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Olympus hacks
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  • If this camera can be hacked it's a dream come true!

  • You know what guys I'm going to start a kickstarter project and gather funds for a hack. Because I want the bloody OMD hacked!

  • I hope but nothing serious seems to move here..

  • @joeyq

    You are doing things in reverse. As first something small must be done, at least.

  • I'm curious how someone would get started in researching how to create a hack for a camera. The OMD-EM5 is worthy of a hack to at least increase the bit rate. What would someone look for in the code? I'm not capable but am very curious how someone goes about it. Perhaps I can get some friends involved who have more technical know how if I can point them in the right direction.

  • Could someone please start the kickstarter campaign for this, or do something so that we could get the hack.

  • The funding is not the problem, but finding engineers with the right knowledge. Besides, the need to hack the Oly cameras is getting less and less relevant as Photokina 2014 is getting nearer. Olympus will announce a very capable camera there with higher bitrates, more frame rates and other improved video features.

  • Hacking cameras has one big issue - companies make new products each year or two. Frequently changing almost everything. Canon was good exception, but who knows that will happen.

  • @Vitaliy You are right, that is the problem; companies bringing new versions of their products on market at ever growing phase. What these companies should be doing instead, is to make products that last, and provide improvements on those (firmware updates etc.). It's absurd that if I'd like to get better video quality I should buy a new camera, even though my E-M5 could - as I've understood - be made a much more suitable for videography by modifying the firmware.

    And here's where I see you and other intelligent people can make the difference, fight back the whole ideology of constantly releasing new products, and show the companies that with some hacking, the current ones can be made into much better products, and you don't necessary need to buy new equipment all the time.

    I don't know how many units of OM-D E-M5 have been sold worldwide, but I am sure it's quite a big number, so a lot of people would be grateful to get the camera more suitable for videography. Or is it so, that Olympus firmware is more difficult (impossible?) to hack than e.g. Panasonic?

  • Otherwise, hacking of existing camera should initiate companies developing new cameras try harder for new camera. We all see great evolution from GH1-2 to GH4. Olympus instead that makes very minor changes and stuck at low bitrate 30p video, because their cameras never been hacked.

  • @act

    Olympus instead that makes very minor changes and stuck at low bitrate 30p video, because their cameras never been hacked.

    LOL. no. Video is just very small niche still.

  • I made a little Blog about a few existing and a few new hacking information:

  • @XThunder Very interesting. There is all about EM10, as I see.

  • @act Yes, it's about the E-M10. But the cameras are very much the same. If we hack one of the OM-Ds the others can be hacked as well.

  • Guys: it's a job, someone has to work on it. If something can really be done, of course. At photokina Olympus seems is gonna update em1 firmware for some more video options... So, we have to find just the right guy/s (Vitaliy or someone else, some serious guys of course), give them the right money, and maybe we'll have the olympus hack.

    I'm in with some euros, in case.

  • @Renovatio I'm working hard on it. I haven't done anything else in the last few days. I managed to flash a modified firmware to my EM10. Looks good so far. Updating my blog once a day!

    My blog:

  • @XThunder Great work! Finally someone with the brains and audacity to take on this challenge. Let's all donate to Jonathan's Paypal account. I've just transferred 15 euros. Will do more as the project progresses.

  • Just saved your blog. If you think we can get something from this, here to donate, as i promised!

  • @XThunder Adding more applause to your efforts. 24p and a bitrate bump on the OMDs will have an impact. Maybe Oly gives us this gift a month from now in Cologne, but it's far from a sure thing. I too will donate if this goal seems realistic.

  • @racer5 hard to tell. I'm still testing what is possible and what not. It's very time consuming and will take a while. But so far I heard a lot of people asking for Video options. Will have a look at this first.

    My blog:

  • I am also willing to donate if you are able to imporove the bitrate and bring more options to frame rates. Really glad someone is finally trying to do something!

  • I just make small donation - please find a way to up that video codec

    whats up with the cameras internal hardware, data writing speed etc?

  • In case anyone on this forum missed this: Olympus have released a new firmware for the EM-1 during Photokina in Cologne, but it totally lacks video improvements. Leaked pix suggest that a 4K and multiple framerate firmware exists, but Olympus apparently doesn't want us to have it.

    If anyone on this forum has the 4K firmware: please post it! Or donate to XThunder who's working on custom firmwares. We depend on him, because Vitaly has always refused to look at Olympus gear. For whatever silly reason.

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  • If anyone on this forum has the 4K firmware: please post it! Or donate to XThunder who's working on custom firmwares.

    Olympus did not have 4K firmware, and image is fake as I understand.

  • I asked an Olympus manager about this and there is no 4K planned for ther nearer future. I wanted an interview about the new video aspects of the olympus and he did not want to give me that interview, because there are no new video features worth talking about.