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Sony a6000 topic
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  • @bozfx thanks,Sony A6000 graded footage. I think it holds up pretty well if limitations are kept in mind. Wide shots are slightly out of focus,added sharpening in post. Footage was very overexposed so considering that I think it recovered quite well.

    frame rate 24P, creative style portrait -3,-3,-3, shutter 50, iso 100, post-curves,color corrector, filter-neewer variable nd, glass-sony 35mm 1.8 OSS, editor-Vegas Pro 12

  • @EYESOUL Thanks for the vids, I'm really impressed. When you have the time, could you please do some wide shots of foilage and/or people on the street?

  • I think the A6000 is more than perfect for what I will use it for,1 to 2 minute properly lit scenes. I personally haven't seen the codec break down to a unusable degree yet,mainly because I keep in mind the weak areas of the camera. I have a GH2 and I enjoy the images out the A6000 just as much,it's not that it resolves better but its images have a certain texture and feel to them. At this point I'm just trying to figure out the best combination of settings to get a desired result. On this specific footage I shot for almost 2 hours nonstop,1 to 2 minute clips every couple of seconds with no overheating. I like this camera a lot.

    In the photo department it seems to perform quite well also..Sony 35mm 1.8 OSS Model photo Model_zps389b74dd.png

    800 x 533 - 689K
  • @EYESOUL I am impressed with the above picture. May I ask how you made the smoke effect?

  • @tinyrobot thanks,actually it was real blue smoke made from smoke bomb fireworks. I just happen to catch the shot when the smoke was settling down. This is a photo right before the smoke settled. I wasn't the photographer on this shoot I just snapped these during taking some video. I wanted to include those shots in the A6000 video test but the re encoding from Vimeo made them look like sh#t.

    Model 1 photo Model-x_zps2214f087.png

  • Very nice. Sometimes the simplest things do the job!

  • image

    The Sony Alpha 6000 is the best APS-C mirrorless camera the company has produced to date. Its 24-megapixel image sensor offers a ton of resolution, and still manages to keep noise under control at very high ISOs. The 11.1fps burst rate is the fastest we've seen in a mirrorless camera, and its autofocus system is able to keep pace even when firing off shots at such a high speed.,2817,2457349,00.asp

    800 x 533 - 42K
  • Tried out the a6000 last week with some FD primes.

    Pros: Nice image quality, very little moire and aliasing compared to NEX line. Great low light performance and excellent dynamic range with flat colour profiles. (No S-log, though)

    Screen and EVF works fine in most situations, no worries.

    I love the stuff you can access while recording: AEL toogle (!) and smooth control of exposure with ISO+shutter speed working together. There's also a punch in focus check. All this during recording is perfect for event video.

    Focus peaking is the best in class and the new zebras are great.

    Handling of controls is perfect except for one annoying thing: the record button. Why couldn't Sony allow the shutter button for this? Stupid...

    Cons: again, the placement of the record button. No mic input (I prefer using my existing shotgun instead of getting Sony's). SD-card placed underneath with the battery. No IBIS (tried the E-M10 too and jeez, that tech is uncanny)

    Conclusion: I'm keeping my G6 :-)

  • Testing autofocus ..

  • I'm liking the colour of the videos posted in this page more than I've liked anything posted on the GH4 topics.

  • I'm liking the colour of the videos posted in this page more than I've liked anything posted on the GH4 topics.

    And it is good. This is why different cameras exist.

  • small test with A6000...

  • Sony A6K is still under the radar of many, but maybe needs to be looked at a bit more closely, Phil Bloom is impressed.

  • image

    The Sony A6000 hands down has what could arguably be called the best autofocusing system out there, it by far is the smartest and the most responsive–putting some DSLRs to shame in our tests for sure.

    800 x 570 - 66K
  • image

    For those looking for a compact interchangeable lens camera with good quality performance, the A6000 is a bargain. It performs superbly with auto focus in low light and continuous focus of a moving object.

    800 x 533 - 135K
  • image

    Hit rate in typical properly executed burst sequences was roughly 50%. It's important to understand that number in context. A 50% hit rate at 11 frames-per-second works out to 5 or 6 sharp pictures per second. That's pretty good, and comparable or better than what most DSLR cameras in the A6000's price range can do.

    799 x 534 - 88K
  • Received my A6000 this morning.

    In my short play with it I'm very impressed by the AF performance...especially in video mode where it puts the GX7 & G6 I had to shame. Lightning fast..putting AF drive mode to fast and the camera focuses faster than I point the camera at. This is with the 50mm f1.8 (which is a bit of a breather) @f1.8 so im pretty impressed. With the 18-105mm its pretty instant. AF in video important for me. I know it isnt for some.

    So far things I like Its fast. Fast start up. fast drive modes. This could be a very popular camera for event photographers.

    AF lock/AF lock off toggle while recording..been waiting for this to finally implemented by Sony.

    Like the modern pannys you can change the camera to either Pal (25p/50p) or Ntsc (24p/60p) you have to format the card though when switching....unlike panny.

    I prefer the new EVF...its lower res but its sharper. Colours are more better than the 6's.

    The grip is very good size wise for my hands. I can even comfortably use the 18-105mm with one hand.

    Some things that I dont like. Plastic like body...the Nex 6 had more metal. The Zeiss 24mm f1.8 does not benefit from the new AF modes in the a6000 so the speed is the same as the Nex 6. (UPDATE...My zeiss firmware was out of date 1.0...just updated it to 2.0 and its fast now)

    I will add some other findings a bit later this evening.

  • @Mimirsan,

    I love my A6000. I need to get a few autofocus lens for it, since now all I have are manual focusing lenses. I did a test with the Zhongyi lens turbo II that you can see here: