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  • Hi everyone.My name is Jan and live upp north Sweden. I´m a musician and musicproducer. I have a studio with an SSL Soundscape setup as the center of the equipment. I have made music and sound to movies, tv commercials, docs artist´s…for over 25 years..last spring I bought my first camera Panasonic g3..then sold that and bought Canon 600d then a Canon Vixia G10(Legria)..sold that and bought Sony Nex5n ..sold that and bought Nex6 ,than sold that and now I have nex 7..and Sony cx730…I hope some day that I can slow down my camera trades..and maybe some day figure out how to be a filmmaker. Woolhats?..Mike Nesmith in The Monkees hade a woolhat.. my first idols back in the 60´s

  • hi, this is mirko writing. i am from germany and currently studying product design as well as graphic design. besides that i am an artist concentrating on media installations and performance art. i'm glad i found this community and the hacks, so i can shoot video and use it in different ways on a tight budget. i really appreciate the amount of knowledge i found on this forum!

  • Hello Buddies, My Name is Raja Malik Meeran Paul Mohammed.also Known as Tamil Arasu Raja in Commercial sector. i am From Chennai, TamilNadu, India.I have a Degree in Commerce , a post graduate Diploma in Computer application and a post graduate diploma in Multimedia.

    I started my life as a sound Engineer / Video Editor / owner of Griffin Auditions, in Bahrain, AG, did mixed more than 9 commercial albums / 3 own albums etc in a period of 4 years (around 112 music numbers). Most works of mine were done for my father in the past. (few lines abt him - MR. Hajee Paul Mohammed did a Marathon record in Music for Playing 33 Instruments for 303 Hrs non-stop in 1993, He is at present working as the Head of the Department Arts and craft in Indian school Bahrain, one of the biggest school in Asia which has 350+ teachers and 9800+ students)

    Cadence, ISB Kaaviyathai Kanden, FILM Unathu Vizhil, FILM

    are some of my notable works.

    I came through many local works in Photography / Videography / Screen writing & Editing

    I Closed my studio and merged it to a newly established Company called Ares Talkies & Ares Film Company in April 2012. (Shifted to India)

    I currently work as the Head of Creatives / Partner of Ares Talkies & Ares Films Commercial south indian Cinema company. Did some non-commercial / commercial works for this Company.

    I wanna be a commercial FilmMaker in the future.

  • Hi All,

    I was drawn to this site after looking into a dslr camera that I could use for video. I’ve never really participated in any online community of any kind until I found this site. I like the overall vibe of this community and it’s member’s willingness to share knowledge and sometimes wisdom.

    I’m 49 now and have [nearly] made a living in film/video since I was 20. Now my financial equilibrium is off, so I’m looking for a second career to support my new hobby – filmmaking. Having a gh2 to play with has been a lot of fun, and I’ve learned more in the last year or so than I did in a decade prior.

    I started out shooting kodachrome 8mm film, mostly jacking around with my pals, dreaming of making a great surf, ski film. I showed some of my [goofy] work to a big chap named Barney Miller and he offered me a few jobs, using his arri 16mm camera, which I promptly destroyed. He forgave me and let me work for a few more years, where I traveled around shooting things for his films. His films were four-walled –promoted and exhibited just like big concerts are. It was a lot of fun.

    From that, I learned how to specialize in filming baby bottoms and blue dye water for diaper commercials. That allowed me to merge right into the Madison Ave. big time, shooting tampon ads, onto car spots and running footage. I was allowed to film all kinds of passenger cars and SUVs [looking great] while the vehicles self destructed. I’d shoot from the air, ground and at bumper level from little metal boxes with Bell & Howell Eyemo cameras in them. That’s all fun and the cigars and whiskey are great.

    Commercials kept me eating for quite a while whilst I was sub-flavor of the month. Advertising a great way to experiment with cinematographic tools and techniques. Where else would you be able to try and place a camera between the two layers of premium bath tissue?! “Right! We’ll use two big down comforters and a snorkel lens!!”

    I’ve directed second unit Items for movies too, mostly Aerials and stunt work. I got fired though for revealing the zipper on the monster’s costume. I remain on the unions, because the family counseling benefits are excellent!

    Having a career and a family is so hard! I don’t seem to have the chutzpa to go out and network and schmooze, and even less energy for social networking; so I spend most of my time just managing my metabolism, being available for my family and goofing off with my Gh2.


  • Hey all. I run a small production company with a close friend in Adelaide, South Australia. We're called Passel Media ( and while we've been doing this for a couple of years now I only just finished studying a few months ago, so now we are going full time! Our bread and butter is corporate work but we're doing more and more TVCs and Music Videos. Our workhorse cameras are GH2's (hacked of course!) and we're awaiting shipping of our new Red Epic atm...

