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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, official topic
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  • @tonalt I'm super stoked over the gamma log firmware rumor!

  • @joethepro, Im only sharing, yet I dont have the GH4.

  • This article I found shows what the GH4 Cine Gamma might look like

  • From the article:

    "In addition because you absolutely must adjust the image in post production quite heavily to get an acceptable and pleasing image it is vital that the recording method is up to the job. Highly compressed 8 bit codecs are not good enough for S-Log. That’s why S-Log is normally recorded using 10 bit 4:4:4 with very low compression ratios. Any compression artefacts can become exaggerated when the image is manipulated and pushed and pulled in the grade to give a pleasing image. You could use 4:2:2 10 bit at a push, but the chroma sub sampling may lead to banding in highly saturated areas, really Hypergammas and Cinegammas are better suited to 4:2:2 and S-Log is best reserved for 4:4:4."

  • @natureflixs Really beautiful shots and color! Hope to do something like that on Maui before long! Is this a baked in look from standard profile? Or did you turn settings down and grade in NLE? Also, for those shots where you do not intend slow motion, is there any advantage to shooting at 60fps? Also, have you compared the 200 Mbps with this type of detailed scenery to the 4K and then exporting out to 1080p?

  • Day 1, 2nd location shooting with GH4 - Cine D with settings turned down. Dropped the 4K onto a 1080p timeline and my 4 year old computer hated it! Could only apply about 3 effects or the viewer screen in FCPX would turn black! Could not play the edit (should have used proxy media) and then it took about 15 hours to render and export! Until I can upgrade my computer, I'll stick to using Firecoresoft (unless better solution comes along) to convert the 4K to ProRes422(HD) prior to import into NLE. Yes the file size then becomes much bigger but is easier on an old computer.

  • Is there a GH hack topic or is this the place for this reply?

    Rumor has it that a GH4 firmware update is imminent. I cannot think of much that could be improved, but what about adding a 1080 P120 hack? This should take less processing power than 4k P30?

  • Shot this using Cinelike V, Metabones Speedbooster and a Canon FD 35-105 3.5

  • Hi everyone! is there someone who bought the gh4 in japan (with english menu?).? someone can confirm in japan there is not the 29min limit recording for 1080p??

    thank you by advance ;)

  • Even adding 720 P120 in firmware could be a huge improvement for Action Video. I cannot understand why that is not already in there when 1080 P120 is possible?

  • @pv07 I purchased my GH4 through the deals on this site, the camera arrived in 3 days from HK to UK and is switchable between Pal NTSC and 24Hz (World Camera) and has no 30 minute restriction, as a side note there was very little tax to pay on arrival and it cost a few £100's less than I would have to pay for a restricted camera bought locally, hope that helps.. (Thank you Personal-View)

    @RRRoger judging by your last few posts, maybe you should consider a Phantom? ;)

  • this is great! I'm Italian and I hope Vitality can send me GH4

  • Matthere, I thought a Phantom was a ghost. At any rate it does not include a GoPro 4 and only fly's 10 minutes. My unattended Videos are usually over an hour and sometimes two. So, I would not even buy a GoPro unless it had an unlimited video time

  • Yooo Guys, look at this: Pasw:sara The maker of this movie posted it on a different forum, its really cool!

  • GH4 1080P codec difficult to play ?

    Does anybody know what is the difference between GH3 and GH4 1080P codec other than bitrate? My PC media player wont play GH4 files and says "no codec installed". My Potplayer plays GH4 1080 and 4k files fine.

    In my friends PC computer there was difficulties with all players. How about Macs?

    There are some minor hickups with Potplayer sometimes when bitrate gets at its highest point. File info in Potplayer says "maximum bitrate" 106 Mbs and "average" about 83 Mbs.

  • @RRRoger I think Matthere means a Phantom Flex high speed camera! Panasonic have stated that 120fps is not possible on the GH4 due to hardware limits.

  • Vesku, Try VLC media player, it has many attributes including a + - shortcut to control speed. However, I use Widows Media Player for my 4k files. Your problem may also be a slooow Video Card.

    Caveport, The Phantom Flex is superior in many ways and should be for $5k. However, it does not fit in my camera bag and I really do not like/need a camcorder.

    I picked up a slightly smaller GoPro 3+ today for $400. It does 720P 120fps but I may take it back simply because I do not like using a powerful magnefying glass just to read the print on the 3/4" LCD.

    I really doubt the GH4 is limited by hardware if it can do 4k P30 and 200Mbps codec. That is simply an excuse to sell us a GH5.

  • Some first slowmotion tests, cine v all -5, nikor 50 f1.4

  • @RRRoger

    Is the slowing down option working smoothly inVLC with Gh4 files? Can you look file info in VLC. What is different other than bitrate and CBR/VBR compared to GH3.

    Actually I have no problems, I am just curious. I have a fast computer and decent video card. I havent installed Lumix GH4 programs to my computer yet. Maybe there are codecs and add-ons needed. My computer does not even show GH4 mov icons properly.

    About 120 fps. I think there are certain sensor modes in hardware for different fps. It then could not change via software.

  • @Vesku "GH4 1080P codec difficult to play ?" Not if you are using VLC or MPC (Media Player Classic). Try them.

  • First experiment GH4 at 1080P 24p 100Mbps ( till now I did only 4K test LOL)

  • Okay so I am just about ready to go pick my gh4 up tomorrow. Is it really that much of a step up over the GH3? I have one on hold at my local camera shop til tomorrow just for one more day of research. It's $2200 after tax so that's a large chunk of cash.

    Anyone give any input?