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SanDisk Extreme SDHC Cards
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  • I've been testing Rig's GOP1 GH1 patch...I bought 3 Sandisk Cards today:

    8gb Extreme 30mb SDSDRX3-8192-A21

    16gb Extreme 45mb SDSDRX3-016G-A21

    8gb Extreme Pro 95mb SDSDXPA-008G-A75

    Recording this bush, it would fail instant with EVERY card. I changed the GOP to 3 and it started working, but then failed after 3 seconds or so. I stepped back a foot and it started recording alright though stream parser showed some missing frames in the high detail, but going frame by frame in Vegas, I didn't see missing frames....SIGH....super high detail and low GOP on the GH1 just don't mix....even with the 95mb cards.

    I'll test the GH2 this weekend. Also used a purple and pink filter simultaneously and the image is CC back to normal.

    1920 x 1080 - 780K
  • does anyone know where i can buy the sandisk 30 mbs hd-video (so not the new 45 mbs one) in nyc? here in nl i can only find the new ones. my bro is in ny atm so i could ask him to buy one, if theyre available. Anyone??

  • @LongJohnSilver Sorry for the late reply, but I have ordered a Sandisk 16GB Class 10 95MB/s SDHC card which is apprantly suppose to handle Sedena Q20 in all modes? Because once again, like my previous 32GB card, it keeps stop reocording in Manual movie mode and especially at ISO128000 :(

  • Update to @tinyrobot's link. Adorama just dropped the price of the 64GB Sandisk card to $159.95. Had to finally splurge and hopefully be worry free on future gigs.

  • I was about to pull the trigger and hesitated on the HDVideo 45MB/s because of this thread. My head hurts from reading. I am using Cake and want to try flomotion 2.0 when it comes out. Seeing as they no longer offer the 30MB/s cards are the new 45MB/s HD video any good or is it the 95MB/s or nothing? I don't shoot that high of bitrate so spending so much on a card seems pointless to me. Although saving money and having one that doesn't work is pointless also.

  • @RatLABProductions

    I have the card you linked to. Have used it for Sedna Q1 and Canis late day, without problems, except when I've made a few deletions on the card (that appears to lead to aborted recording). I haven't attempted to span with any setting.

    One issue which does concern me is occasional motion stutter in playback out of the camera, but since in most cases this occurs randomly (doesn't appear to be baked into the file), I'm assuming it's strictly a playback issue, too much data, in high-data scenes.

  • Thanks for the info. What bitrate is Sendna?

    If I really was concerned about spanning a long event I'd use Sanity or see if Cake 2.3 would span

  • Money spent on a 95 MB/s card is never wasted. You get a good, fast card that will perform more reliably than anything else in the GH2, even if your encoder settings don't require the fastest card. With these prices, I see no reason to buy anything else.

  • 45mb/s 128 GB or 95 mb/s 32 GB (almost same price in Sweden) what would you suggest ? I'm mostly using Cake 2.3 ...

    (Cake 2.3 spanns in all modes om my current 30mb/s 32GB HD Video cards)

    Edit: i meant same price as for 95mb/s 64GB ...

  • 95 MB/s 32 GB, certainly. It is what I use.

  • @balazer , thank you, i think also better to invest on 95mb/s than 45mb/s ...

  • @RatLABProductions Yes, it seems you are right about 30MB/s cards. I've ordered two from Amazon UK and received two 45MB ones, even though I asked them before if they have 30MB/s cards. I am probably not going 95MB route, since the cards are relatively expensive and I am not planning to use high bit rate patches/hacks. Sending cards back would not solve the problem, since it seems that they run out of 30MB cards.

    Are 45MB/s cards really so worse than 30MB/s that I have to send them back? I hope they at least better than Transcend 32MB Class 10 cards?

  • I've received the cards and can confirm the speeds measured by @sumo (it seems the same card - the label on the package was SDSDX-032G-X46). Both cards have similar speeds (see the first two pictures - I was interested in Seq speeds only). The old Sandisk Extreme 30MB/s, Class 10, 32GB gave the last result. It was much lower (the same also after low-level format). Suspicious!