    This forum has been a really cool resource and despite a minefield of technical jargon to wade through at times in regards to the hacks I've enjoyed the learning experience!

  • I've been hanging out here for about a year and a half. I am 51. Located in Perth, Australia.
    I graduated in 1990 from Curtin University. It was the last year which the Uni had separate film and television streams. I was trained on 16mm.

    My student drama made it into the Australian National Film Archive (I really need to get a telecine done). After Uni, Australia had this wonderful tax incentive called 10BA (150% tax deduction for film investment) so I was able to work for 4 years in a variety of crew roles, features, mini-series and TVC. I settled in lighting, as a best boy.

    When 10BA was canned, I bought a VHS edit suite and switched to post (offline) ... mostly corporates.

    I also taught 16mm film editing at the Uni, and then NLE at the film and television institute.
    In 1996 I scored a job and free training from AVID when they set up shop in Australia and worked for 2 years as an AVID Certified Service Representative (That was the cushiest job I ever had - A monopoly in Western Australia - retainer and under contract not to charge less than $250 and hour).

    AVID then left Australia and fired us all, handing the distribution back to Amber Technology. I got a pay out in the form of an edit suite (MCExpress).

    In 1999 I became a single parent (son was 13 months old), so I packed it in and took up web development ... Yes, I was doing php/apache/mysql in 1999. Did quite well, expanded it into a boutique hosting business. Don't really want to say to much .. totally had enough of it.

    I decided to start up again about two years ago. My son is 13 now.

    My bread and butter at the moment is recording Power Point Lectures for mining organisations, and I've managed to knock out about a dozen music videos, and a couple of live concerts with an almost finished multi-camera setup (cameras are hired)

    My studio 68 sq/m should be finished in 1 week, and I have first booking to shoot four hip-hop clips in the last week of this month.

    Only thing left would be to babble about my equipment.


  • Hi everybody,my name is Samer and I'am a cameraman and owner of based in Venice,Italy. I work as a freelance for different tv channels like ORF, Deutsche Welle, HBO, and of course italian tv RAI & MEDIASET. As a studio we offer our services to press offices and we do corporate videos. We have different HD cameras and we just love what we do :-) cheers

  • Hey everyone! I'm from NYC, currently in college and working as dp on short films and music videos, as well as ac on longer narrative pieces. Excited to join this forum!

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    Yep, I'll think about it.

  • Hi! My name is Hans, I´m 38 years old and I work as a focus puller in Sweden. Some of the films I worked on are listed here , the 2 latest features are not there yet and not all small ones either. I also have a background in TV both as a "cameraman" and as a broadcast producer. Nowadays it´s mostly film work but I also do outside broadcasting gigs (Hockey games) between the features. My next feature is in april so now I got some weeks to just relax and only do the OB gigs.

    When it comes to equipment I own some lenses a s16 Aaton a 35mm Konvas and that´s it.

    Looking to get into operating and continue shooting my own small projects in my spare time.

    That´s all I can think of for now but it´s a start at least.

    Regards /Hans Engstrom

  • Hi I'm Chris and I run a media production company called malibumedia and can be found at I have three cameras and a Vanilla hacked GH2 which works really well except for complex scenes like running water. I shoot and cut promos, corporates, TVC's and webmedia here in Australia, just outside Sydney. I've been shooting and editing for longer than I'd like to admit, but have only had malibumedia going for 8 years. I'm looking to buy a PAL GH3 but they must be making them one at a time over here and they are nearly impossible to get. Looking forward to getting up to date with all the latest tips and tricks on your site. Cheers

  • I'm a retired PC network manager, I fell in love with Hawaiian slack key guitar about ten years ago, cut a CD of slack key instrumentals, and started shooting video to promote the CD. Got hooked on video, now I play guitar to have something to shoot. I've been enjoying my GH2 for the last couple of years, just got my GH3.


  • Hello. My name is Justin Paul Ritter. I'm a Producer/Director with a variety of professional movie and tv credits, including the upcoming release 'The Amazing Adventures of The Living Corpse' from Anchor Bay Films.

    I started out with a camera in my hand nearly 30 years ago, and - ironically - got further and further away from it as I moved on and up in my career. Making 'CORPSE' was an odd awakening for me, because on one hand it took me completely away from the tactile world of lights and cameras, but on the other hand it put the virtual lights and cameras squarely in my hands again for the first time in a long time.

    With the movie just recently wrapped up, I decided to get back into actual photography and videography again. After tons of research here and on various other sites, I decided to invest in a set-up which includes a GH2, GH3, various lenses, matte box, filters, tripods, dollies, lights, microphones, etc. It's funny how once you start gathering the tools, you realize just how much you want and need - though I could live with just the GH3 and my three favorite lenses if push came to shove.

