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Sony A7s, FHD camera, with 12Mp sensor, big DR
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  • You know what guys, everywhere, everyone has two bodies in mind : Alpha 7s and GH4... Sony can't even deny it... That's why i think they can't put their A7s too high in price... they would do an important mistake for some reasons :

    • 3 bodies in their FF line, but one with outrageous price compared to others ? It's FF like the two others... and people almost see this fact only... FF... Ugh... FF... I wan' it... ghhhhhhh... For everyone who is potentially interested in one body of this line, why would he choose the most expensive ? High isos ? The other cams go for 6400 ? "that's enough isn't it ?", "I wouldn't push so far anyway..."

    • GH4 is here, and it does 4K built in. No more penny out of your secret hidden socket under your couch... "Writes on Sd card... pffff... all that i want !!!!" Why should i need an external recorder ? 4K ? Why ? No 4K tv screen at home" (to show cats sleeping... or baby sleeping... 4K BAAAAAMMMMM... HIGH DEF CAT !!! IN YOUR FACE !!!! I got the powaaa !!!! Tw tw twww...)

    Non exhaustive list of arguments...

    Why would Sony ignore that... They just know it, and won't do that mistake. They can only propose these evolutions at the best price because they don't offer what everyone is wanting today : 4K. A thing that doesn't fool at all : they just claim their new A7S is proposing 4K... while it is not without the help of a thing that costs 2 thousand bucks... GH4 DOES 4K. A7S NO..., better said no all alone. Price couldn't be dropped too high, even with FF and high isos.

    To be honest i don't need FF for Video... and i think a lot of people are in the same case... Too thin DOF is not needed in every shot, because blurred background suggests things... Have you ever watched a movie with blurred background in every shot... Blurred background is boring me when it's not needed... it's like showing your brand new Rolex to everybody while you can't read time... Know why you can use your FF here... and therefore why you can use other smaller sensors there... No perfect camera for all purposes...

    Sorry... i understand if you have some things you don't agree...

  • I think this post was only slightly mentioned 1 page back by @philiplipetz. Den Lennie put the camera through it's paces. The full review is here:

    The extra wiggly jello shutter video already posted came from Andew Wonder. if the rumored price is correct... I wonder how many they will sell? Not one to me.

  • This camera will be a beast for Astro Photography.

  • This camera will be a beast for Astro Photography.

    What is the difference with A7? If you shoot in raw and rescale result will be almost the same.

  • Slog2 seems to be a $$ option ...

    Does anyone confirm ?

  • @lolodigital Possibly, but I have a strong feeling the only reason it adds significantly to the cost is so that they dont compete with their pro video cameras. There is nothing that I can imagine that would make it more expensive to develop with Slog2. Simply marketing! Terrible shame.

  • Maybe Sony will give us the S-Log2 in the A7000 in 2015. The A7000 will be the A6000 with mic input and tri-nav, and with S-Log2 it will be a mini A7s with good iso up to 6400 which cleans ok in the A6000 with neatvideo. And we can also enjoy the RJ lens turbo. Hello Sony, give us S-Log2 in the A7000 !!!

  • I was in a Sony Store in Brisbane on Thursday 17th April, the store rep was expecting the A7s to be released in late May/early June & priced at A$3200 (includes 10% GST) i.e. approx US$3000.

    More than I am prepared to pay for a camera requiring another 2k to be spent on a hdmi recorder. I said I didn't think Sony would sell many at that price especially when Sony has a habit of releasing new bodies every 6 months or so. I suspect that Sony was a bit wrong footed by the GH4 announcement and has been forced into announcing a 90% ready A7s. I should imagine a A7sII will be released within 12 months with on-board 4k recording.

  • @Birder Don't think internal 4K is possible due the heating generated by FF sensor in such tiny body, maybe something like VG-900 successor can do it.

  • Why pay a high price for this cam if it is just a placeholder for an updated version with card recording?

  • Why pay a high price for this cam if it is just a placeholder for an updated version with card recording?

    Price is not known still. And "updated version with card recording" for now is 100% speculation.

  • I would be happy with a cheap HDMI recorder, actually, especially with h265 compression built in or something similar. I could use this cam right now for low light and deep focus.

  • Can't get the A7s out of my head...

  • Sony's reasoning for lack of internal 4K recording is mentioned at the 4:20 mark. I made sure to ask him about it.

  • I don't get it. If the said sensor works at 4k continuously, although it outputs externally at 4k, it will create the same amount of heat wherever the data goes thereafter right? Do they mean the electronics to do with 4k processing would overheat or am I missing something? The sensor readout is at 4k all the time in 4k and 1080p isn't it? A bit lost here as to this explanation.

  • @PauloTeixeira

    Never listen to that manager or representative tell you for such things.

    Sole reason for lack of 4K recording is lack of suitable LSI that can compress and store it.

  • No more activity for the little a7s ? NAB Fever and then what ? Have heard about anything more ?

  • ^ Rumor that price will be announced May 1.

  • I'm anxiously awaiting Sony completely dropping the ball on the pricing of this camera. There's no better way to respond to the hot sales of the GH4 than by releasing a competing camera for (reportedly) double the price. I have my face and palm ready for action. /sarcasm off

  • The a7S is not Sony's answer to the Panasonic GH4. It's Sony's answer to the Canon 5D Mark III and the C300, and it will be priced accordingly.

  • competition for the C300?

  • @balazer then even more of a mistake. We'll see.

  • Not understanding why sony would price this away from the gh4 .The only advantage so far it seems it has is the better dynamic range (how much better ? ) .internal 4k and 1080p 60fps are all available on gh4 and maybe even a better over all codec in camera for grading ..if the slog 2 compressed 8 bit file are anything like the fs700 than its not going to be too good.

  • @sammy the much larger sensor and all the supporting components and design go some way to indicating that this will be a more expensive camera. It's not for me either, and I'd go with the GH4 over it, but it's a bit of a reach to compare them directly on cost...especially without real pricing available yet.