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EU: Global warming results
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  • I do hope that you're not suggesting this is representing or suggesting that the 'warming' of our planet is not real. I personally don't trust the computer models because you'd obviously have to have ALL the data to be accurate and how can anyone know how much data is all. But that we affect the planet is obvious. How much is the climate changed as a result of GHG is certainly beyond my pay grade of understanding. Unfortunately it becomes almost some sort of fan boy of comprehension. Who do you believe and why? Pictures of snow in springtime means nothing. Don't pan with such a wide angle is an obvious comment. Use a tripod. Enjoy the wonders of weather?

  • What's so dangerous with suggesting that perhaps there hasn't been warming globally in recent years? We've been cooling down since 1998.

  • there hast recently been a survey among the worlds scientists: there is consenus among a very large majority that mankind made the planet warmer, it just remains uncertain how big the part is the humans contribute to it. That the polution of the environment is a serious issue, has very recently even been acknowledged by the chinese government, which has been accused of not doing enough. in fact i think that china with its politcal weight can be a lot better forerunner in this issue than the united states have ever been.

    and older:

  • Global warming can cause shifts in weather patterns that can very well lead to cooling in some places. Plus, more extreme weather to be expected anywhere, and extreme can also mean both ways. Where I am, we are being flooded right now…

  • there hast recently been a survey among the worlds scientists: there is consenus among a very large majority that mankind made the planet warmer, it just remains uncertain how big the part is the humans contribute to it.

    let me change few things and make it

    there hast recently been a survey among the US population: there is consenus among a very large majority that two greatest problems of mankind are breasts of Angelina Jolie and new dress of Kim Kardashian, it just remains uncertain what one of two big problems is main one and how ordinal human can contribute to its solution.

  • exactly, weather shifts are common and ask the population of some South Seas islands, they will be the first who will need in central europe is also weirder than ever, coldest sping in 40 years, darkest winter in ages...

  • @vitaly_kiselev please substantiate your infos with linkage :P i dont mind some preamputation boobs...

  • us population is also not a good refernce point due to the general level of education there. p-v-members excluded, who already demonstrated a huge amount of intelligence in finding this site: congrats to your ivy league education...

  • Still doesn't change the fact that temps globally have cooled since 1998.

  • Global warming is one of those nice unfalsifiable (political) theories. If it gets warmer, it's because of global warming. If it gets cooler, it's because of global warming. If waterlevels rise/sink its because of GW. If Obama gets indigestion it's most definitly because of GW.

    Global Warming for environmentalists is what the patriarchy is for feminists..

  • Global Warming for environmentalists is what the patriarchy is for feminists.

    "Global warming" is accepted as fact by the vast majority of the world's climatologists, the same way nearly everyone in the sciences accepts the theory of evolution -- not because it sounds nice or is politically correct, but because there's a great deal of published data and research supporting the theory.

    If you've reviewed the relevant climate science which points to global warming, of which there's a great deal, and found it deficient, why not show the world your findings?

  • The refrigeration principle. You use heat to generate cold. Try it on a bike pump - as you pump it, the tube in your hand gets hot as the air coming out the nozzle is cool.

    I was recently in a cold-springtime France, then came back to a hot autumn in Australia.

    You cannot get a high temperature spike somewhere without an equal and opposite cooling effect: either generalised cooling affecting other regions - or even cold snaps in one or more specific regions.

    However, the temperatures, (just like supermarket prices) are waltzing upwards: ONE (two, three), ONE (two, three), UP a lot, (down a little, down a little)...

    Just like over your cooktop, the unusually hot air rises, forcing higher, colder air down into the vacuum left behind, we get eddies, turbulences, high evaporation causing clouds, refrigerator effects, cold snaps, hot spikes, the average of which seems to climb inexorably upwards over time.

    If you don't understand how fluid dynamics an do all this - well, neither do I. If you think these laws of physics need a thorough going over and start getting a damn sight more predictable, then I'll vote with you.

    Stephan Lewandowsky has studied scepticism. In the field of climate science the so-called sceptics he says are not sceptical, they are rejecting the evidence for ideological reasons, and a personal world view. He says extremist market ideology leads people to reject climate science.

  • @Gamer_s @eyenorth: you must be americans, part of the tribe of the i know it all. even if 97% of the scientists agree, you disagree, i am sure you would also have tried to explain relativity theory to Einstein and you sure know a lot better than any physician how a nuclear plant works and how easily all problems in the world could be solved. YOU know it all better, congratulations and welcome to the tea party or our local hillbilly redneck club :)

    Also just because it has gotten colder in your Idaho, Montana, Arizona town, it has not necessarily in Somalia, Ethopia etc. And please your line 1998 bla, if you state something, give us a source, this is not some gypsy glassball we are looking in, if you want to be taken seriously on a scientific base, then give sources.

  • I heard the Dinosaurs caused the Ice Age.

