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35-100mm F2.8 X lens topic
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  • I understand, @v10tdi. I guess I misspoke by blaming it all on ETC mode...what I'm trying to say is that handholding in normal mode, my footage comes out steadier than it would without IS, so I haven't had reason to complain. If it could be better though, and it's fixable, I'd like to know.

  • my sample from 12-35, check info in 12-35 post,

  • That looks normal, to me.

  • i get jittery motion on both 12-35 and 35-100 for sudden horizontal movements. It plays catch up or it over compensates then realises that its an actual pan then lets it go. Has ruined a number of event shots for me. 14-140 does not do this. i see it both on my gh3 body and my bmpcc body.

  • @MRfanny - Can you provide some more details? Are you using latest firmware for lenses and GH3? Is the camera on a tripod or hand held? Which stabilization setting are you using on the GH3? Specifically, are you using the panning stabilization?

    I use the latest firmware for the GH3, HS12035 and HS35100. When I used a tripod mount and no stabilization, the lenses seemed to be rock steady. When I used a tripod mount and turned OIS on using normal stabilization, I did get some overshoot and recovery of the OIS when the pan motion stopped. I did not see this when I configured for panning stabilization in the GH3, but I'll check it again this weekend.

  • Here's a video I just made mostly using the X Vario 35-100mm f/2.8 lens.

  • Really loves 35-100mm for events, this one shot using GH3 and 35-100mm too

  • Hi guys, I am looking at buying the 35-100mm for events filming, and I am wondering will I get this shake thing if I have ois off on a manfrotto 502a tripod? Is it something at only happens in handheld filming? I will probably use the 12-35 for handheld which I know has been fixed, and then the 35-100 for filming the on stage action on a tripod, I am worried that this shake occurs no matter what setting the 35-100mm is on- can anyone confirm/deny this? Am I better off just getting the new Olympus 2.8 zoom?


  • @tsim

    I just used it for an event on a tripod. No problems with ois off.

  • I've this this lens and also the 12-35mm. Tested on GH2, GH3 and the BMPCC, the 35-100 jitters at all focal length with the OIS on for handled work. On tripod, no problem with OIS off.

    It's a shame that the 35-100m OIS for handheld work is close to worthless. Not sure Panasonic can do anything about it like releasing a firmware to fix the problem or something. The lens is not cheap and Panasonic proudly marketed it as a HD video lens.

    Other than the crappy OIS. the 35-100mm is a great lens. It's light, fast, sharp and contrasty. I like it more for taking stills though.

    Do something about the OIS Panasonic! This is not a $500 lens! The OIS on the cheaper 100-300mm works much much better.

  • Thanks. I'm a bit happier with that it's just a Shame it won't work handheld. There aren't any good alternatives with low aperture or with OIS (does anyone have any recommendations) though which is annoying.

  • I have the 12-35 and the 35-100. I can confirm I have the same issue with hand held video. I have tested shooting hand held at 35mm on both lenses and the results are so much better from the 12-35 everytime. It is like the OIS on the 35-100 is slightly out of tune. It is better than no OIS but nowhere near as good as the 12-35 proves it perhaps should be.

  • Guys I'm on the hunt for 35-100mm I'm based in UK and official dealers seems to ask for around 1,000£ new. I fund these guys who ask for 800£ incl delivery. They seems to have ok reputation at online reviews site. Simultaneously I'm talking to Hong Kong camera shop that's listing it for 665£ new free P&P. Duty cost depends on duty luck ;) Worst case scenario would be around 780£. Warranty back in HK, return postage on my expens. Best case scenario I'll pay 700£ and won't need warranty ;)

    Any comments and thoughts based on eperience?

  • i'm in the exact same position. Would be interesting to hear any success stories

  • I've bought this lens from DigitalRev and found their service to be excellent. I've bought a few lenses from them and their shipping time to the Uk is surprisingly quick!

  • @Levster how much did you paid in duty and vat if it's ok to ask?

  • this lens is cheaper on surely

  • Bought mine from a Ebay seller for £750. At first I thought it was overpriced but damn this is one beautiful lens!

  • I've been interested in this lens and found a used one at a local camera store. Hand held, the O.I.S. seemed OK in the store (viewed through the EVF and OLED), but testing it at home and I can see the dreaded micro-jitters. My 12-35 and 14-140 lenses are much more stable. I'm kind of torn about taking it back for a refund, but I have 14 days, so I may experiment and see if I can live with it. I doubt that I will, but if anyone has any solutions or thoughts for an alternate lens (with stabilization), I'd love to hear about it. The 14-140 is just too slow for indoor use, but without stabilization, the 35-100 isn't much use to me.

  • If only Panasonic acknowledge the 35-100mm OIS is faulty. Hopefully they will release a firmware to fix it, if it's even possible. I say if you need OIS for handheld work, forget about this lens.

  • @davidp158 which camera body? Which version of 14-140mm?

    The 35-100mm lens is excellent for photos - much better than the 14-140mm. I have also found it to be excellent for most movies. For those movies where the OIS performs poorly you might try adding stabilization in your NLE to see if that helps. You could experiment with a clip from your test footage.

    I have the 14-140mm v2 lens and it is OK for movies, but has problems with photos. The 14-140mm v2 lens suffers from "shutter shock" on my GH4 - so badly that i would call it unusable for photos unless you engage the electronic shutter (which has its own drawbacks).


  • the jitter isn't a problem if you don't mind stabilising in your NLE. I tried and it works great, especially if you shoot 4k and downsample to 1080

  • @v10tdi I have the original 14-140mm and aside from being slow, its a decent lens for a kit lens.

    I returned the 35-100mm lens today. Optically, it is much nicer than my 14-140, and the constant aperture throughout the zoom range is great, but the OIS on the lens I tried was horrible for hand held work. For a $1,500 lens, fixing bad stabilization in post doesn't seem right when the OIS works fine on my 12-35 and 14-140.

    Today I exchanged email with someone selling a 35-100, and asked if they would make a test video of the OIS. The video they sent shows the same OIS jitter issue. Apparently, the OIS just doesn't work well with this lens. Pity.