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Lenses for Canon FD mount
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  • Some good info concerning Canon FD lenses.

    Video about lenses and sample footage:

    Top FD lenses thread
  • The contrast and color reproduction is deferent on L glass also the build quality is very nice. If you like the look then you are kind of stuck with the bill.

    I think its cheap compared to what EF lenes go for, and the FDs are going hold there value a lot more. In 50 years most EF lens will not work anymore but the FDs will still be taking wonderful pictures.
  • @bitcrusher

    Prices on FD jumped significantly in last years. Due to m43, and, especially due to NEX release.
    Personally, I do not see a point to collect all top glass or L glass only.
    85mm F1.2L is not astonishing lens.
    I am not sure about 135mm F2 also.
    Telephoto and wide lenses gained image quality (why being cheaper) due to heavy ED and aspherical elements usage in modern lenses.
  • FD's sound like an inexpensive proposition unless you need a matching set. I like the FD image for narrative work.

    The 14mm 2.8L will put you back 1K+ or you can get a 17mm f4 for $3-400. The wide side of the FD range can give you some headaches but when you use legacy glass this is always the case. It is harder to match modern lens to FD so this can be a turn off a lot of users.

    If you have 4-5k you could get this set. Sounds expensive but it will probably double in value in another 10 years. This is the set that I am slowly building.

    14mm F2.8L
    24mm F1.4L
    35mm F2 concave f16 version.
    50mm F1.2L
    85mm F1.2L
    135mm F2

    Maybe a 200mm f2.8 and 300mm F2.8L,
  • My 50mm 1.4 is razor sharp, even wide open.
  • I kinda like fisheye distortion in photo. ACR can fix the distortion if I want to. In video I have no idea how to correct it. That's where Lumix 7-14 shines. It's rectilinear. Although it's slow at 4.0, it's the sharpest wide angle lens on m43 bodies.

    As soon as one mixes FD w/ lumix m43 lenses, he faces challenge to match them. Thus all FDs or none... I think.
  • Maybe I'll buy this sunday 28/2 :)
    Also there is 15/2.8 but I don't like fisheye image.
  • Try to see if you can find good FD 24/2.0 in good condition at a reasonable price. Also 15/2.8, 28/2.0, 35/2.0. I feel... I missed a boat.
  • I've got 50mm 1.4 S.S.C. in good shape with ciecio's7 adapter. Cannot complain. It is cheap and produce picture I like :) In addition it is manual.
    You can find these lenses (50mm/f1.4) in good shape. No big problem in Poland.
  • It's great if one has a set of FD lenses. But it's getting harder to find good conditioned FD lenses from ebay.