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  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    No worries, haha. I seriously think I have a problem - I check this thread 5-10 times a day. Hope everything is going smoothly with the dump :)

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Glad you're feeling better:)

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev What is the priority order? GH3, of course. But what is next on the list?

    Are you working on several camera systems at once?

    I ask because you have the bodies for several cameras without firmwares. Then, there are cameras with firmwares that you don't have (G6).

    How do you decide what is next?

  • What is the priority order? GH3, of course. But what is next on the list?

    GH3 only for now. We won't collect for any cameras for now. And all else will follow only after GH3 PTool support.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    I know you cant really speculate much but... What would you say the likely hood of seeing a Gh3 Ptool within the remainder of this year?...

    I am thinking of cancelling my BMPCC and getting a GH3 instead. Either that or MFT BMCC.

  • @No_SuRReNDeR

    I could be totally wrong. Like totally, totally wrong. But from what I understand, once @Vitaliy_Kiselev can complete the dump, the rest of the process should be a bit smoother. The question is how close is Vitaliy to hitting that successful dump ;)

  • @Matthew

    [...] from what I understand, once @Vitaliy_Kiselev can complete the dump, the rest of the process should be a bit smoother.

    After the constipation is handled, there is still the matter if figuring out the encryption of the firmware I think - I don't think that necessarily is smooth sailing, but here's hoping...

  • Just out of the firmware project a group collaboration or one man Army?

  • One man Band (Vitaliy Kiselev) :)

    Once a full fledged PTool is out then development of new "settings" is left to the community.

    PS Checking this topic once a day :)

  • Just received the gx7 and am very happy with it. First time I use the focus peaking which is such a great feature. So I really hope that focus peaking is part of the hack inclusions because this will be so super useful on the gh3. I'm actually surprised that Panasonic left it out from the gh3. I hope vitaly can pull this off. Thanks I also still hope for the language switcher to be included in the hack because I still am running on the Japanese version which drives me crazy!!!

  • I think we realistically need to hang our hope on Panasonic coming with focus peaking in a firmware update, for the GH3 to get it. It is actually really disappointing that they don't seem to be heading that way.

  • I'm actually really excited to see what the future holds for the GH3. It has all the features that I want although focus peaking would be huge. The other things like leaving the display info running and allowing focus assist during record are essential too. The higher bitrates are further down the list.

  • @SuperSet

    It is not wish list topic. Please note than many people get all this offtopic things to their email.

    So, guys stop posting here. This is topic only about development status.

  • Bit rates are still pretty important for me personally and with the 240 mb/s sd cards coming out in a gets me pretty excited.

    Edit: Oh sry vitaly. Just saw ur msg now

  • Just joined and after reading PAGES and PAGES of several threads with requests for the GH3 hack and I'd like to summarize that what most users would like is a 4K,14-bit, RAW file with 18 stops of dynamic range that can be written to SD cards. Now, I live in Colorado where the use of recreational marijuana has been legalized... but it clearly isn't as good as the stuff some of YOU are smoking, lol.

    I mean, it's fun to dream big... but if you honestly think that Panasonic put RED Epic hardware inside your GH3 and then crippled it in a camera you can buy for $1000 on ebay, then I am confident that you've been typing these fantasies from inside a very comfy room which has been padded and secured from the outside for your own personal safety ;)

    Vitaliy hacks are INCREMENTAL improvements which take a good product and make it noticeably better for the benefit of all users and I'm pretty sure he has explored which software bottlenecks can be circumvented and which blockages are inherent in the hardware. He'll come up with something great and we'll love it. I've only just ordered my GH3 and am anxiously awaiting its arrival, but in the meantime I wanted to add my own small request to the list:

    Please hack us a setting that will let my GH3 give me the best blowjob of my life and then cook me breakfast in the morning. That would put these GH-series in a class of their own and worth ten times the sticker price. And if you could get it done by Friday, my prospects for the weekend would really be looking up :)

    Love this place and all the enthusiasm (even when it's a little ambitious and impatient!)


  • I'm wondering what we could do to speed up the development of new patches and support more cameras?

    I think Vitaliy is doing great work! But it looks like he currently is the only person working on this project.

    Personally I would like to help (having some reverse engineering background) to work on support for the Panasonic G6 and also would try to fix some firmware issues, which really annoy me (e.g. AE lock on shutter half press).

    Do you have any plans to make the development more open (e.g. release ptools source code on github, share details on firmware encryption, ...)?

    I think there are several people like me which would like to help with development!

  • @jerremaniac / others This thread is about the development status only.

    And please stop the same old questions. As;-

    RAW=unlikely. If the GH3 could be hacked for raw you won't get continuous raw recording beyond perhaps 8 seconds at HD quality. the sd card controller is simply not fast enough. Resolution would have to be sacrificed for sufficient elongated raw recordings on the GH3.


    Higher bitrate Intra = Likely.

  • Just to say- would be lovely to some day have a more "log" style color profile for the gh2 - I know at one point Vitaliy was looking into the color profiles on the GH2. There is still some life left in the old girl, isn't there?

  • Any chance of hacking the BMPCC? ;) hehe

  • @jerremaniac

    Please explain the 5D MarkIII Raw Hack then.......

    Hopefully GH3 can be hacked soon, honestly I have moved on to the Blackmagic cameras, but still use the GH3 for 60fps as I think it looks amazing. It's been close to a year and nothing regarding the GH3 hack :(

  • The 5D3 uses a very fast CF card controller, to enable writing 6fps RAW photo sequences, and it's still just barely able to do 24p continuously. None of the Canon cams that use SD cards can record continuously at 1080p. The GH3 uses SD cards and it's very unlikely that its controller is any faster than the Canons'- why would either manufacturer pay for a faster (more expensive) SD controller part when their cams, in stock form, don't need them?

  • @FilmingArt

    Patience. You do have to realize the process of actually trying to dump a firmware can take lots of time. In fact it's not easy. Not to mention making the actual software to make the camera do al these great things plus, testing, crushing bugs and the lot.

    Let Vitaliy take his time and do it right. Because certainly most of us here don't know how to do this and when he's done we are get an amazing tool for free. Not to mention he is doing this in his free time. So, major kudos to him.

  • Topic closed until update to prevent flame.

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