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Driftwood - Experimental Series 2: Low Rider, Cluster v8, V9, Intravenus II, GH3onaGH2, AN, Boom
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  • If you don't want to scale down the 2K to 1080p (1920x1080, or other scale if anamorphic user), you can change the 2K to 1080p dimensions. Some settings created already have 1080p MJPEG, or you can change the dimensions via edting your preferred setting in PTool and save, or you can edit the .ini file and then use PTool to build again.

  • Oh, I have no problem scaling down the 2k and I actually prefer the 2k for the ability to stabilize (or zoom) in post and still have full HD. As I said, the MJPEG is so much easier on my Core 2 Duo machine (compared to AVCHD) that I'd much prefer to work with MJPEG instead, but that audio data / bit rate has GOT to be jacked up.

    I say this as an end user who was given a finished .bin file and U uploaded it to my camera. I have zero experience with the hacking tools.

  • Best black and white intra setting?

  • @flaschus Intravenus 2 is looking good in B+W with the fine grain. I have wondered if hacks could be pushed further if designed strictly for B+W shooting. This is beyond my understanding. It would be nice to hear what the experts have to say on the matter. I really like how B+W makes high ISO footage usable.

  • @matthewcarr, using in-camera bw, standard -2 across the board, i was very impressed with IV-1 at iso800. you might try that, i think its better than IV-2

  • I would like to record in 2k more than 3 minutes. would this be possible?

  • @IEBA1

    I know that everyone has to work within their budge, but why not transcode the video to a friendlier codec to edit? Aren't we supposed to do the best of our ability to produce an amazing image for either self satisfaction or a clients? You should want to produce something that at the end of the process you set back and say "THAT LOOKS AMAZING." I may be wrong, but the whole idea of patching the gh2 is to make a "good" camera an "amazing" camera. Not to mention there are patches made for your situation as far as it not being necessary to have a computer capable to running NASA.

  • Thanks @Zaven13 for the report. Ill finish off using the 14-140 lens which has become thee test lens of all. What works great with the X lens series does not compute with the 14-140.

    Update: Cluster X Trial 3. Im determined not to upset the GOP Related balance of the Cluster X 24p setting, instead have adjusted memory and frame limits without affecting overall recorded bitrates and not limiting frame sizing (ie its still over the default!). Ive played with my usual tests with the 14-140 lens to see if this new trial will crash - so far so good. However, if you guys ( @onionbrain & @Zaven13 ) could put it thru the paces I'd be very pleased.

    Cluster X trial 3 -
  • @gravitate, the MJPEG is a VERY friendly codec to edit.

    I just looked at two interviews, one after the other, one shot with 2K HD (MJPEG) and the other shot in 1080p30 HBR AVCHD. The HBR was "clinical" and even too sharp (this, with sharpness at -2 using Standard Profile) with the tack sharp 20mm 1.7 lens on the GH2. Women don't want their "talking head" videos to reveal every pore and grey hair. :)

    The MJPEG lets me: a) access the clips with the stills b) drag & drop all my footage & not have to use some import utility c) no transcoding to a mode edit-friendly codec - no duplicate source files / extra hard drive space wasted d) are quite good video quality e) are larger than Full HD so I can do a subtle push from 94% to 100% on the source clip in post, which I did. And I can execute this push at the exact right moment in the video. I can zoom even more in a 720p delivery project.

    I just need the audio to be much better than the low bitrate it is currently set at.

    I am curious as to the "patches made for my situation." Can you elaborate on that? I admit, I am new to hacking & patches so there is a LOT I do not know.

  • @driftwood. I tested Cluster X trial 3 with your latest tweaks using my usual test scenarios and all modes worked fine including zooming with 14-140 lens and IA mode. The only thing that bothers me is the low bitrates of HBR and FSH which is mid to high thirties. I get 20MB higher bitrates for HBR and FSH with CL7 Nebula Sharp2 at mid to high fifties. May be bitrate is not a big factor in image quality but if someone can explain how the combination of bitrates, GOP length and frame rates effects the image quality and the fact that 20 MB higher bitrates may not make a big difference depending on other factors, then I will feel more comfortable. I am learning and striving for the best. Cheers.

