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2014 m43 cameras, including GH5 aka 4K Wizard
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  • 4:3 full size video recording please!!!

  • 4:3 full size video recording please!!!

    This one is quite improbable. As it is not very trendy now :-)

    But I think it could be really good idea.

    I think whole video settings must be divided into three parts.

    • Sensor mode (scan window size, position), so you can specify any aspect or work in 1:1 mode. And FPS with 1 fps step above 1 fps, and 0.01 step below it.
    • Color science that allow to define any parameters of raw->picture processing, including LUT, sharpness, etc
    • Record mode that allow to record in any mode. So you can even record 4:3 picture into 16:9. And specify any FPS you like (as video container setting).
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev, your idea makes a lot of sense and will be really nice. Question is why can't they make bold decisions and say we were the first to do that. If you think about about it, it will look good for marketing too.

  • H.265 "recording" will be a curse, not a blessing. You thought H.264 was bad for editing, you ain't seen nuthin' yet!

    In order to get decent 10 bit-12bit UHD (and even 8k) into a smaller deliverable package for streaming, disc, and broadcast media the codec had to have an entirely new level of complexity built in. This will demand much more CPU intensive decompression than before and far more headaches for NLE's.

    And an entirely new round of transcoding will have to be implemented for the poor souls continuing to have to suffer the use of consumer-grade cameras in order to shoot.

    The industry really, really, really must come up with a high quality editable recording codec for consumer gear shown to be popular for the indie filmmaker crowd.

  • This will demand much more CPU intensive decompression than before and far more headaches for NLE's.

    Most demand will be in compression, not decompression. Btw, last MTK mobile chip can decode H.265 :-)

    The industry really, really, really must come up with a high quality editable recording codec for consumer gear shown to be popular for the indie filmmaker crowd.

    Industry consist from corporations. And corporations are very interested in so called "soft" standards. Something easy to change, something requiring some licensing :-)

  • New rumors on modular design. A Frankenstein, sort of

    Will we see a GH3 hack before this new cam? :)

  • Latest rumours on the GH5 (although they still seem to think it will be the GH4).

    "The recent rumours surfacing of Panasonic releasing an AG-GH4 around the $3000 mark have been given a boost. Panasonic have now officially announced the existence of a 16MP Micro Four Thirds sensor which is capable of 4K video at up to 30fps, matching the rumoured specs of the GH4."

  • @ahbleza

    We had the topic quite a while before Voldemort wrote his usual big post about things he have no idea about.

  • So basically from my pov I'll squeeze all I can get from my GH2 , skip the purchase of the BMPCC and wait for the 3g's GH4…but wait how many people have a 4K monitor? when the tube or vimeo or etc will have a decent 4K res w a decent compression? so what's the point filming in 4k and don't have the proper res in all everyday use? ok u still can downsize it but i mean companies are pushing the 4K consumer for the next level but what the heck none is ready yet…. Plus you have to add to the ingredients the economic crisis et voilà the 4k omelette is done!

  • Panasonic will roll out about five new compact digital cameras next year, half this year's number, in a bid to return a segment besieged by smartphone cameras to profitability by fiscal 2014.

    The 2014 crop of new arrivals will center on pricey offerings that cost 30,000 yen ($296) or more, set apart by such features as high-magnification zoom.

    The company will focus on mirrorless single-lens models, with the diminutive 274-gram Lumix GM set to go on sale Thursday and another device capable of capturing 4K ultra-high-definition video also slated for development.

    While Panasonic will continue to produce its more affordable offerings, it is considering OEM arrangements for models under 20,000 yen. The company will work to increase sales of lenses, which have other uses such as in surveillance cameras, and move their production in-house.

    Panasonic anticipates a second consecutive year of losses for its digital camera business in fiscal 2013 on the back of weak sales of compact offerings. Global digital camera sales are expected to shrink by over 2 million units this fiscal year to about 4 million.

