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DN2 LED big lights
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  • Thanks @Vitaliy_Kiselev for the new deals on the big LED panels!

    Is there any big difference between those two besides the DN2 beeing a bit brighter and lighter?

    And will the 1000 LEDs/60W running at lower power life longer compared to the 900 LEDs/90W?
  • That fresnel is interesting...does it come with battery pack, barn doors, stands, etc?

  • @Psyco

    As I know DN2 is much better (and V battery mount and DMX interface are included by default).
    Plus it comes with big hard case. I'll try to add photo tomorrow.

    >...does it come with battery pack, barn doors, stands, etc?

    I'll ask about barn doors.
    But, of course, no stands and no batery packs.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Ok, but it still adds a lot of money to the price of the lamp. Is there another option to power it - e.g. is there a power adapter includet with the DN2?
  • @Psyco

    Yep, power adapters are included.
  • I'm thinking of picking up the tn2 t/d....but was looking at the rated output. Is that correct that at either T or D setting, there is roughly only 1/4 the output as a single colored light?
  • @jaecjaec

    This needs clarification. I also noted this and asked questions long time ago.
    As DN2 lights has 30 and 60 degree options it could also be different measurements.
    Generally, we need real measured result.
  • IDX V-mount and Sony V-mount are the same, correct? Because I have 2 IDX V-mount batteries and chargers...

    30 and 60 degrees are like spot and flood, right?

    Is there also a dimmer on the DN2?
  • @negativespace

    >IDX V-mount and Sony V-mount are the same

    Most probably, but, please check it yourself digging in google

    > Is there also a dimmer on the DN2?

    Yep, dimmer and DMX interface for it.
  • I'm still trying to make up my mind which LED light to buy. As Vitaliy pointed out, the DN2-T&D is better quality and probably an over all better package compared to the FT-02AS. So the ultimate question for me is now:

    Buy a DN2-T&D or for the same amount of money 3x 312AS bi-colour?

    One big light vs. 3 small ones - set up of 3 would be more work but setup options would also be more....what do you think?
  • Are 3 of these really sufficient for a three point light setup ?
  • I was more thinking of getting 5-6 of the 312AS instead of 2 312AS and 1 DN2.
  • Getting all same model will make it easy to correct color temp and tint.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    Just to make sure: The DN2 deal is closed, but the 312AS and the FT-02 deals are still available?
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    Thats no good :-( I just made up my mind to give the DN2 a try.

    Do you think we will get similar deals on big LED panels soon? (Or even better deals?;-)
  • @Psyco

    I hope.
    If you want to get 2 DN2, I think we could organize one shipment.
  • Is there anybody in Germany (Bayern) who wants to jump in on the last DN2 deal?

    I only need one LED light, but the last deal is for 2 of it only!
  • @Aksel They are different lights. You are talking about a LED vs Tungsten lights.
  • DN2 900 LED light

    I got mine yesterday, seems really good operationally but with some mad usability.

    Good Points

    Good Construction
    Fine control of lighting
    Dims to zero on both banks
    Diffuser gives even light output
    Quality connectors
    No flicker


    The controls go anticlockwise to increase output !!!!
    There is a control per bank (3200 and 5600) rather than overall level and mix

    Looking at the PCB I can see a processor per bank --- why not just change the A and B on the rotary controllers so that the light/DMX channel increases in the clockwise direction!

  • It turns out that Li-Po and Li-Ion are the same chemistry types in output voltage terms.

    V-Batteries are very expensive so I hooked up a Li-Po 4S 3000mAh to a DN2 900 and found that I got 40 mins at full brightness. There is a issues with cut-off which doesn't happen until around 9.6 volts, by which time you would have wrecked a LiPo 4S. I'm going to use a protection circuit at around 14.4V, this will be based on a MOSFET to disconnect the battery as the volts go below 3.7 per cell.

    Battery powered these things are fast to use, just place and go, they can be moved quickly and don't have the safety hazard issues of trailing cables.

    I used one in outside conditions:

    You might notice the highlights in the eyes which are from the DN2 900.

  • @andyharris Andy, can you post some video or sample shots to see how powerfull and color stable they are?

    Thank you very much :)

  • @mishox

    Here's a little recent work:

    There are some 1.2metre square scrims doing the softening.