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"Enjoy the moment" funny Om-D E-M5 video
  • Here is a video I made for a friend and his espresso machines:

    Shot with E-M5 and the 12-50mm kit lens.


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  • Pfff...

    Can you explain what you think is funny about this video?

  • @berndimax I see what you were going for and it is a funny idea but difficult to setup in the short time length of a commercial. It was a good effort but it could be better. I hope you will accept some constructive criticism:

    I couldn't tell if the setting was a home office or a place of business. I had to watch it twice to notice the balloons at the end had something written on them, I'm still not sure if they say "Happy Birthday" or not. I have no idea why those people thought the man needed a coffee machine or why they were waiting in a place that he thought would be appropriate for sex. The relationship between the man and girl is ambiguous and that's a problem because in order for this to be really funny the audience has to think that the man has read the situation correctly - if he's just a sex crazed pervert (which seems a distinct possibility as he's taking his clothes off) we don't empathize with him and the ending doesn't feel like a surprise.

  • @CrazyPete, thanks for your comment! We knew, that it would be difficult to turn the idea into a film, especially with no words. Thank You for pointing out these problems. We are amateurs and grateful for any constructive critics.

  • Have the man and a girl/woman drink coffee in a clearly romantic setting, both of them enjoying it. The man finishes his coffee and wants to take it a step further, saying "I want more". The girl arranges a coffee machine to show up for him.