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Panasonic G6 topic, GH2 replacement camera
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  • @maranfilms What do you think about video compression on G6? IMO you can get more details on GH3. Last week I came back from India. I brought tons of videos from there recorded on GH3 in different light situations. So far I didn't see any video recorded with G6 from over the internet that is able to match quality of GH3. Don't get me wrong, I would love to buy something that is the same quality of GH3 (image quality), and is cheaper, but as I said so far I didn't find any video that can compare to GH3 quality.

    @prz3mo Can you put somewhere original footage from these 2 videos that you have provided here (I mean the same videos but not compressed?). Thank you.

  • I just noticed that there is no mention of the G6 in the Personal View FAQ wiki. How do we go about getting a page added and who has the authority to add information to it?

  • @DanPV

    You mean that you want to be maintainer of G6 FAQ? :-)

  • Here's a video where I used my G6 with the kit lens and a 85mm samyang with speed booster. The car mounted shots are LX7 and the shalow DOF wide angle shots are 5D MK2 raw with 24-70L. First time I really used the kit lens on the G6, I liked the stabilisation but the autofocus isn't the best and bokeh is ugly. I want to try a sigma 24-70 f2.8 with speed booster on the G6, as I already have a samyang 14mm and a 85mm. The other option is to get a samyang 35mm (not cheap) hope you like it!

  • Just wanted to let you all know there is now a G6 section in the Personal View FAQ wiki:

    Currently the page consists of links to guide the reader to the two G6 discussion threads here on Personal View. There is also information about the recent firmware upgrade. I'm hoping new G6 users will find it useful as it is expanded.

  • @adam_mercier Is the 14-42 kit lens you used the new or the old version?

  • Dan, I don't know for sure, it was bundleed with the G6 I brougth back in december. Anybody tried a tamron 17-50 with a speed booster on a m43?

  • @Adam_Mercier

    That's the new version...cut little thing. And go to the RJ thread. Someone's using the tamron with the RJ with good results

  • Yeah, that would be version 2 of the 14-42 kit lens if it came with the G6. I really like it for a kit lens. It's much smaller with a vastly smoother zoom than the old lens. It only extends a maximum of about 1/4" when zooming. I sold my GH2 with old kit lens for $550 when the G6 went on sale at B&H for $499 last fall. I never used a hack or an external monitor so it was an upgrade for me.

  • I really like it for documentary style work but I've been very deceived by the quality in photo mode and for cinematic video! here's what I mean about the bokeh (frame grab) :

    pont et chapelle.Image fixe001.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 452K
  • G6 Natural photo style test w/14-42mm kit lens, graded in FCPX.

  • @Spinsterboy I've appreciated the skin tones in Breaking Bones. Really good work. Is the sigma you have used the 17-35 f 2.8-4? I am considering to buy a Sigma 17-50 XR 2.8 to use with RJ speed booster and G6...what's the problem with the aperture?

    @GoldHouseMedia what lens have you used in your G6 Photo Style 040614 test? thanks in advance...

    I am really satisfied with G6 video quality, videos appear smooth but fortunately not excessively flat for my eye. Working with GH1& GH2, I was used to avoid contrast, while in my opinion G6 is not so sharp-tuned, it looks pretty natural. The only cons: I have the impression that skin tones can be tricky on G6. Perhaps it's a matter of white balance, I like the warm color profile of G6, cold-neutral colors appears a bit digital here... But it could be a subjective impression. One remark: it seems that it has not the same pleasant grain of GH2. I've found that gx1 has a nice fine grain using high iso, very cinematic, useful in interior scene. But for ergonomics and mic input, I prefer the G6 overall..very good cam for its price ;)

  • I have been a lurker on here since I got my G6. Thank you to everyone for all of the knowledge I have gained. I just wanted to share my first video using the G6. Pana 14-140 lens and Canon FD 50mm with speed booster. Shot in just regular movie mode and no color corrections after (which is probably obvious). I know I need to learn to use the manual movie mode but still trying to figure that out. Thanks for taking a look!

