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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, official topic
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  • hi, does anyone know how to expand the manual focus area to use the full rear display instead of it being in a window ?


  • never mind sorted i forgot coming from a g6 you can spin the rear dial joystick button thing

  • Just got my GH4 yesterday. Testing out the 96FPS VFR functionality - Cine-D w/ Sigma 18-35 speedbooster

  • great clip, really good looking 96fps there. i think the subject really helped sell 96fps compared to the standard boring GH4 slo mo footages out there. well done

  • @mrbill in the custom menue Page 1 Item on Custo.Set Mem. Page 321 in the advanced manual.

  • @benjaminreece looks good man. The Sigma 18-35 + GH4 is such a killer combo.

  • Hi. Did anyone buy GH4 this week through some webshop in Europe? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks in advance

  • @aaronchicago thanks man- my brother owns an Epic/BMPCC, I own a BMCC, my dad owns a MKIII (which I've owned/sold) so I'm hoping to do a family film-out. :)

  • Quick question guys, am I supposed to have constant preview on or off?

  • on, definitely

  • Very nice video! Well done. Still feeling like the 96fps is a huge hit in quality though... I probably can't use it for any portfolio or paid work. Has anyone really tested out the 200mbps 60fps yet? I feel like that's where it's really at for quality slow-motion on the GH4. Plus... the 96fps doesn't feel like it has that really have that much more impact than 60fps. I think the next step of "emotional" slow motion is in the 120-300fps range.

  • It's very possible that in order to save on raw processing power (meaning placing a better and more expensive chip in the camera and having to up the price to keep the GH4 profitable), the 96 fps mode is 720p uprezzed and not true 1080p as others have speculated.

    Anyone do a resolution chart test while shooting at 96 fps??

  • For me, heavily invested in µ4/3rds, the price of the Sony A7s released today makes the GH4 look like a steal.

  • the 96 fps mode is 720p uprezzed and not true 1080p as others have speculated.

    Well, this is what it looks like, and that's really all that matters in the end, no matter what method they're using. Even the GH2's 60fps in 720p look like more resolution...

  • Thanks @tomaso - got it

  • A couple of quick questions:

    1. Can you use the existing (or upcoming GH4 exclusive) Metabones Speed Booster on the GH3/4 with M43 glass? If not, that sucks for those of use who have invested in M43 glass to be stuck with higher crop factors.

    2. Does anyone have an idea on Amazon GH4 availabilities yet in the US? I placed my order April 1st, and it was supposed to ship by the end of April, but my order status changed from "estimated ship date" to "back-ordered"... They apologized and upgraded my shipping to Next Day delivery, that is whenever they get them back in stock of course. They said they were overwhelmed by the pre-orders. I like ordering from Amazon because they have 4-year Accidental replacement Warranty for $85 (I don't know if that works for cameras bought elsewhere). Any info or suggestions?

    3. Does anyone plan on spending the dough on the Atomos Shogun? If so, how much is it going to be and what would the workflow be like?

    4. Has anyone had any luck transcoding/downsampling the 4k internal 8bit 4:2:0 to 1080p 10bit 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 and color graded it to see it's quality?

    5. Is the Sandisk Extreme Pro 64gb 95MB/s cards sufficient for the internal Cinema 4k video? How about the 1080p 200Mbps setting? What is the reason for those new 280MB/s cards? Are they necessary for anything that the 95MB/s cards can't do?

    6. What types of travel/carry bags do you all use for your GH's? I was looking at the Tenba DNA 11, but I don't know if the GH4 with the battery grip attached and a 13" Macbook Pro will all fit in there width wise. What bags are your favorite and why? I love POCKETS!

    Thanks so much everyone!


  • Wow, that's a lot of questions, I'll take a wack at it.

    1- There is no speedbooster for 4/3 lenses, because they are designed to deliver the light necessary to a 4/3 sensor. A speedbooster only works because there is more light going into a full frame lense than a 4/3 sensor needs, so it concentrates that light onto the sensor giving you the extra stop. The good news for you is that a lot of the lenses you can get to use with a speedbooster are dirt cheap, check out the FD lenses on ebay, that's what I use and they look amazing on this camera.


    3-Yes I do, when? When I have the mula (money). The workflow is just like any other, it outputs Pro Res, which is a great codec to edit in!

    4-Isn't that the question of the day, a lot of people will say they have, but they then have they faces chewed off by others. I am testing it out currently, whenever I have evidence for either perspective I will happily post it.

    5-Yes it is. I had some ghetto SD cards that I bought a long while ago that fall far below the standard they say it "needs" the GH4, they never had any problems. That being said, I am a sucker and did by the new SD cards, for peace of mind.

    6- I got this bag and I love it. It has this amazing rotating lense holder so I can get to my lenses conveniently without having to open the whole bag. (Edit: Just saw that this company was discontinued (was a branch of Manfrotto), sad thing glad I got it just before.)

  • I hope this hasn't already been posted ...adam wilt's review.

    ...says it's got full 1080 lines when 4k is downsampled !




    600 x 586 - 62K
    599 x 585 - 65K
  • So, you need to set the camera on 4k recording and then down-sample to get perfect line for line 1080p, but at the expense of going back to a higher level of jell-o because the processor can't keep up with the extra data.

    Can't win at this lower price point...

  • i don't get that jello argument. its a tool, choose the mode that works best for the shot or in some cases the right camera for the job. 4k for $1600 bucks, theres always going to be compromises, but pretty good ones if you ask me at present.