  • Are the people that buy the ghx series cams for filmmaking so small in the overall market that Pani doesn't bother to listen to what people want? I feel like if Pani were to listen to what the people want they could turn it around and actually profit. I guess in the big scheme of things were a tiny part of the overall sales. However it seems if it weren't for the gh community, they wouldn't have sold half the quantity they have. But IDK. Why not bring in some real users to help with the design of a new cam. That's kind of what went down with the AF100, even know it was a different division of the company.

  • "film community" is bullshit for a company like this one. the number of sells they need to achieve global profitability for the entire company require million of young mothers and childrens crying to have coolish panasonic products... not quite yet. the few bucks of the poor wannabe filmaker are a joke (or a marketing bonus at least) in the consumer market.

  • "film community" is bullshit for a company like this one.

    Here you are badly wrong.

  • @bozfx

    It is just reciting of old rumor.

  • VK, not quite... apparently 43rumors admin got contacted by a few more sources which confirmed the original rumor. Which is why it is now rated a FT5 rumor rather than the FT4 that it was originally.

  • hype begets hype.

  • I hope the price is not €2799, although I suppose that would be good news for BMCC.

  • @DrDave Must be the on screen audio meters that make the GH-4k a very expensive camera :-)

  • I hope the price is not €2799, although I suppose that would be good news for BMCC.

    Bad news can be that it'll have ProRes like format and raw capability (for 4k). And lower price. :-)

  • It is Christmas, time of hoping and getting. They are making GH4 now. I think we can affect features it will has. GH3 had many features that users had hoped. Lets not be too modest. Here is my hopelist.

    I hope that these are not too late for becoming model. What do you think? Are these making any sense.

    -autoiso in M

    -focus peaking obviously

    -autoiso limit for video or iso range

    -every menu item programmable to every Fn (maybe not format)

    -exposure values programmable to C1,2,3

    -more C memory slots

    -manual settings for creative mode

    -AE/AF lock on-off-on-off etc., during recording

    -better EVF resolution and better ocular

    -no more useless buttons

    -4k video 50/60P (pal/ntsc switchable)

    -bigger handgrip, better button layout ergonomics

    -flat mode in video which uses whole sensor dyn range

    -separate video/photo switch. So all modes and handy buttons is in use for video. And then all settings must be independant for video or photo.

    -more options for bracketing. -2, 0,+2 steps would be handy for HDR

    -playMODE button to right side. Now it is difficult to use because left hand holds objective.

    -adjustable AF-range and mayby towards/backwards function if AF-C is not good enough.

    -iso 50 would be handy for video in bright light

    -dual memory card slot and option to copy mem card.

    -better microphone with wind shield option.

    -more WIFI functions and recording options

    -stepless aperture or exposure change in video (may be lens related)

    -better (louder) speaker

    -more songs to slideshow and simple crossfade option

    -if using slower than 1/25s shutter in video camera should go automatically to proper manual mode maybe with warning

    -HDR video (dual iso) like ML canon

    -faster timelapse (maybe 1/10s interval)

    -obviously better and faster sensor. No more rolling shutter in silent mode and 1/100 000s SS.

    -120 or more fps with proper resolution

    -adjustable autofocus speed in video

    -softer and better shaped eyecup

    -adjustable tone curve via computer and other modifications like Nikon V1

    -electronic stabilator (very handy especially with 4k)

    -stepless smart zoom for video like rx10

    -video editor with capability to render finished program with simple fades (smartphones have it)

    -stepless adjustment wheel for exposure -rx10 has it

    -in camera LED light for video

    -open source firmware for developing or application store for new features - like sony nex5t

    -cinematic look option button: (24P 1/48 ss, greenish/brownish color cast)

    -red led with text VIDEO because every subject is always asking are you taking a photo or shooting video.

    -lens cap which you can operate without taking it off camera

    -Pincode type lock so that not everyone could look at photos or mess with settings

  • Is that the new Panasonic GH4K that we can see at CES?? :-o :-o


    659 x 495 - 50K
  • @Manu4Vendetta I saw that earlier today, and wondered if that was a shot of the GH4K.

    However... the date says "Nov 22, 2013", so I very very strongly doubt it. I'd assume that is a picture of the GH3 instead.

  • @IronFilm

    On google plus image you can see GH3 on camera, in fact.

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