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Olympus hacks
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  • I have see this info: Possible hack: HDMI 4:4:2, focus peaking, 1080p 120p .

    Vitality you think this is possible or only is a dream?

    Many thanks

  • Thig guy seems to just read few posts made by people long time ago.

    After this state few "sensational" things.

  • Or it could be an strategy to get hits into the website, now that "rumors" are over. Anyway, as a em5 user, I would love this to be true :) Btw, about the OP of this thread, I found him (more like traced him) and asked him about his firmware hacking work. He said he had no time atm so we can probably rule him out as a source of this news. ;)

  • funny, now the rumors site is down :D too much attention?

  • Good news to E-M5 hack, bin files of firmware 1.5 disposables to modify:

  • To get the hackers going, here are the downloads you need:

    1. Olympus OM-D EM-5, Firmware version 1.5:

    2. Olympus Firmware Tools (attached to this post)

    3. The MN103 IDA module is at:

    4. IDA 4.9 Freeware version is at (don't use 5.0, it won't work):

    5. MN103 instruction set is at:

    Here's how to start hacking in 10 easy steps:

    1. Decrypt and unpack the FW by typing "oly_fw_manip.exe --unpack --in OLY_E_097_1500_0000_0000.BIN --out OLY_E_097_1502_0000_0000.xml".

    2. Optionally you may extract some resources (jpgs, wavs, etc.) from the FW by typing "oly_fw_manip.exe --extract-resources --in OLY_E_097_1502_0000_0000.xml --out ./OLY_E_097_1502_0000_0000.resources".

    3. Unzip and place mn103.w32 in the 'proc' subfolder of the IDA program folder.

    4. Unzip and place mn103.cfg in the 'cfg' subfolder of the IDA program folder.

    5. Open IDA, press 'New', then 'Cancel' the next dialog. Drag and drop "00.main-code-01.bin" in the main IDA window. Or use your favorite HEX-editor to look at it.

    6. Select 'Processor Type': "Panasonic/Matshi*a MN103 Family: mn103", press 'OK' (ignore warnings).

    7. In the next dialog, enter the ROM start address: 0x6F191420 and loading address: 0x6F191420

    8. Do your stuff, modify "00.main-code-01.bin".

    9. Re-pack and encrypt by typing "oly_fw_manip.exe --pack --in OLY_E_097_1502_0000_0000.xml --out OLY_E_097_1502_0000_0000_HACKED.BIN".

    10. Finally, to put the modified firmware back on the camera, run a local HTTP server which acts like the Olympus server, but serves the modified FW instead. Server emulator scripts are inside the tools folder.

    Now get hacking and give us 25 FPS video recording to begin with!
  • i try but receive this error in IDA pro:

  • While analyzing the E-M5 firmware version 1.5 in a HEX-editor, I found references to a 120 FPS and 240 FPS modes. It can be found at offset 453F0E in "00.main-code-01.bin". See attached screenshot. Anyone care to investigate further?

    496 x 89 - 15K
    301 x 82 - 9K
  • @invaders: Sensor readout exclusively for AF, perhaps?

  • A file containing all the strings from 00.main-code-01.bin:

  • @coroander

    Please, zip it first :-)

  • @coroander Nice work, thanks.

  • Vitaliy you think feasible activate 60,120,240FPS some day? or is something idyllic?

  • It doesn't look to me that 60, 120, or 240 fps are 1080p. Sorry about the lack of zip...

  • unlocking HDMI could be a serious cool feature that for sure convince me to buy the OMD, not the GH3...

  • @cocute You need IDA version 4.9, the newer version gives the error. Old version is here:

  • hi i am very interested in the hack to record at 25p. my knowledge is limited. is there any link to download the firmware and power instalarlobdirectamente OM-D in E5. thanks in advance

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev There any chance that you do the hack for olympus?

  • Regarding the 120/240FPS strings found, that's the sensor readout linked with AF performance and viewfinder frame rate (normal=120, Fast=240).

  • @invaders , @coroander Do you think 24p is possible?

  • Olympus is coming out with a new 'Travel' Camera, SH-50. This will be out next month, and has more in terms of video features and frame rates. Leads me to think that they will enable this in the OM-D at some point. :) The SH-50 also has the superb 5-axis stabilization.

    " First seen in the Olympus OM-D E-M5 compact system camera, the manufacturer’s 5-axis Movie IS allows users to record shake-free video footage even when hand-holding the camera - and also helps when taking still photographs. Other highlights include 1080/60i/30p Full HD movie recording with sound as well as 720p HD with 120fps or HVGA with 240fps high-speed movie "

  • @mikel

    I think it is very old news. It is absolutely ordinary camera without any pluses compared to Panasonic cameras. Still 1080i60. 720p120 is also long time present in Panasonics.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    "720p120 is also long time present in Panasonics."

    In Micro Four Thirds cameras?

  • @mpgxsvcd

    He talks about compact.

  • Very impressed by OMD EM5. It has beautiful colors outdoor. But GH2 get better indoor colors at hard led's colored lighting at events. All new HD lenses that looks too video at GH2, got new look at EM5 because very flexible picture style an built in curve. I never really liked Leica 25mm 1.4 at GH2, but at Olympus I can't stop shoot with all digital lenses.