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Choosing Light Kit
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  • Oh yeah, Minus Green is the Magenta gel or pink if you call it that. Use it on all my Kino and LED lighting, unless I'm using the Lee LED Gel sheets.

  • @vicharris Very cool. Yeah - remembered the Camtree shots. I can see the difference. Great info really. Thanks-I'm ordering mine tomorrrow!

  • @matt_gh2 Just for reference, I had the 312 on the dash dialed just above min on the dimmer and the overhead 500 was prob about 30% up. Think that was all shot at 1250 ISO so those things can get pretty bright.

  • @vicharris Yeah, shot looked great - real pro look. Just ordered 2 of the 312s from our p-v deals. Thanks again for great advice. Turns out I have a roll of minus green in the closet. Maybe pick up some ND sheets and I should be gold.

  • what do you guys recommend for gels?

  • For some reason it wont let me edit my last post, so sorry for double posting.

    Am I better off with this 2 piece CFL kit for $110 or a redhead kit for $189?

  • @christianhubbard

    If you ask me, you better of with fresnels kit, as beginners portable and reliable solution.

  • the $565 seems like such a hefty investment though. And they don't even come with softboxes.

    so I'd also have to put up money for those, or stands to hold silks/reflects/etc.

    I'm not doing much narrative work, mostly youtube production stuff and studio photography for fun.

    Still think i'm better off with a fresnel kit? Honestly I would love one but having a hard time talking myself into it.

  • Yep.

    For example - 650w+500w(300w) +150w kit - $550 (I just got our deals item)

    About softboxes, initially one collapsible reflector and one arm that attaches to existing stand are enough. After this you could get cheap softbox.

    You do not need 3 softboxes, really.

  • do I need to worry about tripping circuits and such with the fresnels? at least, any more so than I would the "1000w" CFLS?

  • @christianhubbard

    Normally issues with tungstend lights happen in US mostly (due to 110v requiring higher amps).

    But I doubt that you'll have issues with such kits in 90% of places, it is not 2Kw lights.

    As for 1000w CFL, it is marketing terms mostly. As you need to know real power at certain distance.

  • I have the option to rent out an Arri light kit from my school when I need it, so this is really only for cheap studio photography/ lighting talking head youtube videos.

    That being said I cant bring myself to drop the 550 on the fresnel kit, I can just rent it out the occasional times i need it for a personal project. (rare) So am I better off with the redhead kit or the cheaper flourescents?

  • Sorry I cant edit my post, but I had the price for the Redhead kit incorrect. It is actually 280$.

    Decision made :) sorry for the excessive posting, feel free to delete anything necessary. (I cant)

  • If you're doing a lot of controlled studio and web stuff like you said, that $100 is fine to get started. Treat it well and when you're ready to spend more, you can probably sell those softbox kits for $75. I started with the 3 box kit and it was fine for what I needed it for, that is of course when the minus green is added. You might need half with those. Not sure.

  • Hi, i hope this isn't wrong place to ask.. : )

    Has anyone here used LED light outdoors as a fill or softening light? I know that there could be some problems with different colour temperatures but i don't yet own one and haven't found any videos to objectively see how bad or good the results would be.

    I thought if maybe i could use reflector and a small led light like Amaran AL-198C on a cloudy autumn day to have some tools for playing around with light.

    Will desaturating footage help hiding differences in lighting, like colour temperature, and is using led outdoors with defuser and white/black reflector viable in any ways? I searched for some videos but it's hard to tell what the real natural light was in those shots and all that.

  • @256colour Yeah man, many times. You just need to know what color balance they shoot at and gel them accordingly. It's really easy to get green skin tones with LEDs. The funny thing is now, I use a mixture of 3200 and 5600 bulbs in my kino lights for good skintones regardless of where I'm at.

    They actually make LED gels now with green spike correction

  • @vicharris

    I think he want to use color adjustable light.

    I think good idea can be use something like Aputure 528C, it is small still, but much more powerful.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev If it wasn't outdoor, I would agree with that. The main problem with those bi color lights is that you get such a drop when you change color temp. Personally, for whatever that means :) I went with all 5600K or there about lights and gel them accordingly. I've found that I'm able to get a little more lighting on the subject with these LEDs. It's hard to get the 500 LEDs to really do anything in the sun, especially if they are at 50% power.

  • Personally, for whatever that means :) I went with all 5600K or there about lights and gel them accordingly.

    It is just more handy to adjust temp. I really like such lights. With current prices is is more easy to just get more powerful one if you need it.

    As for gels, they are not more efficient, until you are very close to original 5600k.