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2K Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera, BMPCC - Availability and where to buy topic
  • A topic about where to buy and where to not buy the BMPCC. Retailers like B&H seem to be struggling to fill orders...lets discuss :)

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  • @No_SuRReNDeR

    It is just resellers aiming for fast money. :-)

  • Yeah I figured as much... I have even seen a few on craigslist but that's even riskier in my opinion.

  • I'm currently quite seriously hunting for an in-stock BMPCC

    Here is the official BMD reseller list for anyone interested. Only some resellers offer online purchase, so maybe you'll get more lucky calling a smaller local store on this list that doesn't do online sales.

  • @JuMo

    Looking from inside, most dealers really have either no or very little stock. And it does not seem to be improving very fast.

  • @JuMo Great Advice... I called a local dealer and they said they 14 on order and no backorders in their system. So I think I will cancel my B&H and try that route.

    Has to be quicker than the 800 lb Gorilla....

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Yeah, when I spoke to a reseller here in Canada each order from BMD is only coming with a couple or a few camera's every week or so. Some small shops I've talked to only have a small wait list of sometimes 10-15 people, but if they are only getting a couple of cameras in a shipment, it could still be a month or more to wait.

    @No_SuRReNDeR No problem man, good luck!

  • I ordered from G&G Technologies in New Jersey last Thursday, and they are shipping this week. Though I'm not sure if they are still in stock.

  • Ordered from B&H from Canada. Paid credit then tried to cancel my order but it never did. I then used the chat thing and cancelled it with an agent. Now its cancelled and gonna be a couple days before I get recredited. I found a small retailer in Canada. The owner said he had 2 orders to fill but they get cameras every week in small quantities. Now I should get mine within a week or two instead of this time next year. Good luck everyone.

  • Got mine from B&H but preordered literally 1/2 hour after it was announced.... If you really want it quick, spend a day contacting a bunch of retails and put your name in with those that don't require upfront payment and hopefully one of them will come through.

  • Ordered from Adorama this past Saturday, shipped out today. Should be here tomorrow morning. Wasn't expecting it that quickly, but I'll take it!

  • Can anyone who's received their Pocket Camera from CVP help me? I asked CVP about my position on the list of pre orders but they are being really shady and not telling me anything. The last email I got was stating that they made deliveries for orders from April 8, 2013 at 18:00 / 6:00 PM UK time im guessing.

    Has anyone received theirs yet from ordering after 4pm UK time on the 8th? if so, are they re calibrated already?

  • Is it somewhere in Europe available yet?

  • @Illusionist_Films I ordered mine from BPM in Germany and it was ready to ship last week, but i sadly had to give up my order due to some unforseen financial issues. I ordered mine a week after it was announced. So they are shipping, i just don't know how much stock they have.

  • @muddmanrich Thanks for the information. I also preordered from BPM by the end of August. If they are shipping preorders from April, I'll probably have to wait yet another few months...

  • Check with if you live in Sweden on nearby. I got mine last week. They might have some units still as they ordered a whole bunch immediately after release and filled preorders after that (have no idea how many they have waiting in line).

  • I "Pre"ordered one from Hot Rod Cameras the day of the NAB show announcement. Felt kind of buying somehting that wasn't there, but I also have been known to spend money that wasn't there too:)

    Anyhow, I've forgotton what to do, because I only had to pay for the stamp. However, When I go to their site and look at my account online, there is no record of any transaction between me and them; nor have they contacted me with any information where my beloved postage money has gone.

    I don't want to badger them, so I've just filed it for now.

    Any one else here having the same experience?


    For now, abit of pocket pool is better than no pocket anything:)

  • I believe Safe Harbor computers still has a few in stock:

  • Update - received my order from Adorama! You guys might want to give them a call and see if they have any more in stock.

    Definitely no black hole effect, and I haven't spotted any orbs yet either so hopefully it's already been calibrated. There is a dead pixel on the LCD, which really worried me at first, but it's not there in the footage so I'm happy.

    Now I just need to get some more batteries...

  • You have the cam or just confirmation of it shipping? Ok that answers my question thanks :)

  • Well, I took the plunge and made an impulse buy. I live chatted with someone from Safe Harbor from the above link. They said they had 3 in stock and more on the lets hope they weren't being shady. I'll let you all know in 4-6 business days.

  • Cancelled my B&H as soon as I get the refund I am going to try Adorama I think.

  • Looks like Adorama has them. I ordered mine on Monday afternoon and received it this morning.

  • I just called Adorama. In stock. Mine arrives overnight.

    Thanks for the tip!

  • Guys stop ordering PLLLLeeassse I wont get my refund til like Friday at the soonest..... I think I may have screwed myself