  • @disneytoy i heard ignorance and the disability to look further than 10 inches has cost more than one lemmings life...lucky happy bouncing bugger in the wrong queue....

  • A New South Wales University climatology faculty finally got the funds to research the causes of public global-warming-denial.

    So they looked up all the academic climatology papers published which dispute global warming and/or anthropogenic (man---made) causes of global warming.

    The result? There were none. Not one paper had been published disputing global warming. Nor had any academic paper ever been published disputing anthropogenic (man-made) causes of the warming we are observing.. So, instead of giving the money back, they instead crossed the lawn to the Humanities section of the university, just in case they might find a psycho-social reason at the root of climate scepticism.

    Nope, they drew a blank again. The global deniers weren't all crazy or suffering from mass-hysteria. ..Then they moved the study and the remaining cash over to the communications faculty.

    Their findings, as revealed to an embarrassed ABC Science unit head Robyn Williams, was that the cause of the popular myth had been generated by none other than the media alone. Robyn was dumbstruck - and guilty.

    Since then, Australia's ABC's coverage has changed. It has not sought to show some mythical "other side" to each global warming story.

    In fact, the other media outlets have followed. -Except our own Seven Network, who, in a burst of backwardness over the Xmas Silly Season, dredged up our last surviving climate denying academic (not a climatologist but a geologist with no publications to his name and a withering list of lecture-circuit bookings), and Nick Minchin, an opposition spokesperson on mining and development.

    So it just goes to show that a TV station, desperate for ratings can still manage to drum-up a couple of crazy pseudo-sceptics in a pinch.

  • I do realize Global Warming exists. Otherwize not much life would exist on earth. It's the man made part im sceptical about. And im even more sceptical about the correctnes of the doom and gloom predictions. And find it HIGHLY improbable that GOVERNMENT woul provide anything CLOSE to a solution.

  • @Gamer_s

    It's the man made part im sceptical about.

    Fascinating! Do tell us why all the published papers are wrong.


    From U.S. Climate Change Science Program (CCSP)

  • @gamer_s indeed, all papers by scientists indicate that its man made. where do you take your extra expertise from? i think we have a nobel prize winner in disguise here on this site, please reveal your identity Sir!

  • @Mirrorkisser Nopes - I hail from the nauseatingly politically correct Scandinavia. And again, my only point is that global temperatures having been cooling since 1998. If that kinda grinds against the AGW dogma, that's another issue.

  • @eyenorth

    Once again, Do tell! Where's your crystal ball? image

    From NASA

  • @eyenorth: and that is your own resume? do you have any source of information besides your pinky? and how would that correspond with the melting poles? And have you read what @walker wrote regarding the temperature shifts in global warming? it does NOT grind against any dogma, i know, it takes the ability to a second step of thought...

    A certain degree of scepticism is healthy, but its not good if your source of knowledge is all mambo jambo medievil nonsense.

  • @Mirrorkisser @walker I guess this kind of holier-than-thou thing is what sparked my skepticism in the first place - the AGW camp is a bit more fanatic and PC than perhaps the other side. But regarding NASA where the graphs come from, seems they can't make up their mind:

    Personally I have found Svensmark's (director of the Center for Sun-Climate Research at the Danish Space Research Institute) argument convincing, especially given the correlation with the recent CERN experiments under the CLOUD project.

    And I'm absolutely fine with you guys finding the other side compelling. But labelling f.ex. the researchers at DSRI as crackpots, in breach of logic and dangerous because the DATA of their research points in a different direction - that's just too much. If you look up in the comments, that's just what I reacted at - that a difference of scientific opinion is dangerous. 1984.

  • @eyenorth


    If everybody and his dog feels free to make up his own climate theory, then that's just dandy.

    It's modern, it's very liberating, but - just like a fake cancer cure, it's bullsh*t of the dangerous kind.

    Stick with science, (try Google Scholar for your info) and you'll find yourself on an information fast-lane, where there has been no climate debate, no "other side," - and, as I said, not a single paper published anywhere in the world doubting global warming or the fact that we humans are contributing to it.

  • @eyenorth

    The article you cite appears in a for-profit, climate-denial publication with no peer review, no accreditation and no associations with reputable research institutes or scientists. It is not science in the usual sense of the term. The article simply makes unfounded assumptions about the claims of climate science and then refutes them.

    As for other material you find personally convincing, might one ask, why? What is it about climate science denial that's so compelling, that in your mind these minority claims refute a huge body of contrary evidence which you probably haven't reviewed? Why do you, as a non-scientist, accept scientific consensus in most areas, but not this one, even if the rising sea levels, polar icecap melting, and hottest years on record, all of which is in the news on a daily basis, doesn't impress as a layman?

    If you think people are making money off of global warming claims, you might want to look again. The big money is climate denial: nice checks from Exxon-Mobil and the Koch Brothers. Meanwhile, even self-described socialist governments are doing next to nothing about the earth's warming, so it's not as if he "conspiracy" of global warming "alarmists" has been successful.

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