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SanDisk Extreme SDHC Cards
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  • Wow... it's not possible to ask for return this "special" warehouse item via Amazon website. I'm afraid that this will take many man hours... darn...

    Edit: Amazon -> Help -> Contact Us -> Phone. Yeap that did it.

  • has anyone bought a 64gb 95mb/s Sandisk extreme pro from Deal extreme? is it a reliable store?, i was searching on the web and the reviews of the store are mixed

  • I've bought two of the Sandisk 64GB 95MB/S from B&H ( and they came packaged perfectly in Sandisk box and they work perfectly. I think some of the sellers on Amazon have sold fake Sandisk cards. Just buy from B&H and you're sure to be safe.

  • @lolo

    At least they are slow (in shipping). And you really do not know their source of this cards. I suggest to get from B&H or similar.

  • Thank you for your answers, but damn it, its just that the shipping to my country from b&H is absurd U$66, plus i have to pay the taxes and here UPS charge me again an unkown % of the shipping+tax*the value of the merchandise, so... B&h is a no go for me, any other reliable alternative?

  • just found this link on ebay that states some reliable sellers of SD cards

    the users 1800memory, memory-r-us, and techinfiniti

    seem to be legit, anyone knows if the link above is the real deal or is it phishing??

  • Or have a member mail you one for a small fee.

  • @matt_gh2 it is the same ups issue in adorama, another store anyone? @tinyrobot i dont trust in humankind jajajja

  • does anyone know clock frequency of GH2 sd card host controller?

  • Just got a Extreme pro 32gb 95MB/s but the back of it is different from my 64gb one (left on the picture) is it a fake? Doesn't have Sandisk written on the back.

    1632 x 1224 - 668K
  • What is the fastest card (32gb) for a GH-2? The 95mb cards have been around for quite a while?

  • There are a lot of fake Sandisk cards around. Have you written to Sandisk support? I suspect they will have a document pointing out the differences between fake and original

  • @Panamedia

    I'm curious too. The price is definitely right for hte 64GB card. Here's a quote from an Amazon reviewer though.

    There are so many class 10 SD cards in the market for people to choose from but these strike a good balance between speed and price. The fastest SanDisk SD cards are the Extreme Pro line of cards. Those are very expensive. They cost about 50% more and yet have similar speeds, 95MS/s vs. 80MB/s read speeds to these.

    This card is made in China.

    I've tested this card against some of the others I've owned over the year and it has by far the fastest Read speeds out of the bunch. What's surprising is the fact that the slower rated 45MB/s Extreme card has a slightly faster Write speed.

    For example, here are the approximate transfer times of a 400MB file using my Macbook Pro built in SD card reader.

    Sandisk Extreme 80MB/s Class 10 Card: Write 26.5 Seconds Read 19.8 Seconds

    Sandisk Extreme 45MB/s Class 10 Card (Current generation): Write 24.5 Seconds Read 22.3 Seconds

    This Sony 40MB/s Class 10 Card (Current generation): Write 44 Seconds Read 24.2 Seconds

    Sandisk Extreme III Class 6 Card (Not bad for a 4 year old card!): Write 31.8 Seconds Read 23.3 Seconds

  • Here's someone who has done some benchmarks:

    "The results are impressive! It achieved a maximum write speed of 73.95MBps and a maximum read speed of 90.69MBps. This is a little higher than the rated 80MBps read/60MBps write speeds."

  • I ordered a 64gb 45 mb/s in the hope of spanning moon T7, it wouldn't on my 32gb. The supplier has sent the SDXC UHS-I 80 mb/s. Does anyone know if this will span, I don't want to open it and find it doesn't and find they won't refund because it's opened. ??? Thank you.

  • I seem to remember SDXC don't work regardless.

  • I took the plunge and used the 80 mb/s and moon T7 worked fine and dandy.

  • Anyone have experience with Sony's ultra high speed cards? I stumbled across them today and the price point is much better than the Sandisk Extreme Pros, but I wonder how legitimate the speed claim is (94 MB/s).

    It seems they have extremely good reviews over at B&H.

  • Hi, I'm sure this has been answered, but i'm having a bit of trouble finding the answer.

    I was wondering if my 128gb 45mb/s Sandisk Extreme sd card would work with the Drewnet T9 hack?

    also if anyone has any idea, generally how much recording time total can you get out of a 64gb 95mb/s sd card using the Drewnet T9 hack?

    thanks a lot for the help in advance!

  • @Striker6662003 That should work fine. I use Drewnet T9 with a 64 GB Patriot LX card (write speed is only about 13 MB/s) I'm not sure about spanning though as most patches dont span unless it's a 64 GB extreme pro card. 64GB gets you around 100 minutes of footage. High movement/detail scenes tend to sit around 85Mb/s on Drewnet.

  • I think I bought the wrong sandisk cards: I bought a few Sandisk 32gb 30mbs for really cheap on amazon. When I got them, I recognized, they where the ULTRA ones, not the EXTREME. And I remember the Ultra were not working fine. But I always had the 30mps Extreme and they where great. As the 30mbs extreme are now out of the market and substituted by the 45mbs does anybody know, if they threw them back on the market as named ULTRA, with the same class 10 and 32gb and 30mbs and everything, because they look also exactly the same with the red sticker, so I could use these Ultras (dont want to open the package but may be give them back)?

  • Talked to Sandisk support. It is indeed the same card. So, that means you can use ULTRA 32gb 30mbs class 10 perfectly on GH2, I tried it and it spans no problem. Very cheap card.