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DN2 LED big lights
  • In spite of

    Anyone interested in good 500-1000 LED lights?

    Something like this:

    For one of the models manufacturer tells that quality is same as:
    I mean CRI>=93

    Please, not that this won't cheap lights as we are aimed at high quality stuff.
    800 x 360 - 67K
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  • read my mind. I was just over at cool lights reading their articles on LED. Basically said that CRI>80 was not possible....then again, the blog was from '09. That said, the reason I'm researching LED panels is that I'm interested. Especially the 1000 LED panels. Looking at purchasing a couple of good quality panels and these look great.
  • @jaecjaec
    I'll add photos of other models later.

    One of them, as seller claims, had been produced for Flolight (with same CRI). You can see it at the link above.

    I really doubt CRI for single colour LED lights.
  • Btw, anyone is interested in LED based Fresnel lights?
  • I would seriously be interested in one of these. what is a ballpark price for one?
  • LED Fresnel would make a nice universal portable light. Panels are not good for portraits where a narrower beam is necessary. Well, it's affordable, but not cheap.
  • @zigizigi

    Yep, not a frequent thing.
    In reality Chinese are working on them and only first prototypes are ready.
    Most probably our members will be first owners.
  • I'll give the fresnels a try as well. This legal action against Chinese LED import is interesting. I wonder if it will effect the price of existing stock of LED panels.
  • Any progress VK?
  • >Any progress VK?

    Please be patient.
    I am working on it.
  • @Hazna

    I'll ask them after holidays.
    Fancier do not produce any LEDs, they just rebrand them.
    In contrast we try to work with manufacturers or companies close to them (if manufacturers work with big dealers only).
  • For a reality check, consider the quality and economics of high-CRI fluorescent floodlights:

    MaxLite SKR423FLDL Fluorescent Lamp (110v ac):

    23 Watts, 1300 lumens, 5000K color temp, CRI-84 - $8 (quantity 4)

    Cowboy Studio 900 LED Dimmable Video Light Panel (110v ac, 24v dc):

    ?? Watts, 9500 lumens, 5400K color temp, CRI-?? - $425

    So for about $65, eight fluorescent floods will produce as much light as one $425 LED panel.
  • @LPowell
    Thanks for the (re) focus & the link.
    back on the right track, now!
    Thanks to LPowell...
  • @LPowell

    I already referenced coollight article.
    To be short, you are comparing things that must not be compared (never compare lumens), first.
    Second, I am sure you tried work with this sets with bunch of CFL bulbs?
    Because I have one of such light sets :-)
  • >Because I have one of such light sets :-)
    Me too, and while they can give beautiful light, they are not very handy outside of studio work. Carrying the bulbs, setting everything up gets annoying ect. That's where LED's are much more practical.
  • >Carrying the bulbs, setting everything up gets annoying ect.

    This is what I am talking about. Bulbs are very easy to break, btw.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev - "Bulbs are very easy to break, btw. "

    Yes, fluorescents do require careful handling. The 23W lamps I linked above are the sturdiest daylight-balanced fluorescents I've found that produce enough high-quality light for practical use. As shown in the photo below, they're made of a small coiled unit encased inside a sealed glass floodlight diffusion reflector. This makes them much more safe and reliable than bare coiled fluorescents. For example, the compact coiled lamps in the following link produce twice as much light even more cheaply, but they are far more fragile:

    For storage and transport, I keep the lamps stored in their protective retail boxes, eight of which happen to fit perfectly inside a lightweight plastic container with a latched lid that I found at a hardware store.

    In the photo, I assembled four of the lamps into one of the 4-way fixtures I use them with. The lamp sockets in these cheap Chinese fixtures are really flimsy and I permanently installed socket extenders to avoid putting any wear on them. To accommodate the width of the circular floodlamps, I use long extenders in diagonally opposite sockets to offset the height of adjacent lamps.

    The virtue of this lighting rig is that the individual components are cheap, lightweight, and easily replaced. Light stands are so prone to on-set accidents that aside from secure, ceiling-mounted units, I'm reluctant to invest in expensive high-quality equipment.
    4928 x 3264 - 5M
  • @LPowell

    Thanks for info.
    But I think that it'll be better to make something like Cheap fluos vs LED lights topic.
  • I just used the Lightpanel ones with a color balance dial and a dimmer. Very nice and easy to use. great for fill or broad soft light. I also used their fresnel which seemed way under powered so we ended up just using regular 2k fresnels and then color balancing the panels to match. I do like the pannels though and it's always nice to work with lights that aren't hot. We were shooting music videos with the kids at Camp RED in their studios. Fun using the Epic X ; )
  • image

    Small image of LED fresnel.

    I had small talks today and it looks like samples will be available in limited quantity for < $1000.
    Lux is stated as 650w fresnel analog.
    LED fresnel.jpg
    400 x 325 - 27K
  • That looks cool!
  • Hmmm.... 5600K no problem? Good spot lighting? No more green tint? No color change at dimming and brightening? If yes yes yes yes, WOW.

    But $1000 is definitely out of price range.
  • Must be lower than $1000, I'll let you know soon.
    But not cheap.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Any news on a good deal for the 1000 LED lights?

    That DN2-D/T would be very nice with my 312AS ;-)
  • @Psyco

    Deal is almost ready.
    Most probably, will be on since Monday.