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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, official topic
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  • Does anyone else notice that with the module on, you won't be able to open the screen all the way? There is a section that looks to connect to the audio jack.

  • It's hard to tell from the front/back/side angles, but it's possible the back screen won't fully articulate. However, as it offers HDMI and SDI outs, the intention may be for pros to use external screens. It doesn't look like the sort of accessory designed for handheld use (not that I'm complaining on this.)

  • From a guy on the 43R site:

    "4:2:2 8-bit for internal recording (to internal SD) 4:2:2 10-bit for external recording only.

    Can’t tell you my sources, but those are the facts.:

  • @Thorn

    Absolutely a good observation! Most likely if you can afford the module, you definitely can afford an external monitor haha.

  • So if they unveil this behemoth today, when can we expect "in-store" release? How long does it usually take from presentation to sales? Month, two?

    I'm so excited over this I went on eBay to see what could I get for my pristine GH2, man the body-only prices are beyond to get my grind on

    @gabilourson : translate that proverb of yours :D

  • On a side note, Panasonic has removed the module from their site as of 5 minutes ago from refreshing the page and checking other links it has completely disappeared

  • Wonder if there going to tell us the DR in the official release?

  • @Riker "I'm like St. Thomas, I believe what I see"

  • I wonder if the GH4k with the recorder box will finally be acceptable for the people who are incessantly complaining about "ergonomics"... aka. People who really just want a big camera to impress people on set.

    You know who you are...

  • @Ze_Cahue I think you nailed it. ~$4000 for both GH4 and A/V unit. Yeah you can forgo the add-on but then you're probably recording in 8-bit and perhaps w/o overcranking 4K 96fps.

  • I PERSONALLY would rather save and get the 4k BMCC with the global shutter- s35-and RAW . Plus the fact it looks more "video-cinema-ish" alone. Since shooting on GH2 for several years was a struggle simply to get people to just give the darn thing a chance....

    granted that's if it ever ships lol

  • ~$4000 for both GH4 and A/V unit.

    Better be more like $2500 for both units...

  • More important question maybe. Will the unit be able to go under the GH3 ?

  • Has it been confirmed (or as confirmed as it can be before announcement) that it shoots 4k@96fps? I've seen some speculation that "max 96fps" referred to 1080p, as the wording wasn't quite presise. That would be a bit of a bummer.

  • @klem007

    On the Panasonic website the information said it was specifically for the GH4

  • It may physically attach to the GH3, but i'd be surprised if the GH3 had the firmware/hardware to communicate with it.

  • I think, and dont wish that 4K recording would be only available via extra SDI dockstation. Maybe thats why @kellar32 friend only shoot 1080p....hmmmm

  • Oh well might be overkill for my usage i guess. Would have been nice though (:

  • Will be interesting when footage starts surfacing to really judge quality/capacity. Maybe Panasonic will shock the world and sell it at $995....

    @Riker I know someone looking to buy a GH2. PM me if interested.

  • @endotoxic It is not an absurd hipothesis...body recording 1080p in high bitrate around $1300, and who needs 4k pay a little bit more for the dockstation - and transferring the 4k encoding section to the dock minimizes the heating problem...

  • @gabilourson

    True. There are always undisclosed "features", also.

  • @bwhitz $2500 plus sdi recorder $350 for 1080 or $2k for 4k thats $4.5k at least for the full pack 4k 10bit 422.

  • @killagram yes bro, but I think even more than $4000. The cheapest 4k recorder hit the pocket more than $2000.

  • In the day and age of focal reducers, it hardly seems necessary to shoot on a s35 chip. (mFT is pretty perfect)

  • @bwhitz

    Better be more like $2500 for both units...

    It won't be.