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Lenses for Canon FD mount
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  • @B3Guy
    Check 14mm Samyang also if you like this lens. It is also very sharp and feels good. And can be got for even less (see our deal topic about it)
  • ya, except I picked mine up helping an elderly friend lean how to use the interweb. one of those "gems you find in a cardboard box at grandma's" situations. I've seriously considered the 14mm, but I think I'm set with lenses for a while. I have several good workhorses and its high time I dealt with my audio situation.
  • Today I bought an FDn 200mm f2.8 @ ebay.
    Hope to get it this week :-)

    Now I have to get an adapter....
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  • hello!
    does anyone has ever tried the canon FL?
    i´ve heard that we can attached the FL to the FD mount adapter, but they are of good quality?, does anyone know?
  • @lolo
    quote: It was in turn replaced in 1971 by the Canon FD lens mount. FL lenses can also be used on FD-mount cameras.

    Ordered also the 55mm 1.2
    Adapter from novoflex is in backorder :(

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  • @AmandaNL , yeap, yhank you for answering, but are they any good?
  • @lolo
    Just google the lens, there is a lot of info on Canon lenses available.
  • Today I got the 200mm and Novoflex adapter.
    It is totally awesome! I like it a lot although you need an tripod for filming with this lens... focus is butter smooth.
    When full open you see a small dust particle and when stopped down 1 stop the aperture looks a little rough.
    Something I did not know is there are 2 versions, apparently I have the second version which focuses internal and closer to 1.5 meters

    Maybe I bring them to be serviced, my Canon CPS card is still valid :)

    The Novoflex adapter is also very nice made, there is no play and fits very precise.
  • Got my 55mm today, looks very nice ;)
    Will play with it this weekend...

    With the Breech lock of the 55 I had to modify the Novoflex adapter. I needed to drill a small (1,5mm) hole in the adapter for the AE switch pin.... but.... now I look more closely I see the pin going away when I turn the aperture ring from "A"........ so the adapter is fine.
  • that pin (I think) should poke into the lens. I had the same thing on my 17mm Tokina, and I was bummed. IDK what it actually did, but I removed the FD-Adaptall back from the lens, and the back hooked to the FD-M4/3 adapter just fine. Then I hooked both back onto the lens body. Maybe try fiddling with the aperture ring on the lens? or just gently prod the pin?
  • Hi,
    not to hijack the thread...

    I have the opportunity to get the Canon 50mm 1.4 or the Yashica 50mm ML 1.4 nearly at the same price. But for the Canon I have to buy the adapter while I laready have the C/Y adapter.

    Someone got the chance to test the Yashica Vs the Canon?

  • @LongJohnSilver
    I have a Canon 50mm 1.4 after my grandfather, from the 70s. It is a little soft, but the video perfectly suited for me. As for the adapter, I use this fd m4 / 3 from ciecio7 from ebay.
  • ciecio7 adaptor is great, I have one also. milled form solid duraluminum, nothing better.
  • @Mihuel

    Thanks for the suggestion but I went for the Yashica 50mm f1.4 it's a great lens and I saved a new adapter.
  • @Vitaliy and all, I'm interested in the 80-200 f4 L, and I'm wondering what would be an "honest" price for it : I found that the lasts sold on eBay were around 200€ (280$). Did you buy yours at a similar price ?
    What adapter would you recommend for this quite heavy lens ?

    Txs !
  • hi everyone i am looking to sell my Canon FD f1.4
    Minty condition.
    Lens comes with FD-m4/3 adaptor. Asking for US$180, but shipping is not included.
  • Finally bought the Vivitar 55 (around 80€) and the 80-200 L (around 180€), not so cheap, but I'm not really patient. Hope they will be as mint as the sellers pretend them to be ...
  • These are all from the Tamron Adaptall-2 17mm f3.5, except for the one of the guy in the red cap. That photo is from the Konica Hexanon 40mm f1.8
  • grr . . . attach a file is not working!
  • Hi,

    I want to buy a 28mm f/2 in FD mount. I have seen that there's the Canon FD (SSC) for 200-300$, and other brands like Vivitar and Kiron, for prices from 60$ to 200$, almost always cheaper than the Canon.

    I'd appreciate if somebody shared their experiences with these ones. Is the quality difference noticeable with our GH2 in video? Is the SSC coating a must?

  • The Kiron 24mm is quite good, I really use it a lot on my GH2 (only marginally behind the Rokkor 24mm, which was on top in it's time). I don't know about the 28mm, though. Rumour has it that Kiron was founded by ex-Nikon engineers (could be an anagram)…
  • I've got the Vivitar 28mm f/2.0. It's soft wide open and flares easily, but I like the character:)
  • has anyone tried the
    Canon Fd 35-70mm 2.8-3.5 S.S.C.??
    i´m thinking of buying one for U$200, is that overpriced for what it is ? or is it worth it?, it looks mint though, any help?
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  • if anyone is interested in knowing the year of manufacture of a canon lens, look at this:

    i have one of 1982 an another one from 1979 hahah :) are older than me but prettier!
  • 2009 – X
    2010 – Y
    2011 – Z
    2012 – ?

    It looks like Canon also agree that 2012 is end of the world :-)