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2K Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera, BMPCC - Availability and where to buy topic
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  • Got my today at B&H, ordered on 4/10 just in case someone wants to know what date they are up to

  • Oh wow, Just ordered today (8th) and tracking says it will be here on the 11th. Very impressive Safe Harbor.

  • WOW... CVP just changed their stock date to November 30th... Wth is wrong with that company that they arent getting shit from BMD? And they still wont reply about a god damn queue position!! SHADY AS F**K!!!

  • @stanlymanly2 CVP are a decent enough company. Blackmagic's erratic production output is the actual problem. By time many get their hands on the junk another updated model will be on announced. Seems the Americans and larger euro countries will get it first...better "exposure" than our tiny island. ;-)

  • @Mimirsan true they are a good company. But recently I received bad customer service. 1 out of 1000 doesnt mean they suck I guess. It was just very frustrating that they would not give me an answer to a simple question until the 10th email. So yeah that bummed me out. Anyways I am cancelling my order from them because I just managed to purchase one from a retailer in Seattle. Last one. So heres a list of the stores I got in touch with in the Seattle Area and Canada and their status on BMPCC.

    Safe Harbor - out of stock. But they expect a shipment this week.

    Advanced Broadcast solutions - stopped selling them because of the unreliable information BMD is giving out.

    AnnexPro - out of stock. if you preorder with them now, its not until December when they will find out if you will get one in the year. :p

    CVP - they havent finished April 8's pre orders. I was 60th on the list as of yesterday. Expected time of arrival on that, 2 months they said.

    So good luck to everyone! I just hope the one I purchased from this small company is recalibrated already.

  • CVP consistently mass order to obtain first priority on new products, then end up returning most of the stock from the "ghost" customers back to the manufacturer, having bossed the other suppliers out through sheer "order" numbers and BM got cute to this - hence CVP are in the queue like everyone else now - I've had the BMPCC for 4 weeks now from 3DBroadcast (incidentally where Bloom got his from - not CVP)

  • Don't order from Hot Rod. Worst customer service ever. They will NEVER return an email.

  • ordered one at adorama on oct 10, 2013 shipped the same day

  • Took 3 days. Got my camera just now. First few images off it are damn impressive. Thank you Safe Harbor. And no blooming or black spots.

  • Bagged one at Adorama yesterday with a lucky phone call. Had it shipped overnight & currently charging the batteries.
    I'd recommend calling Adorama before trying online... it worked for me :)

  • Thanks. I ordered 1 yesterday at Safe Harbor and it is already on its way.

  • Interesting that while people are trying to find available sets across the globe, here in Singapore, there are pockets of people getting brand new sets and selling them online. I am quite sure they aren't selling them for profit (cos the margin cant be so huge as to warrant the trouble), which leads me to wonder if people in general have not taken a liking to it. At this time last year, when BMCC 2.5k was still on preorder, hardly anyone sold procured sets online on the same forums. At the last count, up to five sets were available

  • @kazuo lots of people here in Singapore still prefering to stick with their 5D's

  • @xntrggr Heh heh saw yr ad, has your set been sold?

  • I think many may be surprised by actual operations of this camera. It isn't like an automatic DSLR. The Blackmagics are very "intentional" cameras. Users need to think and set things relative to their set to get good results. Similar to shooting with a film camera. I've had several friends who have used mine, decide they are now just to spoiled, or to lazy, and a Canon or Panasonic will do for them. Personally, I'm enjoying it, as it reminds me to make good decisions. And the results are lovely. I imagine when I shoot something on Panasonic again, I'll be a more careful shooter there too.

  • @TheNewDeal I agree completely, it is by no means a "starter camera", though perhaps it should be as learning on it will only make working with DSLRs that much easier.

  • i try to order from Andorama , and the email me back . i m in London

    We apologize but due to dealer agreements we are unable to ship this product internationally.

    Thank you for shopping with us we appreciate your business.


    Sammy S. - Sales Representative

  • @kazuo I haven't gotten anyone asking about my set even though it's been up on the site for about a week. I shot a short film with a friend's pocket just last weekend and the image quality blew me away so I'm considering keeping it. (low-light + voigtlander 17.5 + chroma noise removal)

    @derek I got mine from bhphotovideo and they shipped from the US to Singapore. They'll probably ship to the UK as well. I find that they tend to ship internationally when other sites might not.

  • Weird, I'm not seeing the same thing at all as far as having to be so careful with exposure on this camera. I mean if you can't expose an image properly, you're going to have a lot more grief on an 8-bit DSLR than on the pocket camera.

  • We have few BMPCC bodies now -

    Price is higher due to fees and express shipping. But is someone want camera fast it is good option still.

  • @Oedipax Interesting point re exposure. What's your take on the screen - many say it's really hard to see during the day because of glare - are you getting the same problem for daytime shooting?

  • @matt_gh2 @Oedipax

    Check topic title, please.

  • I just received 2 BMPC & I need to sell one. I am not trying to make profit I'll sell it for the same price I bought it for.

    2013-10-16 14.52.20.jpg
    2688 x 1520 - 946K
  • I would like to have a BMPCC, i need to know the best way to buy it in Europe. Thanks Guys


    Where are you and how much? Thanks

  • @Aksel I am in Arizona did you sell the other one yet?