    Speeds were measured by internal SD card reader on my laptop (it seems that it's pretty fast so I don't have to buy external USB 3.0 reader).

    387 x 269 - 18K
    381 x 268 - 17K
    416 x 378 - 29K
  • Hi! I've bought a SD card Sandisk SDXC 64GB 45Mb/s but with my gh-2 with flow motion FW Sometime freeze the machine! I've tried with the original and non original battery and is the same... The curious is tha the machine freeze when i start the rec... i need to remove the battery because i can't do anything (the on-off switch is unusable)

    I think that can be the sd card because whit the other sd card (16GB) i have no issue...

  • Try different hack settings. Try a different card.

  • Settings used: Flow-motion 2.02, Nostalgic -2,-2, 0, 0, ISO 12800 B&W standard. 24p Cinema mode, FSH.

    I have been using the 64GB 45 MB/s card and it hasn't frozen on me in the last few days of using it on my newly acquired GH2. When I try to watch the footage it sometimes breaks up and freezes... I suspect this may be the decoding VLC player is using on Mac?? When I put the footage into Premiere Pro CS6 it can edited and play it fine and smooth.

    The camera is not giving me an error message when recording and hasn't crashed yet. Is it normal to play like gunky blocks because of the footages' high bitrate?

  • tomorrow i'll try with FW 2.02...

  • I apologize if this is a stupid question, and if the answer is already posted somewhere, please refer me to it (as I tried hard but did not find it yet).

    I know I need Sandisk SDHC cards. Many people here suggest at least 30MB/S. Can someone explain how the 30mbs cards would be fast enough for most GH2 patches (@driftwood / Flowmotion ) who write 45MBs, 90 mbs and much more (like 130mbs)?

    Thanks so much

  • B is for bytes, and b is for bits. There are 8 bits in a byte.

  • I have the sandisk 45mb/sec 32gb card and tests with quantum 9b hack by driftwood were successful. streamparser shows 118 mbit/s

  • Argh!!! Having major problems here! Just bought this: I thought for sure its genuine - after all it has zero 1 star reviews and loadsa people saying its the real deal out of 116?! But I just put it through my new external card reader which is USB 3 : and my PC is USB 2 and I get 23 MBps write :O what the hell! I know USB 2 is limited to 60 MBps but 23 MBps is way down on that! :OOOO my jaw dropped - I cannot think why - surely its not a fake?! Is there anything else I have done wrong - formatted it wrongly etc. what should I do? Thanks!


    I want to cry - been having troubles with my verbatim card which was actually hitting 15 - 20 MBps write on crystalmark with my new sd card reader but my camera said the card was not fast enough and canceled the video recording with no adverse effects and sanity V5 - both on paper only needing around 42 Mbps (megabits per second) and the card in tests doing 160 Mbps !!! Why can this not be fast enough!?!? Both my new extreme pro san disk and the verbatim are saying the cards are not fast enough - even with these low level hacks!!! So pissed off :( - just about to test the original firmware again to see if its gone totally wrong! Thanks for any help!

    adding guys from earlier conversations: @thepalalias @duartix - thanks!

    Edit: loaded original firmware and both cards work fine so far so it looks like at least that works! I just noticed that san disk extreme usually does around 23MBps which is what I am getting - I am starting to think someone swapped the lables round with my pro version - surely I should get more than 23 MBps yes? I saw at least 40 but maybe some of you can tell me more?

  • If I put some good movement in the camera or film something like a promo with lights and dancers I can't record with the hack on recommended settings on my old transcends or other supposed class 10 cards or the sandisk extreme supposed 45 mb/s, nothing I have. Seems fine on 24fps but 25fps is crash and burn every time.

  • If anyone is wary of buying a massive, expensive card, don't be. Had a 64gb fail on me. Sent it in on an RMA last week and have just been notified of shipment today. Stoked!

  • @vtablix I can't give you any technical reasons for why, but with my 16gb 95mb/s sandisk card I only got about 20mb/s when using my usb 2.0 ports with 3.0 reader, now with 3.0 ports the speed is up between 70 and 90mb/s, so in my personal experience the card speed tops out around 20 with usb 2.0.