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1280x800 IPS 7" NEWAY CL76HO-X and CL76SDI monitors, amazing
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  • Is it possible for the SDI version to take SDI in and output HDMI? Or do I need a converter for that? Need to be prepared when my BMCC arrives :P

  • I think that you'll need converter.

  • Sorry about the noob question .. what's the battery life and an recommended batteries for it?

  • It depends on your battery, default NWNP-F960 plate is for sony batteries, F960 and F970 batteries are large, and must work for long time, or you can use smaller F750.

  • Went ahead and ordered one so will post my thoughts here when I receive it.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Which battery would you recommend for this monitor?

  • @spacewig

    Check post slightly above :-)

  • I don't own any of these batteries. Perhaps a better question would be: assuming they all have the same build quality (and I am assuming because I know nothing about rechargeable batteries) which are the cheapest per mAh?

  • @spacewig

    They are all very cheap, just search on ebay and get one you like best.

  • Also would be nice to know what the current draw is (i.e. 350, 500, 750, 1000mA?) As it would give us a better idea of how much mileage we can expect for a given battery.

  • Ok, thanks VK. I thought perhaps one type might be cheaper than the rest.

  • @spacewig

    it requires detailed scientific test, as braw depends on features used, backlight settings, etc :-)

    If you so afraid, just get big battery :-) Their price is so cheap, so you can just try.

  • VK, do you have one of these monitors? If so, can you tell me what the power adapter is rated at, please?


  • @spacewig

    No. Don't have one yet. Plan to, but not yet.

  • About cheap Sony batteries F970 and similar on Ebay: it don't last more than a year before died, in the best case. Just my experience.

  • @pc_bel

    I think they also greatly depend on used charger.

  • Good to know. Thanks.

  • The monitor came yesterday! So, first thoughts:

    1. Ordered on 2 Jan and received yesterday so pretty quick shipping and good communication from Cole at Neway about status.
    2. This sucker is huge. I had second thoughts about getting the 5" version but all that real estate definitely helps getting proper focus. I don't think I could use a small OLED again. :)
    3. Still messing with the color calibration as it's still a little warm, compared to the OLED. Luckily, the menus can be found in English but you gotta find them first as it ships in Chinese. The manual helps.
    4. Bootup time was about 5-7 seconds before display.
    5. Clear resolution, especially as you increase sharpness. Very easy to tell what's in focus, even without the peaking option. I haven't used this in bright sunlight yet so maybe that's where it'll help.
    6. The battery compartment is not that secure and very easy to knock loose. I'm gonna tape it to help secure it. I bought the default F960 plate and an eBay high capacity F970 battery. I don't know if the included AC adapter also charges the battery.

    That's it for now. Let me know if anyone has other questions.

    1600 x 900 - 365K
    1600 x 900 - 428K
    1600 x 900 - 332K
  • @SuperSet

    The battery compartment is not that secure and very easy to knock loose.

    Can you make small video to show to manufacturer?

  • That's a good idea so I sure will. Part of me thinks that the battery connector isn't made for high capacity batteries so the weight is too much. Thanks again for the deal alert, VK!

  • Hello Superset, did you acheive to get colors acceptable?

  • @slacklaporte I was going to try calibrate it tonight but.. I had an unexplainable problem with it where the monitor came on but no picture was being sent from the GH3. I tried it on my other GH3 as well and same thing. Cycled power, tried system reset option, rechecked cabling and same issue. Then it started working again. I dunno man, not sure if I trust this unit yet. I noticed the GH3 OLED display was blinking a few times before it started working again so maybe the mini HDMI cable is bad. So, it's working now but I'm going to go out and buy another cable (this one was new as well) and see if that'll help.

  • @superset What is the rating of the ac power adapter that comes with the monitor?


  • @spacewig INPUT: 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.6A OUTPUT: 12V 1500mA

  • To those who own this monitor I wanted to inquire how the "User-Defined Image Ratio ( H-Start / H-Size / V-Star / V-Size )" Works? Can you Squeeze image V-Height to 50% for 2x anamorphic monitoring? Thanks.