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GH3 LCD viewfinder options
  • I have been on the lookout for LCD Loupe options for the GH3 and since its new there are slim pickings. Since I didn't want to foul up the Varavon loupe threads I thought I'd start this thread for Loupe suggestions for the GH3.

    Carryspeed is working on a new version of their VF-3 to work with the GH3. No idea of delivery but expecting months off. Right now it looks like their current one could work with a QR between loupe and camera base to raise it up

    Varavon is also rumoured to be coming out with a GH3 solution but I have no information on it if anyone has anything to add here that would be helpful.

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  • So far, the only one that will work is the newest ...with the battery grip attached and with a modification to the plate mount bracket -

    Zacuto, Varavon and Indie Pro all have models that are close and are probably working on a GH3 version right now.

  • Anybody have any update on this? Really struggling to find a GH3 viewfinder that will work. Read a lot about different types with minor modification will work, but not really interested in this.

  • @Sph1nxster

    Just wait a little for Varavon. I already saw prototype, must be available soon.

  • LCDVF have a GH3 loupe. I have the 16x9 model and it's just a bit too narrow, it cuts off some of the data but not any of the frame.

  • @vk

    Great stuff. Big fan of the Varavon stuff so will need to be patient.

  • ...why wouldn't you just buy the chinese evf ? Probably even cheaper !

  • The chinese EVF screen is not close to being as good as the GH3 screen. Also the peaking is a little hard to read. Plus, I'm sure the Varavon will be less when it's all said and done. The last one was $175. You're around $300 on the EVF after batteries are purchased. Also the eye cup on the EVF kind of sucks. Varavon's is much more comfortable.

  • I have Swivi VF3, it is not made for GH3, below is my modification for use with rig, combining articulation ("magic") arm ...

    1200 x 900 - 35K
    1200 x 900 - 39K
    1200 x 900 - 31K
    1200 x 900 - 43K
  • Carry Speed VF-4 Is this going to work with GH3?

  • For almost 400 bucks it doesn't!

  • @ last_SHIFT

    I agree. Problem is any VF I've found for my GH3 has to be modified, Do It Yourself, duct tape and cardboard to "make it work" properly. Uuuugh.

  • I almost hate to admit I have this thing but....I have a Hoodman in my junk box I used with my 7D. It fits pretty well on the GH3 with the 7D Hood Crane. Now my hot shoe will probably fall off.

  • What is wrong with the varavon loupe for gh3 available from the deals here? I have just purchased one a few days after having a gut full of my unreliable evf for live work. Am not convinced about optical loupes as I've used a zacuto optical on a 5DmkIII and thought my trusty GH2 evf was better. But I hope that the loupe for my new GH3 will function better than its problematic EVF. I will let you know when the Varavon comes in.

  • I'm using the varavon loupe for gh3. Thing is really clear, like you can see the pixels on the screen. I'm focusing much easier now and getting more stable shots as well. Feels solid, fits not too bad. Cuts off about 3% of the screen off the right hand side.

    Easy to take fully off as well. I can get mine off in less than 10 seconds.

  • @whynot To answer your question, I don't thing anything is "Wrong" with it. I have one for each of my GH2's and the only issue I have is that if you leave them where the sun can get in, it'll burn a hole in the LCD.

    I'm very cautious about using them now (Yeah, happened to one camera but I had a no questions aftermarket warranty).

  • Good to hear Sph1nxster. @Peternap Yeah ok will definitely keep that in mind, but luckily most of my live paid work I'll be using it for is in theater so no sun.

  • The above GH3 mini-rig video is mine, let me know if you have any questions. I think the VF-4 is a better solution then the slightly cheaper Varavon Loupe due to the eye shutter alone.

  • I just got the Carry Speed VF4, and while the overall design and optic quality is pretty good, the fit is a too tight on my GH3. The top of the VF4 hits the bottom of the GH3's view finder. To get a proper fit, I have to loosen the baseplate, position the VF4 and then tighten the baseplate. Once in place it works well, but its very difficult to remove. I'm thinking about adding some kind of shim to thicken the baseplate. Anyone have a solution for this?

  • bump

    Any new developments on that?

  • Apparently Kamerar are bringing out a new baseplate for their QV1 viewfinder that will work with the GH3 which looks promising.

    In the meantime I'am using a Hoodman loupe with the x3 mag. With a Manfrotto 501 baseplate underneath the camera and the bottom of the GH3's EVF it provides a perfect compression fit with no light leaks. Solid when fitted in and easy to pop off.

  • @onceuponapixel I got a response from photography and cinema about this very plate you're referring to just a few days ago.

    "We have a new QV-1 plate that is going to be release the next month or the following. We are just finalizing some details, but we cannot tell you if with that plate the QV-1 will fit GH3.

    Thank you."

  • cheers wizard… Emm over at cheesycam did post a diy solution awhile ago when using the viewfinder with the fhughen cage, involving a longer bolt

  • @onceuponapixel

    I've seen the diy post you're talking about. I opted to pick up a Carry Speed VF-4. I've been using it for a little while now and just been dealing with the small gap near the bottom of the view finder. It's mostly a non issue, though I've seen some DIY solutions posted on how to get the VF-4 to fit a bit better with the GH3. I might try something when I have some time.