  • I'm probably overlooking a setting or something, but how do you set it so the screen shows what the picture will look like before you take the picture? (It shows the preview when in movie mode, but not picture).

  • Here's a vid I shot on the Lumix-G6, Mostly around CapeCod canal which is like 30 seconds from my house. I used some old Canon FD glass, the bug in the beg. was canon FD135mm f3.5 lens, Bokah shot at night was a vintage 55mm F 1.2, wide open, The last shot was one of my favorite lenes which is an Vivitar 35mm F 2.5 (black nose) That lens produces amazing flares, the rest was Samyang 16mm, 35mm and some 24mm. However my legacy 24mm tokina f 2.8 kills the Samyang in overall look. I was shooting with my Samyang 24mm, and was like it's missing something, just doesn't look that great, I threw on the Tokina 24mm, and it was like magic, my shot was complete. Don't ask me why, I can guess it's softer, smoother looking and better bokah. But that's subjective of course, I still do like the Samyang 24mm.

  • @maranfilmsmaranfilms bravo! love that look :)

  • @maranfilms Nice mood! What music did you use?

  • @oscillian Thank you, The music is from Gladiator, Lisa G. with my fav, James Newton Howard. I was in kind of a mellow mood when I cut it. Now that the GH4 is out, G6 footage is second hat, lol. I still like it a lot though.

  • Thanks Albert Z, Appreciate you taking the time to watch and comment;-)

  • Hi Everybody,

    I am working on an update to the G6 FAQ page. I found this earlier discussion by @mercant about ISO settings to be interesting. Here are two video's he posted earler:

    I just want to ask for everybody's opinion before I update the FAQ:

    • Is it best to stick to multiples of 160 when choosing ISO?
    • On the gh2 we got the best video quality by moving from a higher ISO to a lower ISO. For example say you want to shoot at iso 640. You will get better quality if you select iso 800 first and then move down to 640 rather than moving up to iso 640 from a lower iso. Is this true for the G6 too?

    In that discussion (on page 11 of this thread) @ralph_b asked: "So, when you approach an ISO from a higher ISO, the picture is darker and cleaner than when you approach it from a lower ISO? That seems to be what your test is showing. Is that correct?"

    @mercant replied: Yes it is, I notice some colours issues too whit the ISO going up,

    Is that the opinion of most G6 users on Personal View? Post a reply below and let me know.



  • Here is a video shot using a G6, RJ Lens Turbo, and a Vivitar lens by youtube member Morty Gilden:

    Morty's summary:

    "Bokeh and Flare test for this combo. First time using an RJ Lens Turbo (a focal reducer, similar to the Metabones Speed Booster), so far rather impressed with it. Sharpness of the Vivitar lens is improved as is chromatic aberration, more light and control over DOF. This particular lens happens to flare very easily, combined with the Lens Turbo the flare is often quite pleasing. G6 also showing itself to be an impressive little camera."

    Tip: make sure you purchase the latest edition of the Lens Turbo which is available here:

  • @DanPV I am a great fan of vivitar (kiron) 28 f2, on g6 it is a very good performer...the improvement is evident with the RJSB

  • Hi Dan, I find it is cleaner when scrolling from right to left when picking your iso, also 640 and 250 are the cleanest iso's on my copy. I have no idea why, but iso 250 is cleaner than 160 or 200. I'm under the impression 250 is an electronic one. 640 is almost noise free, I'm guessing that may be the cameras native iso? idk. strange though it would be cleaner than an iso a 1/3rd it's value.

  • I agree that scrolling from right to left will result in the cleanest iso. However, on my copy at least, I've found that 640 is noisier than 800 regardless. I've been avoiding using 1/3 increments as I've found them to always to be noisier (at least when scrolling from left to right) and have been using 160, 200, 400, and 800.