm, Olympus 45mm, 75mm. Edited and graded with Final Cut Pro 7 and Colorista II. PASSWORD: hello

  • Moon T8 @ @ 1280x720P PAL Sandisk 64Gb 95MB/s Extreme card

    Initially T8 would write file to card but not playback in camera. Likewise spanning failed. Reformatted card & tried again. Recorded until battery fell to 1 bar. Stopped recording and then added a 2 Sec clip. This time both clips played in camera. A quick check in windows showed many spanned files.

    Also found T8 writes & plays back on 32 Gb Sandisk 45MB/s Extreme card.

    Will re visit Spizz T7 when time permits.

  • I report that Driftwood ClassiX is working perfect in my GF2 and Sandisk Extreme 32GB 45MB/s. FSH/SH mode and SH/H mode records finer noise in dark area compared to previous Drewnett T9 setting. iDynamic on will stop the camera occasionally at around 3 minutes recording time. Therefore, iDynamic should be off in order to gain reliability.

    Driftwood you are genius!

    A question from a newbie: which one in the ClassiX setting is the Intravenus V3 matrix code part?

  • Filmed this experimental short on a hacked GH2 with DRIFTWOOD 'moon T8.' Used a SanDisk 45mb/s 32GB card. The card had no issues. Transcoded, edited, and graded all in Final Cut Pro. @driftwood, nice work. The footage comes out very smooth with lots of room to play during grading.

  • @caurilia Thanks for posting. Some real nice compositions and T8 looks good. May I ask what lens and settings (smooth, dynamic etc.) you used?

  • @matt_gh2 Thanks. Yeah, I used a LEICA 25mm lens (this one: and I used the smooth setting with -2 -2 -2 0. The raw footage looked great, but had a overall flatter look to it. However, all the information is there when grading.

  • i guess, i still don't get it. the 1080 recording modes work with the 16gb card, but the 720 modes don't, even when the bitrates in the 1080 files are much higher...can anyone explain what might be happening here?

  • Hmm... @yashica I didn't test out the 720 mode. I'll have to check it out. Odd that 1080 would work and not 720. But that's how technology works lol. Never logical.

  • @caurilia yeah...only getting about 10 seconds of pan through trees in 720 SH, where as all the other modes keep on going. Weird when you consider the 1080 modes are giving me twice the bitrate in the files! i assume it has something to do with frame rate?

  • @caurilia All things being equal the pixel ratio between 720 & 1080 is factor 2. However 720 modes run at say 60P whilst 1080 modes are at 24P giving a factor 2.5. ie more processing power/transfer speed required to work at 60P. Straw & camel's back spring to mind.

  • Who is the best hack for chromakey green screen? T8 MOON or other? Thanks!

  • @callan thanks for your indirect reply to my inquiry!

  • @ green hunter Why not load some patches into your GH2 and do some tests? Then you can share your results here! ;-)

  • I would like to share a little moon t8 video i shot over the last few days

    there were 2 glitchy shots with horizontal banding (one is near the beggining) 2:24 and 0:11

  • I'm getting little problems with Moon T8 with recording (some issues with HBR playback...but I haven't tried the 'undoing' Pasadena audio)...but no spanning. Using the Sandisk 64gb Extreme Pro 280mb/s.