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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, User reviews and opinions
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  • I don't know if this was posted here yet but Panasonic just released a firmware update for the GH4.

  • Something I noticed when I was first shooting with this camera was that my files would corrupt easily. Corruption came in the form of a few frames of video or stills with some tearing.

    I tried multiple different methods of getting my files on the computer today. And, what I noticed was that the file corruption happened at some point during transfers. The usb cable transfer was fine, which was currently the only one I had used and had caused most of the corruptions. The sd card reader on my laptop corrupted the files. And, a usb sd card reader I have worked just fine. I'm going to be doing more tests in the future which will include if the firmware fixed this problem.

  • You think Panasonic's firmware update might fix your laptop's card reader?

  • Never an issue with corrupted files and had no issues upgrading to the latest firmware.

  • @AdamT no, I think the problem is with the gh4, or at least with how the gh4 formats cards. The usb cable going into my PC did a lot worse than my laptop's card reader. I shot with a panasonic brand uhs speed 3 card and nearly half of the files were corrupted. Today was the first time that all of the videos and photos were not corrupted when using the usb cable. Maybe I'm using the wrong terminology by calling the files corrupted.

    I installed the firmware moments ago, and will be testing more tomorrow. @Vitality_Kiselev Thanks for the link, I'll post this in there.

  • @superset

    Yes I shoot at C4K mode, I could use UHD. But I want to take advantage of the camera's best features. So using C 4K is great and awesome.


    Yes I was using 1080/60p mode, have to switch frequencies. I haven't tried the variable frame rate yet on the 24p frequency yet. Recording audio is not needed for me when I'm shooting for slow mo.

  • I'm impressed with the battery life. I was on a 6 hour shoot with one battery and it was about halfway through. I have 3 batteries so I know it will last me all day plus more.

  • Am I the only one watching the vimeo P.Bloom footage (review) and thinking this looks like SD? Originally I thought that the HD upload wasn't completed. I'm kinda sick of the film convert "look", but I'm referring to the general image quality and resolution, not the grading. I am trying to see if I have a wrong setting or something, but all my settings seem fine, HD is clicked, my connection is 30Mbps, retina MBP, I don't get it, never had this issue before with any video on any player. I've also watched it on an iMac as well, same sh..t. Kinda feel like I'm taking crazy pills, since everyone is commenting about how beautiful it looks. I've downloaded the HD version, which looks ok, but I'm referring to Vimeo's streaming.

    p.s. The rest of the uploaded GH4 videos/tests/reviews look as they should, sharp/clean/mediocre colour but still much better than what I'm seeing. I'm honestly trying to understand.

  • @3Kids,

    I felt the exact same way! I think anything P. Blooms does will be praised. I thought if that is the best the gh4 can do in the hands of P. Bloom, after all of the recommendations he made on how to get the best from it, maybe I should have rethought my purchase of it just a few days ago. I just think He has his own style, some love his style some don't. Some people will like some of the footage I post, some absolutely won't.

    I think that is why you have to to make your own decision on a camera based on how it handled in your own hands.

  • It's in sd when played from here for some reason. Click through to Vimeo and watch it from there. The images of the sunset and the kids on the beach is unbelievable.

    Cheers, Pete

    Edit - now it's playing fine here ???

  • @c3hammer

    Finally, it's in HD now :) I had tried watching it from Bloom's site, from vimeo, here, didn't make any difference. Not sure what happened, since others seemed to be watching it properly.

  • I am a longtime GH2 Flowmotion user. I have been considering the GH4.

    But almost everything I see from the GH4 looks quite "video-ish" - esp the raw footage.

    Even graded I am not impressed. Your thoughts?


  • @AndyS

    Are you talking about the internal 8 bit, or the external 10 bit? Because, Although I really enjoy the footage I have been able to get from this camera, It is a bit "video-ish" once you start to break it. In fact, I've notice the image really start to break in the e-teleconverter crop mode. Still great IMO, especially at this price point.

  • Simply most of the GH4 footage I have seen. Philip Bloom's "street" footage and night footage above is a good example. A very "video-ish" look. Even shot by a pro.

    Not filmic at all, really. Disappointing.

  • Oh, give it a rest. Even a Red can produce crap footage... I was actually given some this week to edit. Truly horrible footage - but hey, shot on Red. My HTC would have done better. Not blaming the camera obviously, but I also know Bloom's night drive through Vegas was basically improvised on the spot with a prepro unit.

  • Yeah, the GH4 is "video-ish" ... and those PanaLeica lenses have "3D pop". Please....

  • Look at Nick Driftwood's 15-min piece and even EOSHD's graded stuff shot to imitate "film".

    GH4 is not a "filmic" camera, from what I have seen. Would require a lot of work.

  • What film in particular doesn't it look like? The Wizard of Oz? Enter the Dragon? Blade Runner? The Hobbit?

  • A very "video-ish" look. Even shot by a pro. Not filmic at all, really. Disappointing.

    Here we go again :-)

  • I agree GH4 is not filmic at all. So don't use it when filmic footage is required. Personally I think it does produce wonderful wide shots, so probably best used for landscapes in 4K. Also as a limited slo-mo tool, both with 1080p60 200Mbs and (very limited quality but may work on tight shots) 96fps variable...

    It also shines in extreme telephoto with 70-300mm Panny lens, autofocus makes the initial focusing easy despite terrible lens ring construction.

  • On page 14 @markr041 posted a video that shows similar screen tearing bugs that I spoke about above. I know this isn't the issues thread but I thought it was worth noting.

  • @mo7ies LOL. This filmic argument is so lame. I think the camera is to good, to crisp, with very good colors (if you don't destroy them with ultra flat profiles in 8 bit LOL).

  • Yes - too sharp and too crisp - no "organic" feel. For those of us who are indie feature makers, why would we choose the Gh4? Lots of work needed in post to get any kind of "filmic" result.

    Please post GH4 vimeo here if it is truly "cinematic". I would love to see it.