  • Cluster X seems to be a superb setting. With higher FSH bitrates this setting would be one of my favorites!

  • @Zaven13 Shorter GOPs drive bitrate higher and of course as you aware Longer GOPs means more prediction and more effeciency on the bitrate. Most Cluster 12/15 GOP FSH/HBR modes should be around 35-40Mbps for equivalent 80-90Mbps for Intra. Anything beyond that is normally unstable.

    When I finish Nebula you will notice the ratio for bitrates can go slightly higher.

    Frame Limits often come down and bitrates go up as the GOP decreases (and i frames per second go up!).

    Thanks for testing @Mariella

  • @driftwood tested intravenus 2 yesterday. Thank you for this patch. Shall I use -2-2-2-2 std profile for this??? is it good to use intravenus 2 in wide landscape shots?? The cinema smooth matrix is so filmic. I felt I am using a mini arri. Thank you once again. I hope there will be more of it soon.

  • Field testing is officially rained out. As the GH2 isn't "splash proof" -- no point in risking it. They say tomorrow will be 72 degrees and sunny -- so it should work.

    Early this morning I used version 2 with talking head studio shots -- and everything looked outstanding. That's about as low on codec demand as you can get -- but everything worked and the 24ph files spanned.

    Again, I'm really liking it.

    I'm now going to download trial 3 and will report back tomorrow.

  • @rajamalik Did you shoot anything you'd be able to post? I haven't had a chance to try this out, and it seems there isn't much shot with it on here.

  • Been in the Keys and Miami for a week shooting hotel and resort promo stuff all in IV2 and Sanity5.1. I'll post some screen grabs as soon as I can. Probably not till next week when I get back. So far so good. Everything is shot on Samyang Primes and the SLR Magic 12mm.

  • *** NEW ***

    Cluster v8 DREWnet 'cbrandin Cinema Smooth matrix' and v9 'DREWnet' 'Boom' 4444 matrix 12/15 GOP variations are out on page one. X is still in development. Nebula versions of each coming.

    I am looking at ways of maximising HBR/FSH in Cluster X. This will probs be my last ever Cluster setting for the GH2.

  • Hey apologies if this is an obvious answer but I can't seem to remember which setting yielded the best HBR output. Any one know off the top of their head? Thank you

  • @jhero Different GOPs require less bitrate. The bitrate required for Long GOP 12/15 doesn't need to be huge. At 32-40Mbps the new Cluster variations look pretty good. Try and take a look.

  • When driftwood says: "Generally, for 24p I use two of my settings when filming; e.g. Boom or Intravenus for mid-in tight shots and any of the same setting with Q set to default (Untick all Q related stuff) for high detail wide shots."

    Is the reference to Q here mean, in PTool, unchecking all 4 boxes under "Patches for testers" --> "Quantizer"?

  • @driftwood is there a patch or possibility of a patch that would be a hybrid of aq1 & intravenus? Basically something that has the detail/super high bitrate of sedna with the same kind of noise as intravenus?

    sorry if this has already been asked, experimented with, or already exist

  • @driftwood - I tried cluster x trial 3 and cluster v9 boom today. Cluster x trial 3 failed while zooming with 14-42 panny at iso200. cluster v9 boom failed after 1 minute into the recording when panning. v9 boom was with tokina 11-16 at iso1600. i used sandisk extreme 64GB 45MB/s.

  • forgot to mention - all on 24h 24p smooth -2-2-2-2

  • How many minutes in average are you all getting on a 64gb card for:

    DREWnet clusters


    Thank you all

  • Just passing along the results of my test with Intravenous 2: the camera cut out after about a minute because of speed limitations. The memory card used was a Transcend Class 10 32 gb car. I was shooting 24 fps, FSH quality, and I'm fairly sure I was shooting at 6400 ISO, so I may have overtaxed it a bit. I hope this info helps with the development of the Intravenous patch.