    I'm currently working for one of the biggest and best BMX websites in the world taking product shots and hitting up the nearby tracks on major event days to capture as much action as I can. I've always loved BMX and Skateboarding, and really want to continue exploring this genre. There's definitely something fun about shooting for the sake of shooting without worrying about market shares, mpaa ratings, etc, etc, etc, etc.

    Don't get me wrong - I'm dying to make another movie, and most likely I'll be doing my own DP work the next time around right from the start. But I'm also not rushing toward it. Somehow, owning a good camera and lenses again after a very long hiatus has changed my priorities to a large degree.

    I'm not sure how much I'll contribute here, as I mostly enjoy reading on the forums as opposed to posting - but if anyone wants or needs anything that they think I can offer, feel free to get in touch.

  • Hi, I am a videographer from France, here is my work: And here is a trailer from a dvd I made:

  • Hello, My name is Brendan Cusker and I'm a videographer and audio engineer from Orlando, Florida. My full time gig consists of mostly shooting and editing web content for large real estate brands, while my freelance work is mostly music base - music videos and live performance stuff. I have been shooting on HDSLR's (mostly Canons) since the Nikon D90 and have just recently picked up a second-hand GH2 which I'm super stoked about.

  • Hi, my name is Marco Ciafarone. Thank you everyone for sharing your knowledge and experience. I'm 29 years old and i've playing around with videocameras since I was eighteen. I come from Italy and I've been on one year scholarship in a college near lake tahoe, nevada - great experience! I like freedom, expression and peace and music (videos). I'm working on a couple of low budgets as director/jack of all trades and Im about to finish my first screenplay for a short movie (about a young poet born and lived in my region in the sixties).

  • Hi my name's Joe and I'm a hobbyist videographer from Queensland Australia.I got into filmmaking and videography after I saw making short films on a budget was possible after DSLR's started to democratise low budget filmmaking. I have for approximately 3 years been experimenting with filming,DP,colouring and editing techniques to improve my skills.I started with the Canon 550D(T2i) and have moved on to the Panasonic GH3.

  • Despite the average and reasonable accomplishments I got with the anamorphic adapter and 35mm adapter, and also some prizes in festivals here and there, my personal and professional life is a total failure/flunk and I am just a looser in all aspects. But I am still alive and I am trying to put my efforts to change how it will end, I believe I still have some years to change it, now I am more mature to avoid basic mistakes and to not give up, it will be a long run...

  • hi,

    My name is Matt, i m from France (sorry for my bad english). I ve got a GF1 and GH1. I'm totally noob with DSLR, I follow this forum to learn about filmmaking and photography, thanks everyone for sharing all this knowledge.

  • I've been lurking for far too long here and so have just recently signed in. I've been using the GH1 for about three years and continue to resist the need to trade on/up. Previously I worked with Canon XM and Sony PD cameras going back a few years. I spend more time on photography these days than video but I tend to work on two or three small projects a year. I don't think I'll be buying a GH3 but, famous last words! Anthony - UK.

  • Hi, my name is Gene and I live in Los Angeles and have been working in TV for the past 12 years, mostly in Motion Graphics and VFX based spots. I've been shooting a lot for the past 4 years (music videos, docs, art films a few broadcast promos) and have finally started getting some actual DP work. I have an FS700 which is my main camera and I actually found while research follow focuses. You can check out my portfolio / URL at:

  • Hi! My name is Alexander and I'm from Bulgaria - indologist, photographer, for the last two years involved in a project for making a documentary about a tribe in the Himalayas (GH-1, 5Dmk2). Thanks for all hacks and patches!

  • Hello. My name is Mario and I'm from Texas. I'm a corporate videographer for a food service company. I just purchased one of the last new GH2s to fulfill the creative void of, well.. corporate videography! :-) I enjoy making music, and playing drums, bass and guitar. I consider myself a super newb with shooting as I'm more familiar with editing, but I'm a quick learner and hope to learn a lot from personal-view. I'm also a huge Simpsons/Matt Groening nut.

  • I'm a filmmaker from Iceland. I had a GH1 which I hacked and shot a short film on. I spend way to much time scratching that mental itch following film blogs and forums. I guess I've learned a lot and I'm grateful for everyone's contributions (specially those who are thought out and based on experience). However, I'm sometimes a bit frustrated about how much weight equipment gets in the chatter, so I've tried to provoke discussion to other practical and technical aspects of filmmaking.

    I'm very cynical of the ideas of the "indie revolution" and the prosumer market. Although I think the democratization of expression is possible - Capitalism turns this into more people buying more objects that make them feel greater, with not as significant progress in the production of art. I've tried to experiment with co-op style collaboration and other forms of working together. Here's my website: