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Zoom H6, first modular audio recorder presented
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  • Not sure it’ll have phantom power, though. Not enough juice. Even if they are connected in series, the four AA batteries will only put out six volts (and forget about “20 hours of operation”).

    Having said that, I have a Zoom H1. It operates from a single AA battery and lives up to its advertised 10+ hours of operation, all the while powering my RØDE lav mic.

  • Looks interesting. If the specs above are accurate, the "20 hours of operation with 4 AA batteries" (phantom power disabled, I presume) is much longer than the Tascam DR-60. That could be a decisive factor for many people.

  • @gabilourson 4 AA batteries. Interesting product (if preamps are good) but too bad there isn't an internal batterie + AA like on my DR100 mk2. Here's all specs available on zoom website :

    Alt text

    • The world's first handy recorder with interchangeable mic system
    • XY mics capture remarkable stereo depth and clarity
    • Mid-side mics provide continuously variable stereo width
    • Four XLR/TRS inputs for external mic/line connections
    • Up to six channels of simultaneous recording
    • High-definition audio of up to 24-bit/96kHz
    • 6-in/2-out USB audio interface
    • Over 20 hours of operation with 4 AA batteries
    • Supports SDXC memory cards up to 128GB
    • Optional Shotgun mic and external XLR/TRS inputs available
  • Very interesting... Real question for me about this is type of battery...

  • Shotgun - Zoom have the MS microphone technology which made AKG's superb stereo shotguns. I wonder if the shotgun will be MS stereo? Indeed, I would bet a beer on it, as there are two stereo channels available, after all... (the leftmost pair of level bars).

  • Is is me or do ZOOM products tend to look like space ships from 70s B-grade TV shows?

    I wonder how modular they intend it to be, if that mount will allow third party attachments. Some sort of radio mic attachment would be handy.

  • Cool. I am sure the preamps are improved as well.

  • Interesting. VK, is there a hot shoe adapter to mount it on camera?

  • This is great. I have the Roland R-26 which I like, but always wish I had one or two more inputs. Also nice to not have to deal with the extra bulk of the onboard mics if you don't need them. If the preamps on this are good (like Vitaly is hoping as well), this will be the ideal solution for me. Hopefully lower noise than the H4n which I had but wasn't very happy with.

  • @stonebat

    Nope. It is 6 channel recorder after all.

    If preamps will be good, full set (+2 XLR and shotgun) will be quite popular.

  • Does it replace H4n?

  • I think I'm still leaning towards the DR-60D, but it's sure nice to have more options these days.

    I moved towards DR-680 as they are especially cheap now :-) Don't like 60D much.

  • I think it is super cool too.

    I think I'm still leaning towards the DR-60D, but it's sure nice to have more options these days.

    I wonder which of the two will have better preamps?

  • I think it is super cool.

    tascam made recorder to be mounted below camera, it is made to be mounted on top, with tilted screen.

  • Price for recorder expected to be 400 EUR (so about $400 in US).

    It'll have add on for two extra XLR plugs and also shotgun addon.