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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, official topic
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  • The camera itself is VERY NICE ! The body seems to be Identical to the GH3 with exception of the locking button, a better feel in the grip, and larger eye piece. -if anyone has any links to hdmi micro 4k cables (I need a 90 angle on the micro side), I would be very thankful:)

    Camera fits in a Nauticam GH3 hosing with a little mod. It seems that Nauticam will sell sooner a mod kit.

    Here this user sells small 15cm micro hdmi cable for GH4 intented to be used with the underwater housing:

  • @LongJohnSilver,

    Thanks for that ! :)

    Awesome !

  • FYI: I'm shocked and with a dash of denial. Ordered a GH4 from B & H last Friday. Over the weekend the status of the purchase has been... "On Order". Noticed about an hour ago the status has changed form "On Order" to "In stock, order sent to warehouse." Web site now says the item is in stock. I'm amazed and pleased.

  • Re: B&H, I just spoke with an agent who confirmed they are in stock and are trying to get them out for delivery this afternoon. By tomorrow at the latest. Woo-hoo!

  • On the Atomos website the Shogun is said to record only UHD 3840×2160, not C4k 4096×2160. Does it mean we wont be able to record externally true 24p c4k? BTW can the HDMI-out even be set to output UHD? (I though it was only outputing c4k)

  • Some of the best GH4 footage yet, Budapest - Video, Timelapse and hyperlapse.

  • Yeah, that video was pretty fantastic.

  • @jamesgh2 Really nice shots here. I realize it's a test but good choice of music. (Too often audio is an after thought... IMHO) Sets a great tone for what your eyes are witnessing.

  • If Panasonic had let that Budapest shooter be their "demo" person from the jump then they would not be able to meet demand. That was brilliant!!!

  • Holy Cow!!!! The Budapest video was spectacular!

  • that Budapest video ROCKS, got my GH4 yesterday, too, tried recording to my 95MB/s card, all worked so far...still have to do a test with shooting continuos til the card is full to see if the card can handle the high bitrates...

  • @olli66. I did that already and card filled up with no problem even with 200 mb/s all-I mode.

  • @zaven13: that is fantastic news! since I need a reliable cam for continuos shoots at concerts I need to be 100 percent safe...though I heard other users experienced some problems?

  • Let me clarify why I might encounter more problems than others. I shoot personal videos and pictures in poorly lit climbing gyms.

    I often shoot video in the stills mode and take simultaneous still images during the video. As we saw with the Hacked GH2 taking stills during video really taxes the encoder.

    This is how I got the GH4 to fail even with a card that is gauranteed to work with it(Transcend UHS3).

    This doesn't mean that you will have the same issues especially if you don't shoot video in stills mode. In addition I believe the 95 mb/sec SanDisk card is even faster than my UHS3 Transcend card. UHS3 only gauranteed a minimum write speed. It doesn't necessarily mean that it is faster than a good class 10 card.

    Since I shoot 100% first take shots I really don't have the ability to allow the card to fail. If I have a write failure I can't go back and redo it.

    I really think that Panasonic should limit the codecs allowed in the stills mode to the 100mb/sec ones. I think the All-I one is not stable with any card in that mode. All of the others have worked perfectly for me in every mode.

  • @mpgxsvcd are the pics for print or web? Maybe just grab some 8.8megapixel stills from the 4k video.

  • The pics are just for the web. Yes that is correct. I have been experimenting with grabbing the stills from the 4K video and that is FANTASTIC for web use.

    However, I like to set my camera up for color grading in post processing in 4K mode. That doesn’t always look so great straight out of the camera. You can’t post process the jpg stills in the camera like you can the RAW stills.

    I think I will be able to find a happy medium though.

  • @mpgxsvcd

    Just because some people got those Transcend to work doesn't mean it will for everything......

    1 thing is for 100% sure, as of now no Card manufacturer can compare to Sandisk. There's a reason they charge what they do, I simply would not use anything less than their Extreme cards or even better. For $100 you get a nice 64GB card, time is worth everything.

  • Anyone get their GH4 tracking # from B&H yet ? Update , I just received my tracking #. "Scheduled Arrival Date: 04/30/14"

  • Yep. Just got my tracking # from B & H

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Very good prices for GH4 and kit on your deals. Plus already include shipping as I understand.

  • @FilmingArt

    I disagree. Yes some Sandisk cards are better than other brands. However, you have to look at each card individually. For instance ask anyone who uses a GoPro if the Sandisk Micro-SD cards are better. Their answer will be a resounding “NO”.

    GoPro has publicly stated that Sandisk Micro-SD cards do not live up to their ratings. In fact they are so bad that the GoPro firmware dumbs down the bit rate if a Sandisk card is inserted and GoPro no longer recommends using a Sandisk card.

    On the other hand I haven’t encountered a card that is faster than the Sandisk 95 mb/sec cards. However, is that extra speed really necessary? You can get write failures for reasons other than the card speed isn’t fast enough. The message might always say “Failed due to write speed of the memory card”. However, that is Panasonic’s way of shifting the blame to someone else. The write failure could have occurred simply because the processor encountered a situation it couldn’t handle and it just reports the only failure message Panasonic has decided to use.

    Your best bet is to figure out what fits your needs the best. If paying twice as much for a memory card will put your mind at ease even if you are fully utilizing that extra benefit then maybe it is still worth it for you.

    If you simply don’t see the need to shoot in the 200 mb/sec All-I mode because it isn’t stable in every situation and you think that All-I is just a waste of bandwidth compared to the excellent 100 mb/sec IBP that the GH cameras use then a less expensive card might be better for you.

  • @mpgxsvd

    Nice story you wrote there...... If GoPro gas a problem with their software and SanDisk that has nothing to do with the card manufacturer. I can tell you with 100% fact no other card is more reliable and has better ratings.

    Also yes I will use the IPB modes as they are better for motion even though I have to transcode for editing.

    / Back On Topic

    I should receive my GH4 tomorrow, as Amazon is shipping.

  • Hello my CANADIAN Friends! I just put an order with BJphoto Waterloo. I made sure they had a good rep by looking at reviews and they seem to be legit.

    It's the cheapest price i've seen. I talked to one of the sales guys yesterday and he told me he had just got the shipment in yesterday.

    Edit: It includes Adobe Lightroom and a steady pod.

  • @FilmingArt

    So I guess I can assume that you have spent millions of dollars testing the read and write speeds of ALL Sandisk card types ever made? GoPro almost certainly has done their homework in order to make these public claims that Sandisk lawyers would have a field day with if they hadn’t.

    You keep making 100% certain statements about “ALL” Sandisk cards when what you actually mean is that you are 100% certain “YOUR” 95 mb/sec Sandisk card is the best card “You” have tried.

  • Hey everyone, I'm assuming that the 200 mbps All-I is not a constant bitrate, right? In low light or less detailed situations, it'll fall way below 200mbps, correct? I'm getting about 35-40mbps in low light, thus far. Looks great, but I wanted to make sure about the bitrates. Salud